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Software Process Improvement. Edition No. 1. Practitioners

  • ID: 2176502
  • Book
  • November 2001
  • 638 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
The creation of quality software on time and within budget has been a major problem facing the software industry for several decades. Consideration of software development and maintenance as an engineering discipline to control the developmental process can help alleviate these obstacles. This new book focuses on the best practices for software process improvement (SPI) and related international standards providing a valuable guide and reference.

The text is a collection of original and republished papers providing a significant survey on the use of SPI and software process assessment (SPA) as practiced by companies such as Lockheed Martin, Siemens, and Hewlett Packard. Among the important features of the book are chapters on software process evaluation, how to best perform SPI, ISO 9000 and TickIT-an alternative approach to SPA, as well as the latest information on the CMM integration project. The text also provides vivid descriptions on the most important international and national standards for SPI, in particular ISO 9001, ISO 9000-3, ISO/IEC 9126. ISO/IEC 15504, ISO/IEC 12207.

Software Process Improvement benefits software managers who want to learn about the requirements and effects of SPI, software process staff who need to understand the mechanisms of SPA and SPI, software developers who are affected by SPI and need to know how to apply it, and college students who want to understand the various methods of SPA and SPI.
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Contributors of Original Papers.

Foreword by Mark C. Paulk.


Chapter 1: Software Process Assessment.


Models and Standards for Software Process Assessment and Improvement (Mark C. Paulk)
Advances in Computers, volume 46, pp. 1-33, Academic Press, 1998 (revised).

The Frameworks Quagmire (Sarah A. Sheard)
Crosstalk, volume 10, number 9, pp. 17-22, 1997.

Chapter 2: The Capability Maturity Model for Software.


A Software Maturity Framework (Watts S. Humphrey)
Managing the Software Process, Chapter 1, pp. 3-16, Addison Wesley, 1989.

Software Process Improvement at Hughes Aircraft (Watts S. Humphrey, Terry R. Snyder, and Ronald R. Willis)
IEEE Software, volume 8, no. 4, pp. 11-23, 1991.

Capability Maturity Model version 1.1 (Mark C. Paulk, Bill Curtis, Mary Beth Chrissis, and Charles V. Weber)
IEEE Software, volume 10, no. 4, pp. 18-27, 1993.

Chapter 3: Other Approaches to Software Process Assessment.


BOOTSTRAP 3.0 - A SPICE Conformant Software Process Assessment Methodology (P. Kuvaja)
Software Quality Journal, volume 8, number 1, pp. 7-19, September 1999.

TRILLIUM : A Model for the Assessment of Telecom Product Development and Support Capability (Francois Coallier)
IEEE Software Process Newsletter, volume 2, pp. 3-8, 1995.

Sorting out Six Sigma and the CMM (David N. Card)
IEEE Software, volume 17, number 3, pp. 11-13, May/June 2000.

SEL's Software Process Improvement Program (Victor Basili, Marvin Zelkowitz, Frank McGarry, Jerry Page, Sharon Waligora, and Rose Pajerski)
IEEE Software, volume 12, pp. 83-87, 1995.

Measuring Software Process Improvement (Capers Jones).

Chapter 4: Software Process Improvement: How To Do It.


Overcoming Resistance to Standard Processes, or, "Herding Cats" (Sandra G. McGill)
Software Failure Analysis for High-Return Process Improvement Decisions (Robert B. Grady)
Hewlett-Packard Journal, p. 15, August 1996.

Statistically Managing the Software Process (William Florae, Anita Carleton, Julie Barnard)
IEEE Software, July/August, 2000 (revised).

Chapter 5: Developments Following from the SW-CMM.


The Personal Software Process (Watts S. Humphrey)
Cross Talk, March 1998 (retitled).

Using the TSP on the TaskView Project (David Webb and Watts S. Humphrey)
Cross Talk, pp. 3-10, February, 1999.

The Software Acquisition Capability Maturity Model (Peter A. Kind and Jack Ferguson)
Cross Talk, pp. 13-17, March 1997.

CMM Integration - Enterprise-Wide Process Improvement Using the Next Generation of CMM's (Mike Konrad and Sandy Shrum)
The Rapid Assessment of Software Process Capability (T.P. Rout, A. Tuffley, B. Cahill, and B. Hodgen)
SPICE 2000, pp. 47-55, Limerick, 2000.

SPICE for Space : A Method of Process Assessment for Space Software Projects (Ann Cass, Christian Volcker, Paolo Panaroni, Alec Dorling, and Lothar Winzer)
SPICE 2000, pp. 21-31 Limerick, 2000.

Relating the SPICE Framework and SEI Approach to Software Process Assessment (D. H. Kitson)
Software Quality Journal, volume 5, pp. 145-156, 1996.

Chapter 9: Experiences of Software Process Assessment.


Software Quality and the Capability Maturity Model (James D. Herbsleb, David Zubrow, Dennis R. Goldenson, Will Hayes, and Mark Paulk)
Communications of the ACM, vol. 40, pp. 30-40, 1997.

SPICE Trials Phase 2 (Bob Smith)
IEEE Software Process Newsletter, number 8, pp. 11-14, 1997.

SPICE Trials Assessment Profile (Robin Hunter)
IEEE Software Process Newsletter, number 12, pp. 12-18, 1998.

The Reliability of ISO/IEC PDTR 15504 Assessments (Jean-Martin Simon, Khaled El Emam, Sonia Rousseau, Eric Jacquet and Frederic Babey)
Software Process : Improvement and Practice, volume 3, issue 3, pp. 177-188, 1997.

European Experiences with Software Process Improvement (Fran O'Hara)
ICSE2000, pp. 635-640, IEEE Press, 2000.

Chapter 10: Software Process Improvement for Small Organizations.


Applying and Adjusting a Software Process Model in Practice.The Use of the IDEAL Model in a Small Software Enterprise (Karlheinz Kautz, Henrik Westergaard Hansen, Kim Thaysen)
ICSE2000, pp. 626-633, IEEE Press, 2000.

Process Improvement Towards ISO 9001 Certification in a Small Software Organisation (Elif Demirors,Onur Demirors, Oguz Dikenelli, and Billur Keskin)
ICSE 1998, IEEE Press, 1998.

Software Process Improvement in Small Organizations (Marty Sanders).

Chapter 11 Benefits of Software Process Improvement.


Journey to a Mature Software Process (C. Billings, J. Clifton, B. Kolkhorst, E. Lee, and W. B. Wingert)
IBM Systems Journal volume 33, number 1, pp. 46-61, 1994.

Schlumberger's Software Process Improvement Program (Harvey Wohlwend and Susan Rosenbaum)
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, volume 20, number 11, pp. 833-839, 1994.

Accumulating the Body of Evidence for the Payoff of Software Process Improvement - 1997 (Herb Krasner).

Chapter 12: Software Process.


Software Processes are Software Too : Revisited; An Invited Talk on the Most Influential Paper of ICSE 9 (Leon J. Osterweil)
ICSE 1997, pp. 540-548, ACM Press, 1997.

Process Modelling - Where Next (M. M. Lehman)
ICSE 1997, pp. 549-552, ACM Press, 1997.

Software Process: A Roadmap (Alfonso Fuggetta)
The Future of Software Engineering, pp. 27-34, ACM, 2000.


Glossary (R.H. and M.C. Thayer).

Editors' Biographies.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Robin B. Hunter Richard H. Thayer
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown