Introductory Biostatistics for the Health Sciences. Modern Applications Including Bootstrap

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A uniquely accessible overview of statistics for the medical industry

Statistics is a vital discipline with growing applications across many industries, especially the ever–evolving field of health care, where it plays an essential part in the design of new medical devices, the implementation and analysis of clinical trials, and various epidemiological studies. In today’s modern age of computing, both statistical methodology and its applications are expanding as rapidly as the technology will allow, resulting in an upsurge of new developments and more effective methodologies.

Introductory Biostatistics for the Health Sciences: Modern Applications Including Bootstrap addresses the need for a book that presents a basic, accurate, and up–to–date overview of statistical methodology as it applies to today’s health care industry. The authors, both professionals in the areas of medical consulting and epidemiological research, provide balanced coverage of the latest developments in the industry, liberally illustrated with real–world examples. Students and professionals will find this text helpful in several important ways:

  • Presents motivating applications in light of honest theory
  • Incorporates resampling statistics software throughout
  • Discusses Outliers by way of detection and treatment
  • Covers such recent statistical advances as bootstrapping
  • Includes helpful exercises throughout

A lucid writing style and numerous real–world examples add to the book’s appeal and value, and make a complex subject uniquely accessible to a diverse audience including medical personnel, public health trainees, as well as nursing and medical students.

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What is Statistics? How is it Applied in the Health Sciences?

Defining Populations and Selecting Samples.

Systematic Organization and Display of Data.

Summary Statistics.

Basic Probability.

The Normal Distribution.

Sampling Distributions for Means.

Estimating Population Means.

Tests of Hypotheses.

Inferences Regarding Proportions.

Categorical Data and Chi–Square Tests.

Correlation,  Linear Regression, and Logistic Regression.

One–Way Analysis of Variance.

Nonparametric Methods.

Analysis of Survival Times.

Software Packages for Statistical Analysis.


Appendix A. Percentage Points, F–Distribution (α = 0.05).

Appendix B. Studentized Range Statistics.

Appendix C. Quantiles of the Wilcoxon Signed–Rank Test Statistic.

Appendix D. X2 Distribution.

Appendix E. Table of the Standard Normal Distribution.

Appendix F. Percentage Points, Student′s t Distribution.

Appendix G. Answers to Selected Exercises.


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readers will come away with a better understanding of biostatistics... (Statistical Methods in Medical Research, Vol.14, No.1, 2005)

" a good textbook for an introductory course in biostatistics at the advanced undergraduate/beginning graduate level covers a broader variety of topics that is usually found in comparable textbooks " (The American Statistician, Vol. 58, No. 2, May 2004)

"...lucid writing style and numerous real–world examples add to the book′s appeal and value...complex subject uniquely accessible..." (Zentralblatt Math, Vol. 1028, 2004)

...the authors lucid writing style and numerous interesting real–world examples make a complex subject quite acc3essible to a diverse audience...I recommend this book to undergraduate statistics students, medical personnel, public health trainees, or nursing and medical students...would also make an excellent textbook for an introductory...biostatistics course. (Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2004b)

"...the book is most successful in meeting the needs of students..." (Technometrics, Vol. 45, No. 4, November 2003)

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