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Environmental Issues and Waste Management Technologies in the Materials and Nuclear Industries XII. Ceramic Transactions, Volume 207. Ceramic Transactions Series

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This book documents a special collection of articles from a select group of invited prominent scientists from academia, national laboratories and industry who presented their work at the symposia on Environmental and Energy Issues at the 2008 Materials Science and Technology (MS&T 08) conference held in Pittsburgh, PA. These articles represent a summary of the presentations focusing on topics in nuclear, environmental, and green engineering were held, including a discussion of Waste Glass Leach Testing and Modeling.
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Preface ix


Glasses for Immobilizing Lanthanide, Alkali, and Alkali–Earth Fission Products 3J. V. Crum and J. D. Vienna

Full–Scale Cold Crucible Test on Vitrification of Savannah River Site SB4 HLW Surrogate 9A.P. Kobelev, S.V. Stefanovsky, V.V. Lebedev, M.A. Polkanov, V.V. Gorbunov, A.G. Ptashkin, O.A. Knyazev, J.C. Marra, and K.D. Gerdes

Processing Fly Ash from Coal Burning Power Station in a Variable Radiofrequency Field 21L. Barbieri, I. Lancellotti, F. Andreola, A. Corradi, C. Leonelli, and M. La Robina

NETEC Cold Crucible Induction Melter Demonstration for SRNL with Simulated Sludge Batch 4 DWPF Waste 29Michael E. Smith, Allan B. Barnes, Alex S. Choi, and James C. Marra

Adsorption and Separation of Uranium Using Tungsten Oxides 39Hamed Albusaidi and Allen W. Apblett

Accelerated Processing of SB4 and Preparation for SB5 Processing at DWPF 47C.C. Herman

Effect of Compositional Changes on the Structure and Crystallization Tendency of a Borosilicate Glass Containing MoO©ý, 59M. Magnin, S. Schuller, D. Caurant, 0. MajBrus, D. de Ligny, and C. Mercier

The lmmobilisation of a Chloride Containing Actinide Waste Surrogate 69 in Calcium Aluminosilicate Glasses 69J. M. Schofield, P. A. Bingham, R. J. Hand

International Studies of Enhanced Waste Loading and Improved Melt Rate For High Alumina Concentration Nuclear Waste Glasses 81Kevin M. Fox, David K. Peeler, James C. Marra, Albert Aloy, Roman Soshnikov, Alexander V. Trofimenko, John D. Vienna, Brian J. Riley, Dong–Sang Kim and Jarrod V. Crum

Leach Testing Applied to the Investigation of Long–Term Behavior of High–Level Waste Glass: French Experience 93S. Gin and P. Frugier

SCKCEN R&D on the Interaction between Nuclear Waste Glass and Clay Near– and Far–Field Materials 103Pierre Van Iseghem, Karel Lemmens, Elie Valcke and Marc Aertsens

GLAMOR–Or How We Achieved a Common Understanding on the Decrease of Glass Dissolution Kinetics 115P. Van Iseghem, M. Aertsens, S. Gin, D. Deneele, B. Grambow, D. Strachan, P. McGrail, and G. Wicks

Characterization of Vitrified Savannah River Site SB4 Waste Surrogate Produced in Cold Crucible Induction Melter 127S.V. Stefanovsky, J.C. Marra, and A.A. Akatov

Accelerated Weathering of Waste Glass at 90°C with the Pressurized Unsaturated Flow (PUF) Apparatus: Implications for Predicting Glass Corrosion with a Reactive Transport Model 141E. M. Pierce and D. H. Bacon

The Product Consistency Test (PCT): How and Why it Was Developed 155Carol M. Jantzen and Ned E. Bibler


Green Process for Recovery of Copper 171Kevin N. Barber and Allen W. Apblett

Exploiting Hall–Petch Strengthening for Sustainability 177R. Heard, U. Erb, and G. Palumbo

Novel Process Development with Continuous Casting and Precise Forging for AI–Si Alloys to Produce an Engine Piston 1890. Umezawa, H. Takagi, T. Sekiguchi, T. Yamashita, and N. Miyamoto

Pilot Testing of a Green, No–Waste Process to Maximize Value from Hot Aluminum Dross 2010. R. Singleton

Effect of Bismuth on the Tensile Properties and Dry Machining Performance of At–1 2.7 wt% Si Alloy 215P. Chen, H. Hu, and A. T. Alpas

Engineering Decisions to Green the Automobile Supply Chain 225J. A. Isaacs, B. Dolinsky, D. M. Qualters, and J. T. Laird

Novel Ceramic Forming Methods with a Reactive Organic Binder 235Kimiyasu Sato, Yuji Hotta, Takaaki Nagaoka, Koji Watari, and Cihangir Duran

Environmental Assessment of Manufacturing with Carbon Nanotubes 243L. J. Dahlben and J.A. lsaacs

Nitrate Fining and Emissions During Glass Manufacturing 255Linda E. Jones and Shengchun Luo

Low–Cost Solid Geopolymeric Material for Water Purification 265M. Alshaaer, B. El–Eswed, R. I. Yousef, F. Khalili, and H. Khoury

Exergy Analysis on Life Cycle of Ceramic Parts 273Hideki Kita, Hideki Hyuga, Naoki Kondo, and Tatsuki Ohji

Anion Exchange Property of As(lll), AsW, Se(lv), CrR(V1) and B(111) with Hydrotalcite–Like Compounds 283Junji Shibata, Norihiro Murayama and Shigeno Matsumoto

Preparation of Metal Oxide Photocatalyst by Soft Solution Process with Anion Exchange Resin 291Yoshiyuki Kamo, Masayoshi Uno, and Shinsuke Yamanaka

Photocatalytically Efficient Zinc Oxide Microstructural Assembly 299I.H.J. Arellano and L.M. Payawan, Jr.

Author Index 309

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