Safety Matters! A Guide to Health & Safety at Work

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Safety Matters! provides managers with the tools they need to grasp this complex subject. The message is simple - Safety comes from the top down and needs to be at the forefront of every manager's agenda. All of the required safety values and practices are covered and the book is suited to any manager who is faced with health and safety issues – and this is virtually all managers nowadays! Clear information is provided within this book on Health & Safety Management Systems, Risk Management and Achieving a Safety Culture. The book is also full of practical tips that will help business managers.

Additional issues treated within the book are:

- Leadership and organisational safety culture
- Proactive monitoring of safety
- Manual handling in the workplace
- Managing work related stress, and
- Preventing bullying at work.


“Comprehensive, wholistic and practical, an excellent guide for building a world-class safety management system and safety culture.”

Colm Murphy, Health & Safety Risk Manager
DIAGEO Baileys Global Supply

“An excellent publication in content and presentation, designed to be accessible, clear and reader friendly throughout. Safety matters! – A Guide to Health & Safety at Work is an essential and invaluable support tool for the busy manager.”

Catherine Flynn, EHS Engineer
Abbott Ireland Pharmaceutical Operations

An insightful and comprehensive book for the busy manager on managing health and safety in the workplace


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Chapter Description Page

Health & Safety Management Systems (SMS)
- Introduction
- Policy
- Organising – the 4 Cs
- Planning and Implementing
- Measuring Performance
- Reviewing Performance and Auditing
- Summary

Health & Safety Risk Management
- Introduction
- Definitions
- Basic Risk Management Model
- What is Risk Assessment?
- Recording Risk Assessments
- Management Review of Risk Assessments
- Summary

Leadership and Organisational Safety Culture
- Introduction
- Leadership in terms of Health & Safety
- 10 Principles of Leadership Behaviour
- Definition of safety culture within an organisation
- Safety Culture and Adverse Events
- Barriers
- Assessing safety culture
- Improving safety culture
- Summary

Proactive Monitoring
- Introduction
- Proactive Monitoring
– Safety Inspections
– Safety Inspection Checklist
– Safety Audits
- How often?
- Trend Analysis
- Summary

Reactive Monitoring
- Introduction
- Reactive Monitoring
- The Accident Triangle
- Incident Reporting and Recording
- Accident/Incident Investigation
- Domino Theory
- Conducting Investigation Interviews
- Summary

Slips, Trips and Falls prevention
- Introduction
- Movement of People at Work
- Falls on a level
- Housekeeping
- Falls from Height
- Slips/Trips/Falls Risk Assessment
- Controls for Slips, Trips and Falls
- Housekeeping Inspections
- Summary

Fire Safety Management
- Introduction
- The Fire Triangle
- Fire Prevention
- Fire Fighting Activities
- Fire Hazard Identification
- Assessing and Reducing the Risk of Fire
- Summary

Manual Handling in the Workplace
- Introduction
- Definition of Manual Handling in the Workplace
- Risk Factors
- Manual Handling Risk Assessment
- Controlling Manual Handling Risks
- Summary

Display Screen Equipment (DSE)
- Introduction
- Display Screen Equipment (DSE)
- DSE Hazards Injuries
- DSE Assessment
- Benefits of DSE Assessment
- Training of Assessors and Users
- Summary

Managing Work-related Stress
- Introduction
- Definition of Stress and Work Related Stress
- Sources of stress
- Effects of stress
- Prevention of Workplace Stress
- Management of Stress at Work
- New Approaches to Stress Management
- Summary

Preventing Bullying at Work
- Introduction
- Definition of Bullying
- Bullying prevention policy
- Communication of the Policy
- Training and Supervision
- Bullying prevention measures
- Resolving bullying at work
- Summary
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