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64th Conference on Glass Problems. Volume 25, Issue 1. Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings

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On October 28–29, 2003, the 64th Conference on Glass Problems took place on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. This conference encompassed four topic sessions: Refractories chaired by Daryl E. Clendenen and Thomas Dankert; Energy and Combustion, chaired by Marilyn DeLong and Philip Ross; Process Control, chaired by Ruud Berkens and Robert Lowhorn; and Emerging Areas, chaired by Larry McCloskey and Robert Thomas.

The papers presented at the conference were reviewed by the respective session chairs, and underwent minor editing by the conference director, before further editing and production by The American Ceramic Society.

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Ceramic Components in Gas Turbine Engines: Why Has It Taken So Long? (D. W. Richerson).

Development of the 8000 KW Class Hybrid Gas Turbine (T. Sugimoto, Y. Ichikawa, H. Nagata, K. Igashira, S. Tsuruzono and T. Fukudome).

Development and Evaluation of CMC Cane for NGSST Engine (A. Kajiwara, T. Nakamura, T. Araki and H. Murata).

Ceramic Combustor Design for ST5+ Microturbine Engine (J. Shi, V. Vedula, E. Sun, D. Bombara, J. Holowczak, W. Tredway, A. Chen and C. Fotache).

CMC Combustor Linear Design for a Model RAM Jet Engine (T. Morimoto, S. Ogihara, H. Taguchi, T. Kojima, K. Shimodaira, K. Okai and H. Futamur).

Burner Rig Test of Silicon Nitride Gas Turbine Nozzle (M. Ishizaki, T. Suetsuna, M. Asayama, M. Ando, N. Kondo and T. Ohji).

Materials for Advanced Battery and Energy Storage Systems (Batteries, Capacitors, Fuel Cells) (A. J. Salkind).

Effect of Ni–Al Precursor Type on Fabrication and Properties of TiC–Ni3Al Composites (T. N. Tiegs, F. C. Montgomery and P. A. Menchhofer).

MMCs by Activated Melt Infiltration High Melting Alloys and Oxide Ceramics (J. Kuebler, K. Lemster, Ph. Gasser, U. E. Klotz and T. Graule).

Multifunctional Metal–Ceramic Composites by Solid Free Forming (SFF) (R. janssen, M. Leverkoehne and J. J. Coronel).

Solid Freeform Fabrication of a Piezoelectric Ceramic Torsional Actuator Motor (B. A. Bender, C. Kim and C. Cm. Wu).

Centrifungal Sintering (Y. Kinemuchi, K. Watari and S. Uchimura).

Alumina–Based Functionally Gradient Materials by Centrifugal Modeling Technology (C. H. Chen, T. Nishikawa, S. Honda and H. Awaji).

Investigation of a Novel Air Brazing Composition for High Temperature, Oxidation–Resistant Ceramic Joining (K. S. Weil, J. S. hardy and J. Darsell).

Joining of Advanced Structural Materials by Plastic Deformation (D. Singh, F. Guiterrez–Mora, N. Chen, K. C. Goretta and J. L. Routbort).

Physical Characterization of Transparent PLZT Ceramics Prepared by Electrophoretic Deposition (T. Nicolay and E. Bartscherer).

Fabrication of Microstructured Ceramics by Electrophoretic Deposition of Optimized Suspensions (H. von Both, M. Dauscher and J. Haußelt).

Low Cost Process for Mullite Utilizing Industrial Wastes as Starting Raw Material (K. Saiintawong, S. Wada, and A. Jaroenworaluck).

Low–Cost Processing of Fine Grained Transparent Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (H. Lee, T.–I. Mah and T. A. Parthasarathy).

Gas–Pressure Sintering of Silicon Nitride with Lutetia Additive (N. Kondo, M. Ishizaki and T. Ohji).

Use of Combustion Synthesis in Preparing Ceramic Matrix and Metal–Matrix Composite Powders (K. S. Weil and J. S. Hardy).

Mechanical Reliability of Si3N4 (K. Sharma, P. S. Shankar, J. P. Singh and M. K. Ferber).

Correlation of Finite Element with Experimental Results of the Small–Scale Vibration Response of a Damaged Ceramic Beam (S. R. Short and S. Huo).

Macro–Micro Stress Analysis of Porous Ceramics by Homogenization Method (Y. Ikeda, Y. Nagano, H. Kawamoto and N. Takano).

X–Ray and Neutron Diffraction Studies on a Functionally–Graded Ti3SiC2–TiC System (I. M. Low and Z. Oo).

Modeling of Transient Thermal Damage in Ceramics for Cannon Bore Applications ( J. H. Underwood, M. E. Todaro and G. N. Vigilante).

Strengthening of Ceramics by Shot Peening (W. Pfeiffer and T. Frey).


DOE FE Distributed Generation Program (M. C. Williams).

