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Design, Development, and Applications of Engineering Ceramics and Composites. Ceramic Transactions, Volume 215. Ceramic Transactions Series

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  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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This compilation of proceedings covering the latest scientific and technological developments in design, development, and applications of engineering ceramics and composites provides a useful one–stop resource for understanding the most important issues in design, development, and applications of engineering ceramics and composites. Logically organized and carefully selected articles give insight into design, development, and applications of engineering ceramics and composites and incorporates the latest developments related to design, development, and applications of engineering ceramics and composites including developments in engineering ceramics, advanced ceramic coatings, and geopolymers.
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Elastic and Vibration Properties of Diamond–Like B–C Materials (J. E. Lowther).

Towards Simulation–Based Predictive Design of Glasses (Liping Huang and John Kieffer).

Dynamic Behavior of Thick Alumina Plates with Tunneled Interfaces (F. Orgaz, T. Gómez del Rio, A.Varela and J.F. Fernández).

Deposition Phase Diagrams for Chemical Vapor Deposition of BCl3–CH4–H2 System (Shanhua Liu, Litong Zhang, Yongsheng Liu, Laifei Cheng, Xiaowei Yin, and Qingfeng Zeng).

The Relation between Optical Properties and Lattice Defects of Translucent Aluminum Nitride Ceramics Fabricated by the Novel Annealing Process (Yukihiro Kanechika, Yuriko Kaito, Masanobu Azuma, and Hiroshi Fukushima).

Thermodynamic Calculations of ZrC–SiC System for Chemical Vapor Deposition Applications from SiCl4–ZrCl4–CH4–H2 (Qiaomu Liu, Litong Zhang, Yiguang Wang, and Laifei Cheng).

Debindering of Non Oxide Ceramics under Protective Atmosphere (Dieter G. Brunner, Gaby Böhm, Friedrich Raether, and Andreas Klimera).

Softening of Rare Earth Orthophosphates by Transformation Plasticity: Possible Applications to Fiber–Matrix Interphases in Ceramic Composites (R. S. Hay, G. Fair, E. E. Boakye, P. Mogilevsky, T. A. Parthasarathy, and J. Davis).

Influence of Fiber Architecture on Impact Resistance of Uncoated SiC/SiC Composites (Ramakrishna T. Bhatt, Laura M. Cosgriff, and Dennis S. Fox).

Oxidation Kinetics and Strength versus Scale Thickness for Hi–NICALONTM–S SiC Fiber (R. S. Hay, G. Fair, E. Urban, J. Morrow, J. Somerson, and M. Wilson).

Ceramic Matrix Composites Densification by Active Filler Impregnation Followed by a P.I.P. Process (S. Le Ber, M.–A. Dourges, L. Maillé, R. Pailler, and A. Guette).

High Potential of Composites with Carbon Fibers and a Self–Sealing Ceramic Matrix in Moist Environments under High Pressures at 600°C (L. Quémard, F. Rebillat, F., A. Guette, H. Tawil, and C. Louchet–Pouillerie).

Quantification of Higher SiC Fiber Oxidation Rates in Presence of B2O3 under Air (F. Rebillat, E. Garitte, and A. Guette).

Overview on the Self–Sealing Process in the SiCf/[Si,C,B]M Composites under Wet Atmosphere at High Temperature (F. Rebillat, X. Martin, E. Garitte, and A. Guette).

NDE for Characterizing Oxidation Damage in Reinforced Carbon–Carbon (Don J. Roth, Richard W. Rauser, Nathan S. Jacobson, Russell A. Wincheski, James L. Walker, and Laura A. Cosgriff).

Silicon Nitride and Silicon Carbide Components as Enabling Tools in Avionics, Space and Dispersing Technology (Karl E. Berroth).

a/bSiAlON Based Composites Incorporated with MoSi2for Electrical Applications (Erhan Ayas, Alpagut Kara, and Ferhat Kara).

Microstructure Characteristics and High–Temperature Performance of In–Situ Reinforced –SiAlON Ceramics (Yu Zhou, Feng Ye, and Chunfeng Liu).

Synthesis Process and Microstructure for Al2O3/TiC/Ti Functionally Gradient Materials (Enrique Rocha–Rangel, David Hernández–Silva, Elizabeth Refugio–García, José G. Miranda–Hernández, and Eduardo Terrés–Rojas).

Brazing of MIEC Ceramics to High Temperature Metals (S. Dabbarh, E. Pfaff, A. Ziombra, and A. Bezold).


Thermodynamic Data for Y–O–H(g) from Volatilization Studies (E. Courcot, F. Rebillat, and F. Teyssandier).

From the Volatility of Simple Oxides to that of Mixed Oxides: Thermodynamic and Experimental Approaches (E. Courcot, F. Rebillat, and F. Teyssandier).

Nanolaminated Oxide Ceramic Coatings in the Y2O3–Al2O3 System (Nadine K. Eils, Peter Mechnich, Martin Schmücker, and Hartmut Keune).

Thermochemical Stability of Rare Earth Sesquioxides under a Moist Environment at High Temperature (E. Courcot, F. Rebillat, and F. Teyssandier).

Manufacture of P–Type ZNO Thin Film by CO–Sputtering of ZN and LI2CO3 Targets Simultaneously (Yang–Ming Lu, Shu–Yi Tsai, and Shin–Yi Wu).

Synthesized Zircon and Zircon Composite from Liquid Chemical Process (Yanxia Lu).

ZrO2–Environmental Barrier Coatings for Oxide/Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composites Fabricated by Electron–Beam Physical Vapor Deposition (Peter Mechnich and Wolfgang Braue).


Development of Geopolymers from Plasma Vitrified Air Pollution Control Residues from Energy from Waste Plants (Ioanna Kourti, D. Amutha Rani, D. Deegan, C. R. Cheeseman, and A. R. Boccaccini).

Synthesis of Zeolite–X from Waste Porcelain Using Alkali Fusion (Takaaki Wajima and Yasuyuki Ikegami).

The Ageing Process of Alkali Activated Metakaolin (C. H. Rüscher, E. Mielcarek, W. Lutz, A. Ritzmann, and W. M. Kriven).

Testing of Geopolymer Mortar Properties for Use as a Repair Material (Wanchai Yodsudjai, Prasert Suwanvitaya, Weerapong Pikulprayong, and Banjerd Taweesappaiboon).

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Mrityunjay Singh
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