UAE Retail Industry Outlook and 5 Year Forecast 2011-2015

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This report presents a perspective of the current situation and the future outlook of the Retail Industry in the UAE. It reviews the retail industry with industry forecasts for 2011-2015.

This is followed by a detailed analyzes of the growth drivers, trends in the industry including consumer demand trends, retailer trends and mall owner/ operator trends, their impact on the various industry participants, the challenges faced by the retail industry and finally, the projections for the industry till 2015 and its segments. The report also includes a SWOT analysis of the retail industry for a quick glance at the overall industry, the competitive landscape of the retail industry along with the recent happenings and a profile of the key industry players.

The 40 page report assembles and presents all the pertinent data along with the analysis of the information in a convenient and insightful manner. Interspersed with 18 data tables, figures and charts, the report provides an easy to understand and a definitive primer for those interested in the retail industry in the UAE.

Some of the key findings include:
- Retail revenues in the UAE experienced a CAGR of 9.6% during 2006-2010
- The UAE retail growth story is back, but at a slower rate than the pre-2008 years
- UAE is emerging as one of the most sought after destinations for international retailers
- Emirates outside of Dubai, especially Abu Dhabi, are slowly emerging as attractive centers for development of shopping malls

For industry players, the increasing competition and the demands of the new value-seeking consumers are the challenges to be overcome. Existing store plans and expansion plans are being redrawn to reflect the new maturity of the market. Although online retail is in its infancy in the Country, it is likely to gnaw away at retailers who do not have an internet presence in the near future.
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  • Al Safeer Group
  • Chalhoub Group
  • Choithrams Group
  • Damas International Ltd
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1. Executive Summary
2. Retail Industry Outlook

2.1 Current Situation
2.2 Retail Market Growth Drivers
2.3 Key Trends and Developments – Demand Side Dynamics
2.4 Key Trends and Developments – Supply Side Dynamics

2.5 Key Trends and Developments – Retail Real Estate
2.6 Trend Impact
2.7 Key Challenges for Retailers
2.8 Retail Sector – The Future
3. SWOT Analysis – Retail Industry
4. Competitive Landscape

5. Company Profiles











List of Figures
Figure 1 Retail Market in the UAE
Figure 2 Dubai Shopping Centres (Inauguration year)
Figure 3 Abu Dhabi Shopping Centres (Inauguration year)
Figure 4 Sharjah Shopping Centres (Inauguration year)
Figure 5 Annual Footfall in selected malls
Figure 6 Retail Supply – Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Figure 7 Fastest growing categories for Dubai Duty Free in 2010
Figure 8 Internet Penetration in the Arab States (2010)
Figure 9 Top Ten Online Purchases in MENA (2010)
Figure 10 Group Buying Sites in the UAE
Figure 11 GDP Forecast (2011-2015)
Figure 12 GDP Per Capita Forecast (2011-2015)
Figure 13 Trend Impact
Figure 14 Retail Sector Outlook (2011–2015)
Figure 15 Clothing Industry 2011 Vs 2010
Figure 16 Retail Sector Outlook (2011-2015)
Figure 17 Key Players
Figure 17a Key Players
Figure 18 Recent Developments
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  • Al Safeer Group
  • Chalhoub Group
  • Choithrams Group
  • Damas International Ltd
  • Dubai Duty Free
  • Emke Group
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The UAE economy has recovered from the decline in the GDP in 2009 and is now on track to continue growing on the back of high crude oil prices, high production of crude and growth in the non-oil sector. It has a blueprint for the future in the form of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 and the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015, the progression of which are on course.

As a consequence of the economic growth of the Country, the retail sector has also recorded high growth rates. Per capita spend is one of the highest in the world and the UAE is emerging as an attractive destination for retailers looking to enter the region.

Chapterwise, the report includes:

Chapter 1 – Executive Summary
This is a brief overview of the findings of the report with the key points listed.
Chapter 2 – Retail Industry Outlook
Chapter 2 details the present circumstances of the retail industry, the changes leading up to the situation and forecasts the future of the retail industry through to 2015. Topics include the current situation of the retail industry, the factors driving growth and their forecasts, key trends and developments on the demand side and supply side of the sector and the retail real estate trends. Additionally, the chapter includes the impact of these trends on the industry participants, the challenges faced by the retailers and the forecasts and the trends defining the sector through to 2015.
Chapter 3 – SWOT Analysis – Retail Industry
Chapter 3 includes the SWOT Analysis of the Retail Industry – a quick glance at all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the industry.
Chapter 4 – Competitive Landscape
Chapter 4 contains an overview of the competitive landscape in the industry. It contains a listing of the key players in the industry with mentions of the brands owned by them alongside. Further, the chapter recapitulates the recent developments in the sector that signify the trends.
Chapter 5 – Company Profiles
Chapter 5 contains the profiles of some of the key players in the retail in the UAE and their recent activities and news.
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