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TMS 2011 140th Annual Meeting and Exhibition. Supplemental Proceedings General Paper Selections. Volume 3

  • ID: 2176689
  • Book
  • April 2011
  • 948 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Presents the up–to–date information on the state of materials from electronic, magnetic, and photonic materials, light metals, materials processing and manufacturing, and structural materials which are of invaluable benefit to the global industry.

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Supplemental Proceedings: Volume 3: General Paper Selections

General Abstracts: Electronic, Magnetic and Photonic Materials Division.

Session I.

Investigation of Electronic Properties for Nano–Titania/Metal–Ion–Doped Titania Semiconductor Prepared by Sol–Gel Methods (L. Liau, and C. Ma).

Structure and Magnetic Properties Characterization of Electrodeposited Co37Fe63 Alloys Containing Oxygen for Magnetic Recording Applications (S. Elhalawaty, R. Carpenter, J. George, andS. Brankovic).

Tungsten Doping Effect on Thermoelectric Properties of Heusler Fe2VAl Alloy(H. Morishita, M. Mikami, K. Ozaki, and K. Kobayashi).

Session II.

Tatalum Nitride for Efficient Visible–Light–Driven Photocatalyst (Z. Wang, J. Wang, L. Liu, K. Huang, J. Hou, and H. Zhu).

Failure Mechanism of Electrode in Crystalline Photovoltaics (C. Oh, N. Park, C. Han, and W. Hong).

Synthesis of Nano–Sized Tantalum Nitrides with Various Morphology (L. Liu, C. Ma, Z. Wang, K. Huang, S. Jiao, and H Zhu).

Development of New Transparent Conductive Material of Mg(OH1–xCx)2 (x = 0.1–0.35) by Magnetron Sputtering(T. Honjo, and T. Kuji).

Synthesis of Ultrafine Single Crystals and Nanostructured Coatings of Indium Oxide from Solution Precursor (N. Pentyala, R. Guduru, P. Mohanty, and E. Shnerpunas).

Reliability of Wedge Wire Bonds Subjected to Ultrasonic Welding and Thermal Cycling (A. Saigal, M Zimmerman, and J. Battaglia).

General Abstracts: Light Metals Division.

General Light Metals.

Determination of Heat Treatment Effect on 6XXX Series Aluminum Foams by Design of Experiment (D. Deniz Polat, B. Ozkal, and O. Keles).

Effect of Reacted Layer on Galvanic Corrosion Phenomenon at Interface Between Ti Dispersion and Mg–Al Alloy (K. Kondoh, N. Nakanishi, R. Takei, andJ. Umeda).

Compressive Capacity and Fracture Mechanism of Aluminum Foam (H. Hao, G. Lu, M Diop, H. Dong, and X. Zhang).

LiAl Alloy Prepared by Bulk Mechanical Alloying (T. Honjo, and T. Kuji).

Metal Matrix Composites.

Preparation and Characterization of Cast Hypereutectic Al–20wt.%Si–4.5wt.%Cu Nanocomposites with A12O3 Nanoparticles(H. Choi, andX. Li).

An Investigation of Nanoparticle Wetting, Grain Refinement and Mechanical Property Enhancement in Aluminum Matrix Nanocomposites (M. De Cicco, D. Wang, and X. Li).

Stability of Nanoparticle Dispersion and Property Enhancement in Aluminum Matrix Nanocomposites during Repeated Casting Cycles (D. Wang, M. De Cicco, andX. Li).

Preparation Process of Aluminum Foam Reinforced by Carbon Fibers (H. Luo, Y. Liu, P. Chen, and Z. Zhao).

Influence of Processing Parameters on Distribution of Fibers in Cast Aluminium Matrix (P. Yan, G. Yao, J. Shi, and X. Sun).

Primary Production and General Issues.

A Model for the Collapse of the World Trade Center (C. Simensen).

Analysis on the Market Developing Conditions of Prebaked Carbon Anodes for the Aluminium Industries (G. Lang, C. Fu, R. Logan, and Y. Li).

