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IPTV: A Half-Day Course for All Audiences (Course N-IPTV)

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Target Audience, Prerequisites, and Brief Description

This half-day course is aimed at all who need a quick, “technical light” introduction to IPTV.

We will quickly parse the universe of Video over IP (VoIP), separate what is being called IPTV, and take a deeper dive into the technical aspects of this service. Some of the topics to be covered, e.g., Digital Rights Management (DRM) and piracy mitigation, might seem to lie more in the realm of lawyers – and that would not be incorrect -- but we will cover them here because they have some very important and non-trivial technical implications we must understand to have a complete view of IPTV. Taking advantage of our interactive WebLive™ system, plenty of time will be allowed for questions and answers as well as audience polling.

Meet the Presenter: James P. Cavanagh

James P. Cavanagh, a Principal Member of the Eogogics Telecommunications Faculty, spends most of his waking hours helping clients understand how they can cost- effectively and securely harness the rapidly growing power of IP-based services and how they can future-proof their communications. His clients include government agencies, service providers, carriers, and others.

Responsible for teaching the Eogogics courses on NGN, IMS, EoIP, SIP, VoIP, Mobile IP, IPSec, IPV6, MPLS, SNMP, and other networking technologies, he is renowned for his ability to explain complex ideas in terms that are easy to understand as well as entertaining and allows them to be put to work immediately. His rich career has spanned X.25 and ISDN to Web 2.0 and Unified Communications. He has written or edited half dozen books and hundreds of articles and white papers. He has designed very local and very global networks for organizations ranging from schools and universities to international energy giants. Jim is more eager than ever to leverage Eogogics's bidirectional WebLive™ platform to continue the ongoing conversation on these very important and still evolving topics.


Fiber and Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) Distribution Systems, Traditional Cable Architecture, Traditional Telco Architecture, Internet Multimedia Subsystem and IPTV, IMS Architectural Overview, Mobile IPTV, PPV IPTV Services, AT&T U-Verse™, Verizon Fios™
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Detailed Course Outline

IPTV: A Narrow Definition
- Big Picture: Video over IP (VoIP)
- Narrow View: IPTV
- Similarities
- Differences

IPTV Delivery Architectures
- Fiber and Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) Distribution Systems
- Traditional Cable Architecture
- Traditional Telco Architecture
- Internet Multimedia Subsystem and IPTV
- IMS Architectural Overview
- Mobile IPTV
- PPV IPTV Services
- Sample Architectures End-To-End
- AT&T U-Verse™
- Verizon Fios™

Bandwidth and Video Encoding
- Video Codecs
- Audio Codecs
- Digital and High Definition
- Bandwidth Requirements

Bandwidth, Compression and Suppression
- Lossy
- Lossless
- Quality, Performance and Cost Issues

Content Scheduling and Delivery
- Unicast, Broadcast, Multicast and Staggered Start
- User Preference vs Bandwidth
- Cost and Performance Issues

End-to-End Delivery and End-System Platform
- Video Servers, Caching, Buffering and Performance
- Network QoS and Architecture Issues
- User Device Issues

End-User Quality of Experience
- Video and Audio Quality of Experience
- QoE and Expectations
- Platform-dependent issues: Hand-held to HDTV

Licensing and Intellectual Property
- Content Licensing
- New IPTV Content
- Digital Rights Management
- Piracy Mitigation

Course Wrap-up: Recap, How to Learn More about IPTV
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