Definitive Refutations of The Einsteinian General Relativity

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This book is Special Issue Six of Journal of Foundations of Physics and Chemistry and collects fourteen recent papers which refute the Einsteinian general relativity (EGR) definitively. The refutations are so simple that the theory is obsolete. To deny this conclusion would be to deny algebra at its simplest level.

These refutations emerged during the development of Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) unified field theory, and as that development gathered pace, the refutations became simpler and clearer so that they became irrefutable to any rational individual. The various refutations are summarized in the frontispiece of the book, starting with the simplest of all, the straightforward algebraic demonstration that EGR does not produce a precessing elliptical orbit. The prediction of a precessing orbit was the claim made originally by Einstein, and published in November 1915. Schwarzschild refuted this claim on December 22nd 1915 in a letter to Einstein, a letter available to all on the net. This fact is still almost unknown, but EGR was refuted almost a hundred years ago.

The refutations in this book however are much simpler and easier to understand by the non-specialist and general reader, and for this reason have been accepted internationally. This is seen from analysis of site feedback studies, and the refutation of EGR is an irrefutable fact of history and science. ECE theory has superceded EGR theory to huge international acclaim, a silent acclaim judged by feedback again, but one which is as inspirational to new science as applause at an opera house or theatre.

Every theory of physics is an attempt to describe nature, and nature shows. So any further claim to have tested EGR with that "ever increasing precision" we are all told about will be discarded as soon as it is made by simple algebra. Obviously there is an unprecedented crisis in natural philosophy similar to the Michelson Morley crisis that started relativity in the first place.
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1. A cosmology based exclusively on torsion

2. Self-consistent metric from torsional cosmology

3. On the need for three metric compatibility equations to define a uniquely antisymmetric connection

4. Solar system orbits from the antisymmetric connection

5. Disintegration of Einsteinian general relativity. Towards anew ECE cosmology

6. Towards an ECE cosmology: precession of the perihelion, whirlpool galaxies and binary pulsars

7. Failure of fundamentals of the Einsteinian general relativity

8. Refutation of metric-based general relativity for spherically symmetric spacetimes

9. New cosmology with the Crothers metric

10. A fully relativistic ECE theory of cosmology

11. A simple explanation of the velocity curve of the whirlpool galaxy from the new ECE relativity

12. ECE theory of unified physics and refutations of the Standard Model

13. The Post-einstein paradigm shift: refutation of Einsteinian relativity in spherically symmetric spacetimes

14. The measurement of photon mass from the angle of deflection of one photon by the Sun
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