Tcl/Tk. Edition No. 3. The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Software Engineering and Programming

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Newly updated with over 150 pages of material on the latest Tcl extensions, Tcl/Tk: A Developer's Guide is a unique practical tutorial for professional programmers and beginners alike. Starting with a clear picture of the basics, Tcl/Tk covers the variety of tools in this "Swiss army knife" of programming languages, giving you the ability to enhance your programs, extend your application's capabilities, and become a more effective programmer.

This updated edition covers all of the new features of version 8.6, including object-oriented programming and the creation of megawidgets, existing data structure implementations, themed widgets and virtual events. Extensive code snippets and online tutorials in various languages will give you a firm grasp on how to use the Tcl/Tk libraries and interpreters and, most importantly, on what constitutes an effective strategy for using Tcl/Tk.

  • Includes the latest features of Tcl/Tk 8.6
  • Covers Tcl development tools, popular extensions, and packages to allow developers to solve real-world problems with Tcl/Tk immediately
  • Provides straightforward explanations for beginners and offers tips, style guidelines, and debugging techniques for advanced users

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Chapter 1: Tcl/Tk Features

Chapter 2: The Mechanics of Using the Tcl and Tk Interpreters

Chapter 3: Introduction to the Tcl Language

Chapter 4: File System, Disk I/O and Sockets

Chapter 5: Using Strings and Lists

Chapter 6: Basic list, array and dict

Chapter 7: Advanced List, array and dict

Chapter 8: Procedure Techniques

Chapter 9: Namespaces

Chapter 10: Basic TclOO

Chapter 11: Advanced TclOO

Chapter 12: Packages and modules

Chapter 13: Introduction to Tk Graphics

Chapter 14: Overview of the canvas Widget

Chapter 15: The text widget and htmllib

Chapter 16: Themed Widgets

Chapter 17: Tk Megawidgets

Chapter 18: Writing a Tcl Extension

Chapter 19: Extensions and Packages

Chapter 20: Programming Tools

Chapter 21: Debugging and Optimization techniques

Chapter 22: Tips and Techniques

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Flynt, Clif
Clif Flynt is a professional programmer and has been a Tcl advocate since 1994. He has developed Tcl applications for the e-commerce, factory control, computer-based education, network analysis, games, firewall configuration, systems administration, and more. He has taught Tcl/Tk seminars in colleges and corporations around the world and writes regularly on Tcl/Tk for the developer community.
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