MIL-I-45208A Inspection and Quality Control System 1962 Quality and Procedure Manual for Military, Aircraft, Space and Commercial/Civic Organizations

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This all in one Quality and Procedure Manual contains easy to read and to follow procedures, including a set of ready to use Control Forms and Internal Audit Checklists designed to meet MIL-I-45208A Quality System Standard requirements. This Manual can be used by Military, Aircraft, Space and Commercial/Civic Organizations and its suppliers.

This all in one Hardcopy Quality and Procedure Manual contains the following:
1. Policies and Procedures addressing each Standard requirement (see Table of Contents).
2. A complete set of 28 Control Forms such as an Organization Chart, Inspection and Test Report, Receiving Inspection Log, Rejection Log, Nonconformance and Corrective Action Report, Inspection and Measurement Equipment Calibration File Record, Job/Shop Traveler, all designed to record carried out activities when required by respective procedure and to measure and control compliance e. (See Table of Contents for Forms).
3. Quality Policy.
4. An easy to read and to follow Audit Checklist aiding in measuring system compliance.
5. Certificate for Self Declaration of Conformance.
6. Instruction Guide "How to Implement"
7. Mil-I- 45208 Standard.
8. CD ROM, MS Word 7.0, contains all the above outlined documentation.

Procedure Process Approach: The Policies and Procedures are easy to read and implement and are based on a coordinated step by step procedure process concept. Control Forms are part of the Manual and are compiled as an appendix. (See Table of Contents for Forms).
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Table of Contents of Procedures addressing and describing best methods for Inspection System Requirements:
1. Company Product Description and Introduction
2. Company Policy
3. Key Functions of Organization and overall Planning
4. Customer Purchase Order Review
5. Inspection System Audits
6. Control of Drawings and Documentation
7. Manufacturing/Work Operations and Inspection Control Planning
8. Planning and writing up a Job/Shop Traveler
9. Purchase Order Review, Control of Suppliers
10. Control of Storage, Identification and Handling of Raw Material
11. Stockroom Control
12. Inspection and Test Procedures (Receiving, Set up and First Article, In Process and Final Inspection)
13. Inspection Status, Issuing and Control of Inspection Stamps
14. Preservation, Packaging and Shipping
15. Calibration of Inspection and Measurement Equipment
16. Calibration Work Instruction for In house commonly used Measurement Equipment
17. Sampling Inspection
18. Control of Nonconforming Product and Corrective Action
19. Control of Tooling and Check-fixtures used for Inspection and Testing
20. Records of Inspection and Test Activities
21. Product Identification, Handling and Good Housekeeping
22. Government/Customer Source Inspection
23. Control of Government/Customer Furnished Property
24. Training and Certification of Personnel

A complete set of Control Forms is included as an appendix in the Quality and Procedure Manual. Each Control Form is identified with a Control Form (Index) Number, and made reference to in respective procedure with index number and form title. A Table of Contents for Forms identifies each Form with Title and Form number, that makes it easy to find and to use.

Table of Contents for Forms:
1. Change and Review Records
2. Organization Chart
3. Drawing Master Log
4. Engineering Change Order Stamp
5. Drawing Review and Release Stamp
6. Subcontractor/Supplier Control/Corrective Action Request
7. Inspection Equipment Calibration File
8. Calibration Evaluation File
9. Job/Shop Traveler
10. Training and Certification Log
11. Training Plan and Training Schedule
12. Receiving Inspection Log
13. Government/Customer Source Inspection Notification
14. Quality System Audit: Internal System/ Stockroom and for Subcontractor/Supplier
15. Quality Survey Questioner for Suppliers
16. Acceptance, Repair-Rework, and Rejection Tags
17. Inspection and Test Report
18. Inspection Stamp Log
19. Rejection and Corrective Action Report
20. Shelf Life Log
21. Assigned Job Number File
22. Certificate of Conformance
23. Special Process Log
24. Purchase Order Form
25. Calibration Recall Schedule
26. Calibration Certification Label
27. Stock Room Control File
28. Preventive Maintenance Log.


Management and Control of Quality Management System Documentation: Title Sheet, Approval of the Quality Control Manual, QCM Issuing List, Contents for Policies and Procedures sections, Table of Content for Forms, Table of Contents for applicable MIL Standards, Quality Manual Circulation List, Quality Manual Approval List, Revision List. Approvers of Controlled Documents, Form Approval, Control of Standards and Specifications, Control of Work Instructions, Control of Audits and Audit Checklists.
Organization, Policy and Product Realization: Quality Policy with Key Objectives, Functional Organization Chart, Work and Control Operations Flow Chart, Job /Shop Traveler for Work and Control/Inspection Operations.
PO/Order/Contract Review and Planning: Order/Contract Review Stamp, Order/Contract Amendment Log, Assigned Work Order and Jo Number File, Router/Job -Shop Traveler.
Calibration: Instrument, Measurement and Test Equipment Calibration Records File, IMT Calibration Evaluation File, Calibration Recall Schedule, Calibration Certificate Label.
Inspection and Testing: Inspection and Test Report for First Article, In Process and Final Inspection and Testing, In Process Inspection Log, Receiving and Incoming Product Verification Inspection Log, Special Process Inspection Log.
Nonconformance Control: Product Nonconformance and Corrective Action Report, Nonconformance Log, Sub Contractor Corrective Action Report.
Drawing/Spec. Review and Release: Drawing Review and Release Stamp, Engineering Change Order Stamp, Drawing Configuration and Engineering Change (ECO) Log.
Purchasing/Delivery: Purchase Order Document, Certificate of Conformance.
Identification Tags: Acceptance Tag, Reject Tag, Repair/Rework Tag.
Supplier Control: Supplier Audit Questioner for Pre - Approval, Approved Supplier Log, Supplier Corrective Action Report.
Product Shelf Life and Stockroom Control: Shelf Life Item Control Label, Stockroom and Shelf Life Item Control Log.
Manufacturing/Production Equipment Control: Production Equipment Inventory and Preventive Maintenance Log, Master Tool and Check Fixtures Inventory and Preventive Maintenance Log, Preventive Maintenance Label.
Inspection and Test/Document Control Stamps: Inspection Stamp Log (Accept, Reject and Void Stamps), Obsolete Document Stamp.
Training: Employee Training Plan, Employee carried out Training/Certification Log.


Order/Contract Review Stamp, Drawing Review and Release Stamp, Engineering Change Order Stamp, Inspection Stamp Log, Obsolete Document Stamp, Acceptance Tag, Reject Tag, Repair/Rework Tag, Training Plan.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown