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28th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites B. Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings. Volume 25, Issue 4, 2004

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  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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A collection of Papers Presented at the 28th International Conference and Exposition on Advanced Ceramics and Composites held in conjunction with the 8th International Symposium on Ceramics in Energy Storage and Power Conversion Systems.
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Properties of Rare Earth Oxynitride Glasses and the Implications for High Temperature Behaviour of Silicon Nitride Ceramics (S. Hampshire and M. J. Pomeroy).
Mechanical Properties of Porous Silicon Nitride From Fine/Coarse Powder Mixture (M. Ishizaki, M. Ando, N. Kondo and T. Ohji).
Production and Characterization of Ultra Refractory HfB2–SiC Composites (F. Monteverde and A. Bellosi).
Sintering Behaviour of Dense Nanocrystalline Zirconia Ceramics: A Comparative Investigation (M. Wolff, G. Falk and R. Clasen).
Direct Evaluation of Local Thermal Conduction in Silicon Nitrides with Enhanced Grain Growth (A. Okada and T. Hori).
Mechanical Properties of Pressureless Sintered SiC–AIN Composites Obtained Without Sintering Bed (C. Magnani and L. Beaulardi).
The Influence of Beta Eucryptite Glassceramics on the Structure and Main Properties of Alumina Ceramics (J. A. Geodakyan, A. K. Kostanyan, K. J. Geodakyan, S. T. Sagatelyan and B. V. Petrosyan).
Mechanical Behaviour of SiC–Polycrystalline Fiber–Bounded–Ceramics (S. Kajii, K. Matsunaga, M. Sato and T. Ishikawa).
Design, Manufacture and Quality Assurance of C/C–SiC Composites for Space Transportation Systems (W. Krenkel, J. L. Hausherr, T. Reimer and M. Frieß).
Effect of Fabrication Process on Internal Friction of SiC/SiC Composites (H. Serizawa, S. Sato, H. Araki, T. Noda and A. Kohyama).
Effect on Interphase on Transthickness Tensile Strength of High Purity Silicon Carbide Composites (T. Hinoki, Y. Maki, A. Kohyama, E. Lara–Curzio and L. L. Snead).
Through–Thickness Properties of 2D Woven SiC/SiC Panels with Various Microstructures (H. M. Yun and J. A. Carlo).
An Assessment of Variability in the Average Tensile Properties of a Melt–Infiltrated SiC/SiC Composite (S. Kalluri, A. M. Calomino and D. N. Brewer).
Net Shape Manufacturing of Fabric Reinforced Oxide/Oxide Components via Resin Transfer Moulding and Pyrolysis (B. Heidenreich, W. Krenkel, M. Frieß and H. Gedon).
In Situ Reaction Deposition Coating of LaPO4 ON Al2O3 Fabric Cloth for Al2O3/Al2)O3 Composites (T. Yano, P. Lee and M. Imai).
Effect of Alkali Choice on Geopolymer Properties (W. M. Kriven and J. L. Bell).
Thermal Shock Resistance of NEXTEL 610 and NEXTEL 720 Continuous Fiber–Reinforced Mullite Matrix Composites (R. A. Simon and P. Supanic).
Tensile Properties of Nextel 720–Based Tows and Minicomposites Subjected to High Temperature Soaking (D. M. Pai, S. Yarmolenko, B. Kailasshankar, C. Murphy, J. Sankar and L. P. Zawada).
Effect of Monazite Coating on Tensile Behavior of Nextel 720 Fibers at High Temperature (D. M. Pai, S. Yarmolenko, E. Freeman, J. Sankar and L. P. Zawada).
BN Interphase Processed by LP–CVD from Tris(Dimethylamino) Borane and Characterized Using SiC/SiC Minicomposites (S. Jacques, B. Bonnetor, M. P. Berthet and H. Vincent).
Oxidation Kinetics and Strength Degradation of Carbon Fibers in a Cracked Ceramic Matrix Composite (M. C. Habig).
Mechanical Behavior and Oxidation–Resistance of an Orthogonal 3D δ–SIC Fiber/Carbon Matrix Composite (T. Aoki, T. Ogasawara and T. Ishikawa).
Mechanical Properties of Ceramic Matrix Composites Exposed to Rig Tests (G. Y. Richardson, C. S. Lei and R. N. Singh).
Composition and Microstructural Design for Improved Wear Properties in SiAION Ceramics (M. I. Jones, K. Hirao, Y. Yamauchi and H. Hyuga).
Plasma–Treated Silicon Nitrides Exhibiting Ultra–Low Friction (A. Okada, T. Hori, K. Ueoka and J. Ye).
Tribiological Properties of Si2N4 / Si3N4–BN Alternate Layered Composites (T. Hirao, K. Hirao and Y. Yamauchi).
A Motorcycle Brake System with C/C–SiC Composite Brake Discs (Z. Stadler, M. Kermc, T. Kosma–, and A. Dakskobler).
The Tribological Property Effect of Graphite Within a Composite Pad–Cost Iron Baking System (S. Ramouse).
High Performance C/C–SiC Brake Pads (W. Krenkel, H. A. El–Hija and M. Kriescher).
Sliding Contact Damage of Y– α/β Composite SiALON Ceramics (W. Kanematsu, M. I. Jones and K. Hirao).
Processing and Wear Behavior of Cr–Al2O3–ZrO2 and Mo–Al2)3–ZrO2 Composites (R. Janssen, S. Scheppokat, G. De Portu, R. Hannink and N. Claussen).
Improving Performance of Polycrystalline Diamond Components in Three Cone Roller Bits Uisng Bibrous Monolith Technology (A. Griffo and D. Belnap).
Enhancement of the Fracture Resistance on SiC Fiber (Nicalon )/SiC Refractory Composites (T. Tanaka, H. Ichikawa, S. Fukumaru and H. Abe).
Critical Frontal Process Zone Evaluation of Aluminum Titanate/Aluminia Based Ceramics by SEVNB Technique (C. H. Chen and H. Awaji).
Atomistic Study of Crack Propagation Near the Cu(111)/Al2O3(0001) Interface (S. V. Dmitriev, N. Yoshikawa, M. Hasegawa, Y. Kagawa, M. Kohyama and S. Tanaka).
Sensitivity of Silicon Carbide and Other Ceramics to Edge Fracture: Method and Results (G. Gogotsi, S. Mudrik and A. Rendtel).
Determination of Elastic Properties of a Ceramic–Based Joint Using a Digital Image Correlation Method (M. Puyo–Pain and J. Lamon).
Evaluation of Four Different Experimental Techniques for Determination of Elastic Properties of Solids (M. Radovic, E. Lara–Curzio and L. Riester).
Strength Testing System for Ceramic Grains (K. Breder, E. Lara–Curzio and L. Riester).
Characterization of C/Enhanced SiC Composite During Creep Rupture Tests Using an Ultrasonic Guided Wave Scan System (D. J. Roth, M. J. Verrilli, R. E. Martin and L. M. Cosgriff).
Design of a High Temperature Test Device for Bidirectional Loading for CMC Samples (I. Fischer, T. Reimer and H. Weihs).
Biaxial Strength Test of Discs of Different Size Using the Ball on Three Balls Test (A. Börger, R. Danzer and P. Supancic).
Atomic Force Microscopy Study of the Surface Degradation Mechanisms of Zirconia Based Ceramics (S. Deville, J. Chevalier, G. Fantozzi, J. F. Bartolomé and J. S. Moya).
Internal Pressure Testing of Structural Ceramics Tubes (R. H. Carter and J. J. Swab).
Characterization of Si³N4 Bars Extracted From Various Regions of a Billet by Resonance and Flex Testing (G. Ojard, M. Ferber, T. Barnett and K. Johnson).
Laser Scattering Characterization of Subsurface Defect/Damage in Silicon–Nitride Ceramic Valves (J. G. Sun, J. M. Zhang and M. J. Andrews).
A Model for the Bulk Mechanical Response of Porous Ceramics Exhibiting a Ferroelectric–to–Antiferroelectric Phase Transition During Hydrostatic Compression (S. T. Montgomery and D. H. Zeuch).
Random Local Load Sharing in Multifilament Bundles: Modeling and Influence on Ceramic Matrix Composite Failure (V. Calard and J. Lamon).
Experimental and Numerical Fluid Structure Investigations of a Generic Bodyflap Region Model (R. Schaefer, A. Mack, B. Esser and A. Guelhan).

Ultra–High–Temperature Tribometer up to 1600°C (M. Gienau, N. Kelling, N. Köhler and M. Woydt).
Erosion of Bare and Coated Polymer Matrix Composites by Solid Particle Impingement (K. Miyoshi, J. K. Sutter, R. A. Horan, S. K. Naik and R. J. Cupp).
The Effect of Thermal Mismatch on Stresses, Morphology and Failures in Thermal Barrier Coatings (J. Shi, S. Darzens and A. M. Karlsson).
Mechanically Induced Delamination Cracking in Thermal Barrier Composites (T. Wakui, J. Malzbender, E. Wessel, R. W. Steinbrech and L. Singheiser).
Investigation of Thermal Fatigue Life of Thermal Barrier Coating (Y. Ohtake and T. Natsumura).
Evaluation of Two New Thermal Barrier Coating Materials Produced by APS and EB–PVD (B. Saruhan, U.Schultz, R. Vassen, G. Pracht, P. Bengtsson, C. Friedrich, R. Knoedler, O. Lavigne, P. Moretto, C. Siry, F. Taricco, N. Coignard and R. Wing).
Low Thermal Conductivity Ceramics for Turbine Blade Thermal Barrier Coating Application (U. Schulz, B. Saint–Ramond, O. Lavigne, P. Moretto, A. vanLieshout and A. Berger).
Solution Precursor Plasma Spray: A Promising New Technique for Forming Functional Nanostructured Films and Coatings (X. Ma, J. Roth, T. D. Xiao, L. D. Xie, M. Gell, E. H. Jordan and N. P. Padture).
Further Improvement of the Properties of Sprayed TBC Using Hollow PSZ Spheres (G. Bertrand, P. Roy, C. Meunier, M. Mévrel and D. Demange).
Effect of Bond Coat Surface Roughness and Pre–Oxidation on the Thermal Cycling Lifetime of Thermal Barrier Coatings (J. Liu and Y. H. Sohn).
Chemical Etching of Silicon Carbide Ceramic Surface in Chlorine–Containing Gas Mixtures (A. V. Zinovev, J. F. Moore, J. Hryn, O. Auciello, J. Carlisle and M. J. Pellin).
Micromechanisms Affecting Macroscopic Deformation of Plasma–Sprayed TBCs (E. Trunova, R. Herzog, T. Wakui, R. W. Steinbrech, E. Wessel and L. Singheiser).
Stability of Silicon Nitride Coated with Lutetium Disilicate in an Oxidative Environment (T. Suetsuna, M. Ando, M. Ishizaki, T. Ohji and M. Asayama).
Effect of Scattering on the Combined Reflection and Thermal Radiation Emission of a Typical Semitransparent TBC Material (C. M. Spuckler).
Behavior of Sputter Deposited Aluminia Thin Films Under Subcritical Hydrothermal Condition (S. T. Park and R. H. Baney).
Stability and Performance of High Emissivity Coatings for Radiation Coupled Thermionic Converters (P. N. Clark, B. H. C. Chen, W. H. Robertson and H. H. Streckert).
Functionally Graded CVD Mullite Environmental Barrier Coatings (S. N. Basu and V. K. Sarin).
Corrosion Mechanism of Lu2Si2O7 Phase in Static State Water Vapor Environment (S. Ueno, D. D. Jayaseelan, N. Kondo, T, Ohji and S. Kanzaki).
Examination of Fracture Process and Environmental Resistance of Ceramic Matrix Composites (SiC/SiC) (M. Okada, I. Yuri, T. Hisamatsu, A. Nitta, T. Kameda and Y. Yasutomi).
Corrosion of Ceramic Materials in Hot Gas Environment (H. Klemm, M. Fritsch and B. Schenk).
Optimizing Cu–Cr Coatings for Environmental Protection of Copper Alloys (L. Ogbuji).
Characterization of Y2O3–Doped La2Zr2O7 Based EB–PVD Thermal Barrier Coatings Using X–Ray Microtomography (CMT) and Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) (B. Saruhan, A. Flores Renteria, A. Kulkarni, F. DeCarlo and J. Ilavsky).
Growth of Thermally Grown Oxide on (Ni,Pt)Al Bondcoat During Short Term Oxidation (S. Laxman, Y. H. Sohn and K. S. Murphy).
Measuring and Modeling Residual Stresses in Air Plasma Spray Thermal Barrier Coatings (X. Chen, J. Price and J. Ahmad).
Formation of Environmental Barrier Coating on Si3N4 by Gas Pressure Sintering (D. D. Jayaseelan, S. Ueno, N. Kondo, T. Phji and S. Kanzaki).

Wear of a Bioceramic Dental Restorative Material by Tooth Brushing (A. Pallas, H. Engqvist, L. Å. Lindén and L. Hermansson).
Depth–Profiling of Composition and Texture in Human Tooth Enamel A Functionally Graded Material (I. M. Low).
Morphologies of Precipitate in the Carbonate Plus Phosphate Aquenos Solution (W. Y. Huang and T. S. Sheu).
Calcium Phosphate Ceramics as Substrate for Cartilage Cultivation (R. Janssen, S. Nagel–Heyer, C. Goepfert, R. Pörtner, D. Toykan, O. Krummhauer, M. Morlock, P. A. Adamietz, N. M. Meenen, W. M. Kriven, D. K. Kim, A. Tampieri and G. Gelotti).
Resorbable Polymer Ceramic Composites for Orthopedic Scaffold Applications (R. Vaidyanathan, B. Hecht, A. Studley, T. Phillips and P. D. Calvert).
Nanoceramics as Drug Delivery Carriers (W. M. Kriven, S. Y. Kwak, R. B. Clarkson, B. E. Kitchell, M. A. Wallig and J. H. Choy).
Chemical Processing of Brushite its Conversion to Apatite OR CasP2O7 (A. Cuneyt Tas and S. B. Bhaduri).
Chemical Interactions Between Ca–Aluminate Implants and Bone (H. Engqvist, M. Couillard, G. A. Botton, N. Axén, N. O. Ahnfelt and L. Hermansson).
Fabrication of Novel Hydroxyapatite/Titanium Composite Coating using rf Reactive Plasma Spraying (Y. Yokogawa, M. Inagaki and T. Kameyama).
Manufacturing of Ceramic Dental Components by Means of Electrophoretic Deposition (C. Oetzel, J. Tabellion and R. Clasen).
New and Conventional Simulated Body Fluids (H. Takadama, M. T. Hashimoto, Y. Takigawa, M. Mizuno and T. Kokubo).
Scratch Testing of a Dental Restorative Material Based on Calcium Aluminate (A. Pallas, H. Engqvist, S. Jacobsson and L. Hermansson).

Near–Shape Manufacturing of Complex Silica Glasses by Electrophoretic Deposition of Mixtures of Nanosized and Coarser Particles (J. Tabellion and R. Clasen).
Alumina Ceramics by Means of Electrophoretic Deposition of Submicron Powders (A. Braun, M. Wolff, C. Oetzel, J. Tabellion, G. Falk and R. Clasen).
Influence of the Synthesis Temperature on the Crystallization Path and Kinetics of YAG Powders (P. Palmero, L. Montanaro, C. Esnouf and G. Fantozzi).
High Strenth SiSIC Ceramics Derived From Wood Powders (A. Hofenauer, O. Treusch, F. Tröger, M. Gahr, J. Schmidt, G. Wegener, W. Krenkel and J. Fromm).
Development of Screen Printable Sensors with Templated Mesoporous Silica (A. Lindqvist, M. Arenö and E. Carlström).
Synthesis and Characterization of Sol–Gel Derived Nanostructured Composite of ZnO/PVP Thin Film as Biosensor (T. Du, H. Song and O. J. Ilgebusi).
Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) of Carbon Based Films in the System C–N (R. Ramamurti, R. S. Kukreja, L. Guo, V. Shanov and R. N. Singh).
Manufacturing of Thick Layers Made From Nanosized SiO2 Powders by Dip–Coating (G. Fehringer and R. Clasen).
Mechanical Properties of Ni Embedded Alumina Nanocomposite Thin Films (S. Neralla, D. Kumar, S. Yamolenko and J. Sankar).
Synthesis and Crystal Phase Evaluation of Hydroxylapatite Using the Rietveld Maximum Entropy Method (A. V. Chaves de Andrade, J. C. Zurita da Silva, C. O. Paiva–Santos, C. Weber, V. Hizau dos Santos Utuni, S. Mazurek Tebcherani, C. P. Ferreira Borges, E. da Costa and S. Martinez Manent).
Processing and Hardness of an Al2O3–MgAl2O4 Nanocomposite (B. W. McEnerney, G. Quinn, V. A. Greenhut, R. K. Sadangi, V. Shukla, B. Kear and D. E. Niesz).
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Edgar Lara–Curzio
Michael J. Readey
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