Removal of Fluoride from Waste Water of Aluminum Smelter by Aluminum Ion Loaded Ion Exchange Resin (B. Padhi, and A. Sharma).

Corrosion Behavior of Cermet Anodes in Na3AlF6–K3AlF6–Based Baths for Low–Temperature Aluminum Electrolysis Cells(G. Wang, X. Sun, W. Wang, D. Wang, and Y. He).

Preparation of Al–Mg Alloys from MgO in KCl–MgF2–LiF Electrolyte by Molten Salt Electrolysis Method (F. Yang, S. Yang, X. Hu, Z. Wang, Z. Shi, and B. Gao).

General Abstracts: Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division.

Casting, Surface Modification, and Powder Processing.

Calcium Silicate–Graphite–Compound, a New Material for the Flow Control of Liquid Aluminum Alloys (W. Huetiner, T. Hoelscher, M. Quackenbush, and R. Smith).

Influence of a Direct Current on the Solidification Behavior of Pure Aluminum (Y. Zhang, C. Song, L. Zhu, H. Zheng, and Q. Zhai).

Influence of Heating Effect on the Solidified Structure of Pure Aluminum by Electric Current Pulse (Z. Yin, B. Li, Y Gong, andQ. Zhai).

Manufacturing Methods and Properties of Powder–Based Parts with Inherently Saved Information (B. Behrens, N. Vahed, F. Lange, and E. Gastan).

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al Based Composite Coatings Produced by the Cold Gas Dynamic Spraying Process (0, Meydanoglu, M, Baydogan, E. Kayali, and H. Cimenoglu).

Optimization of Fiber Laser Produced Hastelloy C–276 Single Track Clad (P. Leggett, P. Balu, R. Kovacevic, andS. Hamid).

Preparation of Nanocrystalline Aluminum by Warm–Vacuum–Compaction Method (W. Liu, and Q. Zhou).

The Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Direct–Quenched and Tempered AISI4140 Steel (R. Ghasemzadeh, A. Meysami, H. Seyedyn, M. Aboutalebi, and R. Rezaei).

Surface Characteristics and High Temperature Oxidation Resistance Performance of Stainless Steel Foam Modified by Pack Aluminizing and Moderate Oxidation (D. Huo, X. Zhou, H. Wang, J. Li, and P. Zhu).

Development of Copper Coating on Austenitic Stainless Steel through Microwave Hybrid Heating (D. Gupta, and A. Sharma).

Forging, Forming, and Machining.

A New Method for the Determination of Formability Limit in the Tube Drawing Process (H. Bui, R. Bihamta, M. Guillot, G. D′Amours, A. Rahem, and M. F afard).

A Novel Method for Joining of Stainless Steel (SS–316) Through Microwave Energy (M. Srinath, A. Sharma, and P. Kumar).

A Reliable Method for Determining the Solidification Force of Steel for Continuous Casting Conditions (M Rowan).

An Investigation into the Laser Micro–Welding of Aluminum and Copper in Lap Joint Configuration (P. Balu, B. Carlson, andR. Kovacevic).

Deformation of High Purity Copper Specimens in Compression between Flat and Grooved Dies (B. Raddad, T. Al–hashani, and M. Rahman).

Local Strain Hardening of Massive Forming Components by Means of Martensite Generation (B. Behrens, andJ. Knigge).

Profile of Electrochemically Machined Microcomponents (N. Hung, L. Viswanathan, and M. Powers).

Some Studies on Performance of a Natural Polymer Media for Abrasive Flow Machining (S. Rajesha, A. Sharma, and P. Kumar).

Modeling, Simulation, Ceramics, and Chemical Processing.

A Finite Element–Phase Field Study of Solid State Phase Transformation: Coarsening of Coherent Precipitates and Instability of Multilayer Thin Films (M. Zaeem, H. El Kadiri, S. Mesaroivc, P. Wang, andM. Horstemeyer).

Development of a New Modeling Technique for Die Geometry for Extrusion of LCP Films (A. Ahmadzadegan, M. Zimmerman, and A. Saigal).

