eFRM Coach Complete (Part I & Part II Exams)

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eFRM Coach Complete (Part I & Part II Exams) prepares learners to pass the FRM Part I & Part II Exams offered by GARP. It provides learners with the knowledge and understanding of risk management, quantitative analysis, financial markets and products, and valuation and risk models.

The eFRM Coach Complete is a comprehensive online study guide for the FRM exams conducted by GARP.

Drawing on proprietary risk management resources, KESDEE, with its expertise in developing Online Tutorials for Certification Exams, has developed a comprehensive self-study guide eFRM Coach Complete for the two parts of FRM exam i.e., FRM Part I Exam and FRM Part II Exam.

The underlying tutorials of eFRM Coach Complete have been designed based on the FRM exam structure and the latest learning outcome statements. They possess every formula, definition, concept and application for all subjects covered in the exam. While the interactive study modules foster benchmarking and self-assessment against other candidates, the mock exams are modeled on the same lines as the final exam.

- Foundations of Risk Management
- Quantitative Analysis
- Financial Markets and Products
- Valuation and Risk Models
- Market Risk Measurement and Management
- Credit Risk Measurement and Management
- Operational and Integrated Risk Management
- Risk Management and Investment Management
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1. Time Value of Money
2. Logarithms and Exponents
3. Probability Distribution
4. Fundamentals of Statistics I
5. Fundamentals of Statistics II
6. Forecasting correlation and Volatility
7. Extreme Value Theory-Basic Principles
8. Monte Carlo Methods
9. Bond Markets
10. Bond Pricing
11. Bond Price Volatility
12. Yield Measures
13. Yield Curve Analysis
14. Introduction to Derivatives
15. Options-I
16. Options-II
17. Fixed-Income Derivatives
18. Equity Markets
19. Equity Derivatives
20. Equity Risk
21. Currency Risk and Currency Markets
22. Commodity Risk and Commodity Derivatives
23. Fixed Income Risk
24. Emerging Market Risk
25. Identification of Risk Factors
26. Introduction to Market Risk Management
27. VaR Methods
28. Stress Testing
29. Modeling Risk Factors
30. Risk Budgeting
31. Hedging Linear Risk
32. Non-linear Risk-Options
33. Measuring and Managing Corporate Exposures
34. Introduction to Credit Risk
35. Default Risk
36. Counterparty Risks
37. Credit Ratings and Migration
38. Netting
39. Margin and Collateral Requirements
40. Portfolio Credit Risk
41. Credit Derivatives
42. Conceptual Approaches to Credit Risk Modeling
43. Actuarial approach and CreditRisk
44. Contingent claim approach and the KMV Model
45. Credit migration, transition matrices and CreditMetrics
46. McKinsey CreditPortfolioView
47. Special purpose vehicles
48. Operational Risk
49. Integrated Risk Management
50. Risk Capital
51. Legal Risk
52. Model Risk
53. Basel Market Risk Amendment
54. Securitization and SPVs
55. Basel New Capital Accord-An Overview
56. Internal Ratings Based Approach
57. Traditional Investment Risk Management
58. Risk budgeting and setting risk limits
59. Risk Management Issues of Pension Funds
60. Hedge Fund Risk Management -1
61. Hedge Fund Risk Management -2
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