Pulp and Paper. Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Volume 3. 3rd Edition

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Other volumes in the latest edition of Pulp and Paper: Chemistry and Chemical Technology, 3rd Ed. Edited by James P. Casey

Volume 1 Contents: Cellulose and Hemicellulose (G.D. McGinnis and F. Shafizadeh). Lignin (W.G. Glasser). Pulpwood (W.J. Bublitz). Pulping (J.N. McGovern, W.F. Daniell, et al.). Bleaching (V. Lorås). Appendix. Index. 1980

Volume 2 Contents: Fiber Preparation and Approach Flow (J.H. Young). Fiber Bonding (J.V. Robinson). Sheet Formation and Drying (T.N. Kershaw). Nonwovens and Papers from Synthetic Fibers (W.T. Heyse). Synthetic Papers and Pulps (W.H. Hoge). Environmental Control (A.M. Springer). Microbiology (S.J. Buckman). 1980

Volume 4 Contents: Pigment Coating (C.L. Garey). Printing (M.H. Bruno). Reprography (M.A. Nielsen). Laminating (C.U. Turner). Corrugating (A.J. DiDominias). Corrugating (G.H. Klein). Paper Reinforcement by Polymer Addition (J.F. Waterhouse). Paper Laminates (J.L. Robertson). Aqueous and Solvent Coatings (L.J. Carlson). Extrusion and Hot Melt Coatings. 1981

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Dry Strength Resins (W. F. Reynolds).

Dry Strength Resins (R. B. Wasser).

Natural Products for Wet–End Addition (B. T. Hofreiter).

Filling and Loading (E. Bohmer).

Internal Sizing (J. J. Keavney).

Internal Sizing (R. J. Kulick).

Retention Chemistry (K. W. Britt).

Retention Chemistry (J. E. Unbehend).

Wet Strength (K. W. Britt).

Dyeing (H. A. Lips).

Surface Sizing (M. L. Cushing).

Properties of Paper (C. E. Brandon).
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JAMES P. CASEY received his M.S. from Syracuse University Pulp and Paper School in 1947. Among his many affiliations, Mr. Casey has been Director of Applications Research for A.E. Staley Manufacturing Company, Vice President of Research and Development for Union Starch and Refining Company, and Vice President and Director of Research for Miles Laboratories. The author of many technical papers on starch and paper manufacture, he is presently a highly sought–after consultant.
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