Electric Power Systems. Analysis and Control. IEEE Press Series on Power Engineering

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A coherent, global vision of electric power systems

Intended as both a basic text and general reference for a broad range of readers, Electric Power Systems: Analysis and Control offers a comprehensive and articulate treatment of both analysis and synthesis of power systems and their controls from a unique system perspective.

The author gives special attention to operational planning, control, and modeling of the physical phenomena involved in electric power systems and provides schematic interpretations for each in order to give the reader a deeper understanding of their structure and a solid mastery of the problems associated with them.

The book features thorough coverage of the subject, such as:

∗ A systematic reporting of all aspects of the electric power field, including coverage of both hydro– and thermal–generating plants

∗ Thorough coverage of both static and dynamic operations of power systems

∗ A global perspective from both an academic and industrial point of view

∗ Emphasis on the important relations between operations and control devices, including useful considerations for control system design

∗ New developments and original contributions, both for theory and for practical applications

Highly relevant and timely in scope, the book is essential reading for anyone associated with electric power systems, including students and teachers of power engineering courses, professionals in the industry, consultants, and researchers.
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1. Introduction to the Problems of Analysis and Control of Electric Power Systems.

2. Configuration and Working Point.

3. Frequency and Active Power Control.

4. Dynamic Behavior of the Synchronous Machine.

5. Dynamic Behavior of Network Elements and Loads.

6. Voltage and Reactive Power Control.

7. The Synchronous Machine Connected to an Infinite Bus.

8. Electromechanical Phenomena in a Multimachine System.

Appendix 1: Transformation to Symmetrical Components.

Appendix 2: Park′s Transformation.

Appendix 3: Elementary Outline of the Automatic Control Theory.



About the Author.

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"Originality of presentations, thoughtful physical interpretations...high quality of comments together with valuable practical information supplied throughout the book make it a very special and precious reference." (International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, January 2005)

... a very special and precious reference... (International Journal of Robust & Nonlinear Control, Vol.15, No.1, 10th January 2005)

a very special and precious reference the reader may benefit enormously (International Journal of Robust & Non–Linear Control, Vol14, No.18 December 2004)

" an excellent book for either the engineer–practitioner or the theoretician–researcher a thoughtful book full of insights " (IEEE Power & Energy Magazine, Jan/Feb 2004)

"...English translation is new. It′s a good one." (Electrical Apparatus, May 2003)

"...an excellent work, which elegantly and thoroughly treats basic and up–to–date techniques of advanced system analysis, design, and control...essential." (Choice, September 2003)

"...packed with formulas and figures..." (E–Streams, Vol. 6, No. 8)

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