Microwave Drying of Silica Sand: Modeling, Kinetics, and Energy Consumption (Y. Li, Y. Lei, H. Niu, L. Zhang, J. Peng, H. Luo, and W. Qu).

Structural and Thermal Stability of Microwave Synthesized Nano–Hydroxyapatite (M. Khan, R. Hussain, M. Akram, andN. Iqbal).

A Study on the Hydrophobicity and Investigation of Physical and Chemical Properties of Produced Zinc Borate (M Piskin, N. Acarali, N. Tugrul, E. Derun, and O. Akgun).

Investigation of Reaction Conditions Effecting Hydrophobicity on Zinc Borate Yield (S. Piskin, N. Acarali, E. Derun, andN. Tugrul).

Effect of Iron Additions on the Shape Memory Characteristics of Cu–Al Alloys (T. Raju, and V. Sampath).

General Abstracts: Structural Materials Division.


Effects of Differential Oxygen Access on the Corrosion Behavior of Zinc Relevant to Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls (V. Padilla, and A. Alfantazi).

Analysis of Eutectically Soldered Silicon Chips on a Copper Flanges with Innovative "Ductile Layer" Technology (P. Zhou, M. Zimmerman, and A. Saigal).

Influence of Sulfide on Internal–Fracture–Type Rolling Contact Fatigue Life of Bearing Steels (K. Hashimoto, K. Hiraoka, and K. Kida).

Shear Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Recycled Coarse Aggregates (E. Ikponmwosa, andM. Salau).

Influence of Heterogeneous Deformation on Microstructual Cracking in Alpha–Titanium Alloys (M. Morita, S. Moroka, and O. Umezawa).

Deformation Behavior of Biomédical Co–Cr–Mo Alloy (H. Matsumoto, S. Kurosu, B. Lee, Y. Li, Y. Koizumi, and A. Chiba).

Effects of Solution Temperatures on Creep Properties and Fracture Mechanism of FGH95 Nickel–Base Superalloy (J. Xie, S. Tian, X. Zhou, J. Li, and W. Wang).

Effect of Hydrogen on Tensile Properties of a Ductile Cast Iron (H. Matsunaga, K. Matsuno, and K. Hayashida).


Microstructural Properties of Gamma Titanium Aluminide Manufactured by Electron Beam Melting (S. Franzén, J. Karlsson, R. Dehoff, U. Ackelid, O. Rios, C. Parish, and W. Peters).

A New Method for Constructing Coincident Site Lattices for Cubic Crystals (M. Shamsuzzoha).

Mechanical Properties and Strain Mechanisms Analysis in Ti–5553 Titanium Alloy (T. Duval, P. Villechaise, and S. Andrieu).

Static Recrystallization Behavior of Co–Ni–Cr–Mo Superalloy After Cold Rolling and Subsequent Heat Treatment (T. Otomo, S. Kurosu, Y. Li, H. Matsumoto, S. Sato, Y. Koizumi, K. Wagatsuma, and A. Chiba).


Using Resistance Heating to Create Full–Scale API RP2Z CTOD Samples (M. Gallagher, S. Babu, andJ. Gould).

Role of Heat Treatments on the Mechanical Properties of Dual–Phase Steel Sheet (H. Seyedrezai, K. Pilkey, andD. Boyd).

Preparing Titanium Powders by Calcium Vapor Reduction Process of Titanium Dioxide (B. Xu, B. Yang, H. Wan, W. Sen, Y. Dai, and D. Liu).

The Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Direct–Quenched and Tempered AISI4140 Steel (R. Ghasemzadeh, A. Meysami, H. Seyedyn, M. Aboutalebi, and R. Rezaei).

General Poster Session.

Session I.

Study on the Interface Behavior of Ore Powder in Organic Media (L. Dan, C. Qiyuan, and Y. Zhoulan).

Study on Preparation of ZnO/Ti02 and Its Photocatalytic Activity (W. Daoxin, X. Changbin, and T. Haixia).

