Introductory Astronomy

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Introductory Astronomy is a lucidly written introduction to the planets, the stars and beyond. Starting with problems astronomers face on Earth connected with observation, the text then moves on to cover the Solar System, stars, galaxies and finally cosmology. The evolution and internal workings of astronomical bodies are outlined, demystifying arcane entities such as black holes and white dwarfs in the process. Carefully structured, this test has a strong narrative thread running throughout and concepts are gradually introduced, and subsequently built upon in later chapters. The science behind the subject is integrated and presented in a way that enables the reader to gain a thorough understanding of the subject without blinding them with unnecessary mathematical detail or scientific theory. Astronomy is brought to life through the many carefully chosen examples, figures and photographs. Introductory Astronomy:

∗ Provides a balanced introduction to the field of astronomy.

∗ Includes many carefully chosen worked examples and problems.

∗ Is clearly written to appeal to students and amateur astronomers alike.
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Seeing into Space.

The View from Earth.

The Sun, the Stars, and Time.

Observation of the Solar System.

Gravity and the Solar System.

The Origin of the Solar System.

A Closer Look at the Terrestrial Planets.

A Closer Look at the Jovian Planets.

The Sun.

Studying Stars.

Stellar Birth and Early Life.

Stellar Evolution and Death.



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"Introductory Astronomy is an exemplary first–year university textbook. In fact, in my many years at the astronomical chalk face of tertiary education, I have come across no better.", David Hughes, Reader in Astronomy, University of Sheffield, Times Higher Education Supplement, March 19999#"As the title suggests, this is an introductory text for students rather than another glossy picture book. It has been written by a teacher and has emerged from a lecture course on astronomy given to undergraduate non–science students.This pedigree is clear throughout the book. The whole package is very well presented with a good blend of black and white photographs and excellent line drawings. ...I think Introductory Astronomy is a valuable text, well written and easy to use. If you are about to offer a course in introductory astronomy then here is one of the best support texts on the market.", , , Physics Education, March 1999#"It must have been great stuff, the first– year physics course on planets, stars and galaxies that Keith Holliday taught at the University of Strathclyde. His excellent Introductory Astronomy is based on the lecture notes. Useful figures, worked examples, additional problems, and a perfect balance between length, clarity, and scientific rigour and cost make this the ideal student purchase", , , New Scientist, March 1999 #
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