Lanthanum Gallate Electrolyte for Intermediate Temperature (S. Elangovan, B. Heck, S. Balagopal, D. Larsen, M. Timper and J. Hartvigsen).

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Development at Forschungszentrum Juelich (L. Blum, H.–P. Buchkremer, L. G. J. de Haart, H. Nabielek, J. W. Quadakkers, U. Reisgen, R. Steinberger–Wilckens, R. W. Steinbrecht, F. Tietz, I Vinke).

Development of MOLB Type SOFC (H. Miyamoto, K. Mori, T. Mizoguchi, S. Kanehira, K. Takenobu, M. Nishiura, A. Nakanishi, M. Hattori and Y. Sakaki).

Development of Advanced Co–Fired Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with High Strength (Z. Liu, G. Roman, J. Kidwell, T. Cable, R. Goettler, D. Larsen, J. Pike and S. Elangovan).

Electrophoresis: An Appropriate Manufacturing Technique for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (S. Kuehn and R. Clasen).

Microstructure–Performance Relationships in LSM–YSZ Cathodes (J. A. Ruud, T. Striker, V. Midha, B. N. Ramamurthi, A. L. Linsebigler and D. J. Fogelman).

Role of Cathode in Single Chamber SOFC (T. Suzuki, P. Jasinski. F. Dogan and H. U. Anderson).

Morphology Control of SOFC Electrodes by Mechano–Chemical Bonding Technique (T. Fukui, K. Murata, C. C. Huang. M. Naito, H. Abe and K. Nogi).

Improved SOFC Cathodes and Cathode Contact Layers (F. Tietz, H. P. Buchkremer, V. A. C. Haanappel, A. Mai, N. H. Menzler, J. Mertens, W. J. Quadakkers, D. Rutenbeck, S. Ulhenbruck, M. Zahid and D. Stöver).

Characterization of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Layers by Computed X–Ray Microtomography and Small–Angle Scattering (A. J. Allen, T. A. Dobbins, J. Ilavsky, F. Zhao, A. Virkar, J. Almer and F. DeCarlo).

Kinetics of Hydrogen Reduction of NiO/YSZ and Associated Microstructural Changes (M. Radovic, E. Lara–Curzio, B. Armstrong, L. Walker, P. Tortorelli and C. Walls).

Elastic Properties, Equibiaxial Strength and Fracture Toughness of 8mol%YSZ Electrolyte Material for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) (M. Radovic, E. Lara–Curzio, R. Trejo, B. Armstrong and C. Walls).

Sintering of BaCe0–85Y0.15O3–d With/Without SrTiO3 Dopant (F. Dynys, A. Sayir and P. J. Heimann).

High Temperature Seals for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) (R. N. Singh).

Evaluation of Sodium Aluminosilicate Glass Composite Seal with Magnesia Filler (K. A. Nielsen, M. Solvang, F. W. Poulsen and P. H. Larsen).

Durable Seal Materials for Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (C. A. Lewinsohn, S. Elangovan and S. M. Quist).

Development of a Compliant Seal for Use in Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (K. S. Weil and J. S. Hardy).

A Comparison of the Electrical Properties of YSZ Processed Using Traditional, Fast–Fire, and Microwave Sintering Techniques (M. Ugorek, D. Edwards and H. Shulman).

Enhancement of YSZ Electrolyte Thin Film Growth Rate for Fuel Cell Applications (Z. Xu and J. Sankar).

Synthesis of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Thin Films by Electrolytic Deposition (Z. Xu, S. Tameru and J. Sankar).

Sintering and Stability of the BaCe0.9–xZrxY0.1O3–d System (Z. Zhong, A. Sayir and F. Dynys).

Microstructure and Ordering Mode of a Protonic Conducting Complex Sr3(Cal+xNB2–x)O9–d Perovskite (M.–H. Berger and A. Sayir).

Nuclear Microprobe Using Elastic Recoil Detection (ERD) for Hydrogen Profiling in High Temperature Protonic Conductors (P. Berger, A. Sayir and M.–H. Berger).

Ionic Conductivity in the Bi2O3– Al2O3 –MxOy (M=Ca, Y) System (Y.–T. Liu and T.–S. Sheu).

A Performance Based Multi–Process Cost Model for SOFCs (M. Koslowske, H. Benson, I. Bar–On and R. Kirchain).

Development of a Tri–Layer Electrochemical Model for a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (B. Ramamurthi, V. Midha, J. Rudd and M. Thompson).

Reduction and Re–oxidation of Anodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) (J. Malzbender, E. Wessel, R. W. Steinbrech and L. Singheiser).

Numerical Characterization of the Fracture Behavior of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Materials by Means of Modified Boundary Layer Modeling (B. N. Nguyen, B. J. Koeppel, P. Singh, M. A. Khaleel and S. Ahzi).

Chromium Poisoning of Cathodes by Ferritic Stainless Steel (T. D. Kaun, T. A. Cruse and M. Krumpelt).

Effect of Impurities on Anode Performance (C. A.–H. Chung, K. V. Hansen and M. Mogensen).


Comparison of Corrosion Resistance of Cordierite and Silicon Carbide Diesel Particulate Filters to Combustion Products of Diesel Fuel Containing Fe and Ce Additives (D. O′Sullivan, S. Hampshire, M. J. Pomeroy and M. J. Murtagh).

Overview of Ceramic Materials for Diesel Particulate Filter Applications (W. A. Cutler).

Soot Mass Limit Analysis of SiC DPF (H. Sato, K. Ogyu, K. Yamayose, A. Kudo and K. Ohno).

A Mechanistic Model for Particle Deposition in Diesel Particulate Filters Using the Lattice Boltzmann Technique (M. Stewart, D. Rector, G. Muntean and G. Maupin).

Development of Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter for the Control of Diesel Engine Emissions (Y. Huang, Z. Dang and A. Bar–llan).

The Use of Transparent PLZT Ceramics in a Biochemical Thin Film Interferometric Sensor (T. Nicolay).

Low Cost Synthesis of Alumina Reinforced Fe–Cr–Ni Alloys (T. Selchert, R. Janssen and N. Claussen).

High Temperature Behavior of Ceramic Foams from Si/SiC–Filled Preceramic Polymers (J. Zeschky, T. Hoefner, H. Dannheim, M. Scheffler, P. Greil, D. Loidl, S. Puchegger and H. Peterlik).

Stabilization of Counter Electrode for NASICON Based Potentiometric CO2 Sensor (Y. Miyachi, G. Sakai, K. Shimanoe and N. Yamazoe).

Microstructural Control of SnO2 Thin Films by Using Polyethylene Glycol–Mixed Sols (G. Sakai, C. Sato, K. Shimanoe and N. Yamazoe).

Mixed–Potential Type Ceramic Sensors for Nox Monitoring (B. G. Nair, J. Nachlas, M. Middlemas, C. A. Lewinsohn and S. Bhavaraju).

Electrode Materials for Mixed Potential Nox Sensors (D. L. West, F. C. Montgomery and T. R. Armstrong).

Study of High Surface Area Alumina and Ga–Alumina Materials for Denox Catalyst Applications (S. M. Zemskova, J. M. Faas, C. L. Boyer, P. W. Park, J. Wen and I. Petrov).

Development of Strong Photocatalytic Fiber and Environmental Purification (H. Yamaoka, Y. Harada, T. Fujii, S. Otani and T. Ishikawa).

Processing of Biomorphous SiC Ceramics from Paper Preforms by Chemical Vapor Infiltration and Reaction (CVI–R) Technique (D. A. Streitwieser, N. Popovska, H. Gerhard and G. Emig).

Formation of Porous Structures by Directional Solidification of the Eutectic (F. W. Dynys and A. Sayir).

High Surface Area Carbon Substrates for Environmental Applications (K. P. Gadkaree, T. Tao and W. A. Cutler).

Development of High Surface Area Monoliths for Sulfur Removal (L. He, L. K. Owens, W. A. Cutler and C. M. Sorenson).

Processing of Porous Biomorphous TiC Ceramics by Chemical Vapor Infiltration and Reaction (CVI–R) Technique (N. Popovska, D. A. Streitwieser, C. Xu and H. Gerhard).

Charge transport Model in Gas–Solid Interface for Gas Sensors (S.P. Lee and Y.–K. Yoon).

Corrosion Resistant Refractory Ceramics for Slagging Gasifier Environment (E. Medvedovski and R. E. Chinn).

Influence of the Dopants and the Metal Electrodes on the Electrical Response of Hematite Based Humidity Sensors (J.–M. Tulliani, P. Palmero and P. Bonville).

Light Weight Ceramic Sandwich Structure from Preceramic Polymers (T. Hoefner, J. Zeschky, M. Scheffler and P. Greil).

Selective Catalytic Reduction and Nox Storage in Vehicle Emission Control (E. N. Cokers, S. Hammache, D. A. Peña and J. E. Miller).


Ballistic Impact of Silicon Carbide with Tungsten Carbide Spheres (M. J. Normandia and B. Leavy).

Toughness and Hardness of LPS–SiC and LPS–Sic Based Composites (K. A. Schwetz, T. Kempf, D. Saldsieder and R. Telle).

Indentation Testing of Armor Ceramics (E. Medvedovski and P. Sakar).

Metallic Bonding of Ceramic Armor Using Reactive Multilayer Foils (A. Duckham, M. Brown, E. Besnoin, D. vanHeerden, O. M. Knio and T. P. Weihs).

Strain Rate Effects on Fragment Size of Brittle Materials (F. Zhou, J.–F. Molinari and K. T. Ramesh).

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Waltraud M. Kriven
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