Chemical Generation and Reception of Radio-and Microwaves

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Chemical Generation and Reception of Radio– and Microwaves Anatoly L. Buchachenko Eugene L. Frankevich With this first critical overview in a decade, two internationally recognized authorities on spin chemistry make an important contribution to this timely topic in chemical physics. Two novel features of chemical reactions are described: The generation of radiowaves by reactions and the effects of electromagnetic waves on some chemical reactions. In this sense, this treatise formulates chemical radiophysics as a new field of chemical physics. The authors detail physical and chemical reaction mechanisms, the selection of nuclei by spin orientation and magnetic moment, (non)magnetic isotope separation and accumulation in reaction products, and NMR detection by nontraditional radiophysical methods. Coverage features new insights into chemical dynamics and reaction mechanisms. Chemical radiophysics offers new radiospectroscopy techniques of exquisite sensitivity. One brief chapter summarizes the physical basis by which electromagnetic fields could affect reactions of biological significance. Chemical Generation and Reception of Radio– and Microwaves is an essential reference for chemical physicists, physical organic chemists, material scientists, and radio– and biophysicists.
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Magnetic Scenario of Chemical Reaction/

Magnetic Interactions in Chemical Reactions/

Magnetic Effects in Chemical Reactions/

Chemically Induced Radio–Frequency Emission/

Reaction Yield Detected Magnetic Resonance –


RYDMR in Solids/

RYDMR in Liquid Solutions/

RYDMR in Photosynthetic Systems/

Radio–Induced Magnetic Isotope Effect/

Microwave–Stimulated Nuclear Polarization/

Coherence in Spin Dynamics and Chemical Reactivity/

On the Action of Electromagnetic Waves on Biological Processes/


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Anatoly Buchachenko currently is the Professor of Chemistry and the head of Dynamics Department in the Institute of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Professor of Chemistry and the head of the Department of Chemical Kinetics at the Faculty of Chemistry of Moscow State University. He received his MS degree from Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod) University (1958) and his Ph. D. from the N.N.Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics in Moscow. He was a postgraduate student, Assistant Professor, Full Professor and Director of ICP (1994–1996).

Anatoly Buchachenko is the Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is awarded by the State Prize of the FSU for science (1977); the Lenin Prize, the highest Award for science in the FSU (1986); the Voevodsky Award (1997); National Prize for Education Activity (2002); National Prize Triumph for the highest achievements in science (2008). His scientific family includes more that 50 post–doctoral fellows, post–graduate students and visiting associates. He is a member of the Advisory Board in Chemical Physics Letters, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Russian Chemical Reviews, Russian Chemical Bulletin, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry, Mendeleev Communications. Editor–in–Chief of Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry.Focus on Physics.

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