Designing Dendrimers

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"Congratulations to the editors (and the prominent authors) on this new volume addressing dendrimers. It contains valuable summaries on state–of–the–art design, synthesis, analysis, and applications of this structural type that occurs within small, medium nano–sized, and large, multi–branched, functional molecules. It also demonstrates that there are numerous experimental options and much work left to be done in the future."

Dr. Fritz Vögtle, University of Bonn, Germany

A unifying and comprehensive look at the study and application of dendrimers today, in the past, and in the future

Research on dendrimers has exploded in recent years, moving first from the establishment of synthetic methodologies, then towards the sophisticated and wide–ranging applications of these remarkable molecules. Dendrimers play an important role in many different fields: from basic synthetic approaches to artificial photosynthesis, to medicine, and far beyond. The great potential of dendrimers is well recognized, but until now there has not been one definitive volume that covers the vast amount of information and research that has been found in thousands of papers and patents. Designing Dendrimers fills this void, covering both the fundamental and applicative aspects of dendrimer research, with chapters devoted to basic principles, synthetic methods and strategies, and advanced characterization techniques. It also addresses the full potential of dendrimers in various fields, like multi–redox pool systems, diagnostics, biomedical and sensing functions, and the design of functional nanostructures, with a particular emphasis on possible future developments.

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Preface vii

List of Contributors xi

1 Dendrimers as quantized nano–modules in the nanotechnology field 1Jørn B. Christensen and Donald A. Tomalia

2 Novel methods for dendrimer synthesis 35Isao Washio and Mitsuru Ueda

3 Designer monomers to tailored dendrimers 57George R. Newkome and Carol Shreiner

4 Dendronized polymers: state of the art in Zurich 95Afang Zhang and A. Dieter Schl uter

5 Shape persistent polyphenylene–based dendrimers 121Martin Baumgarten, Tianshi Qin, and Klaus M ullen

6 Dendrimer chemistry with fullerenes 161Jean–Franc¸ois Nierengarten

7 Redox and fluorescent open core dendrimers 195Angel E. Kaifer

8 Redox–active organometallic dendrimers as electrochemical sensors 219Carmen M. Casado, Beatriz Alonso, Jose Losada, and Mar ´a Pilar Garc ´a–Armada

9 Shape–persistent conjugated dendrimers for organic electronics 263Jing Yan, Fan Gao, Jian Pei, and Yuguo Ma

10 Fine–controlled metal assembly in dendrimers 303Takane Imaoka and Kimihisa Yamamoto

11 Enlightening structure and properties of dendrimers by fluorescence depolarization 341Giacomo Bergamini, Enrico Marchi, Paola Ceroni, and Vincenzo Balzani

12 Single–molecule spectroscopy of dendrimer systems 367Tom Vosch

13 Degradable dendrimers 403Marc Gingras

14 Porphyrin dendrimers as biological oxygen sensors 463Sergei A. Vinogradov and David F. Wilson

15 Peptide dendrimers as artificial proteins 505Tamis Darbre and Jean–Louis Reymond

16 Phosphorus–containing dendritic architectures: synthesis and applications 529Anne–Marie Caminade and Jean–Pierre Majoral

Index 563

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Sebastiano Campagna
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