Global Software Development. Managing Virtual Teams and Environments. Practitioners

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Over the last several decades, improvements in software developments tools and methods have allowed geographically and culturally diverse groups to come together in global software development teams.

Following the life cycle of a typical software development project, Global Software Development looks at the growing needs for global software development and the foundations of development strategy. Beginning with a description of the necessary first steps in setting up the development environment and project team, the book progresses through development, emphasizing the differences between traditional and virtual management. The final chapter presents three case studies that illustrate the principles and activities described in the preceding chapters.

Dale Karolak makes it easier for manages to understand what to consider when managing a virtual project and offers a broad spectrum of information that enhances the reader′s understanding of global software development.

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1. What′s Driving Global Development?

2. Introducing the Virtual Software Organization.

3. First Steps.

4. Dividing the Effort.

5. Responsibility and Accountability.

6. Effective Communication.

7. Managing the Pieces.

8. Integration.

9. Maintenance.

10. Three Case Studies.

11. Epilogue: The Virtual Future.

A. Tutorial on Intellectual Property Protection.

B. What Happens When?

C. Major International Software Quality Standards.

List of Figures.

List of Tables.

About the Author.

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Dr. Dale Walter Karolak is an engineering director at TRW Automotive Electronics, where he is responsible for product development for domestic and international customers. His previous positions include software and systems engineering manager at ITT Aerospace/Communications, and software engineer at GTE Communications Systems R&D Laboratories. He is the creator of the Just–in–Time software developing methodology, holds a patent on the Communications Management System Architecture, and has three patents pending in software architecture and communication.

Dr. Karolak has headed virtual software development ventures worldwide, including the US, Europe, and the Middle East. His projects typically involve domestic and international companies and project teams of from 10 to 70 members. At present, he is assessing a joint US–European project to produce an automotive safety–critical product, and is currently conducting a series of joint design reviews.

Dr. Karolak received a PhD in software engineering from Union Institute, and MBA from the University of Phoenix, and a BS in computer science from Central Michigan University. He is the author of the IEEE Computer Society′s bestseller Software Engineering Risk Management and developer of SERIM, the product that evolved from the book. Dr. Karolak is a frequent speaker at international conferences and has published widely in software management, metrics, reliability, quality, testing, and architecture. He is a member of the IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, ACM, and Society of Automotive Engineers.

Dr. Karolak can be contacted at
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