CVD Diamond for Electronic Devices and Sensors. Wiley Series in Materials for Electronic & Optoelectronic Applications

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Synthetic diamond is diamond produced by using chemical or physical processes. Like naturally occurring diamond it is composed of a three–dimensional carbon crystal. Due to its extreme physical properties, synthetic diamond is used in many industrial applications, such as drill bits and scratch–proof coatings, and has the potential to be used in many new application areas

A brand new title from the respected Wiley Materials for Electronic and Optoelectronic Applications series, this title is the most up–to–date resource for diamond specialists. Beginning with an introduction to the properties of diamond, defects, impurities and the growth of CVD diamond with its imminent commercial impact, the remainder of the book comprises six sections: introduction, radiation sensors, active electronic devices, biosensors, MEMs and electrochemistry. Subsequent chapters cover the diverse areas in which diamond applications are having an impact including electronics, sensors and actuators and medicine.

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Series Preface xi

Preface xiii

List of Contributors xxi

Basic Properties, Defects and Impurities, Surface properties and Synthesis

1 Basic Properties of Diamond: Phonon Spectra, Thermal Properties, Band Structure 3Gordon Davies

2 Transport Properties of Electrons and Holes in Diamond 29Jan Isberg

3 Point Defects, Impurities and Doping 49Alison Mainwood

4 Surface Conductivity of Diamond 69Lothar Ley

5 Recent Progress in the Understanding of CVD Growth of Diamond 103J.E. Butler, A. Cheesman and M. N. R. Ashfold

6 Heteroepitaxial Growth 125M. Schreck

Radiation Sensors

7 Detectors for UV and Far UV Radiation 165Alan T. Collins

8 Diamond Radiation Sensors for Radiotherapy 185Mara Bruzzi

9 Radiation Sensors for High Energy Physics Experiments 207H. Kagan and W. Trischuk

10 CVD–Diamond Detectors for Experiments with Hadrons, Nuclei, and Atoms 227E. Berdermann and M. Ciobanu

11 Neutron Detectors 257G. Verona–Rinati

Active Electronic Devices

12 High–Power Switching Devices 277Jan Isberg

13 H–Terminated Diamond Field–Effect Transistors 289Makoto Kasu

14 Doped Diamond Electron Devices 313E. Kohn and A. Denisenko

15 Optoelectronic Devices Using Homoepitaxial Diamond p –n and p –i –n Junctions 379Toshiharu Makino and Hiromitsu Kato

Electrochemical and Biological Sensors

16 Biofunctionalization of Diamond Surfaces: Fundamentals and Applications 401J. A. Garrido

17 Diamond Electrochemical Sensors 439John S. Foord

Micro–Electro–Mechanical Systems

18 CVD Diamond MEMS 469J. Kusterer and E. Kohn

Superconductivity in CVD Diamond

19 Superconductivity in Diamond 549Yoshihiko Takano

Index 563

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