Study on Thermal Decomposition of Precursor of Nb5+ Doped Rutile TiO2 Treated by Ultrasonic(W. Daoxin).

Three–Dimension Electrode Device Assembled from Bamboo Char Loaded Nano Ferric Oxide for Catalytic Treatment of Organic Wastewater (L. Dan, G. Suli, Z. Ling, L. Jun, Z. Jintao, andM. Qiujie).

Three–Dimension Electrode Device with Bamboo Char Loaded Nano–Cobalt Oxide for Catalytic Degradation of Organic Pollutant in Wastewater (Z. Ling, Z. Lidan, G. Suli, L. Jun, L. Tiang, J. Xiaocui, D. Chenlin, G. Fan, andL. Mi).

Diffusion Bonding Process for Aerospace Components (H. Lee, J. Yoon, and D. Shin).

Coarsening of ß Precipitates in an Isothermally–Aged Fe75–Ni10–Al15 Alloy(O. Soriano–Vargas, V. Lopez–Hirata, H. Dorantes–Rosales, M. Saucedo–Muñoz, E. Avila–Davila, and S. Lezama–Alvarez).

Experimental Simulation on the Continuous Casting Solidified Structure of S32205 Duplex Stainless Steel (X. Chen, Q. Sun, L. Ao, H. Zhong, H. Zheng, Q. Zhai, and Z. Li).

Wettability Testing forNi/Ti(CN) System in High Temperature (K. Shimojima, H. Hosokawa, K. Kato, and A. Matsumoto).

Effect of Stirring on the Solidification Structure and Segregation of 60Si2MnA Spring Steel during Continuous Casting(L. Ao, X. Chen, H. Zhong, Q. Sun, H. Zheng, Z. Li, and Q. Zhai).

Effect of Pulse Magnetic Field on Normal Grain Growth of Grain Oriented Silicon Steels during Primary Recrystallization Annealing (Q. Xia, L. Li, J. Huang, L. Liu, and Q. Zhai).

Optical Properties and Electrical Properties of Transparent Conductive Films of Magnesium Hydroxide Based Compounds (M Chiba, M Higashi, H. Kiyota, M. Maizono, and T. Kuji).

Synthesis and Characterization of Flame Retarding UV–Curable Boron Containing Hybrid Coatings (B. Zeytuncu, V. Kahraman, and O. Yucel).

Preparation of (Ti0.8Mo0.2)C–Ni Cermets by Mechanical Alloying(H. Hosokawa, K. Kato, K. Shimojima, and A. Matsumoto).

Aerosol Route Synthesis of Lithium Borate Spheres Using Lithium Nitrate and Boric Acid Solution (B. Ebin, S. Gurmen, and C. Ars I an).

Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Cu3B2O6 Particles by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis Method(B. Ebin, S. Gurmen, and C. Arslan).

Study on the Microstructure Evolution of Fe–6.5wt.%Si Powders Fabricated by High Pressure Gas Atomization (L. Zhu, K. Li, Y. Guo, G Song, Q. Zhai, and Y. Zhang).

Microstructural and Mechanical Performance of Cold–Rolled Al Base Alloys (S. Casolco, and S. Vaidez).

Research on the Carbothermic Reduction Conditions of Mill Scale from Continuous Casting Processes (F. D emirci, and O. Yucel).

Effects of Silicon Content and Cooling Rate on Distribution and Size of Inclusion in Silicon Steel Thin Strip (Q. Peng, L. Wang, X. He, R. Yang, C. Song, and Q. Zhai).

A Low Cost Method for Manufacturing of Aluminum/Alumina Composite by Anodizing and CRB Process (R. Jamaati, M. Toroghinejad, and E. Zahrani).

Influences of Alloying Elements on Grain Sizes in Friction Stir Processed Pure Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys (T. Hirata, T. Morishige, M, Tsujikawa, andK. Higashi).

Nanocomposites Based on Polymer Blends: Effect of the Organoclay on the Thermo–Mechanical Properties and Morphology of PA6/HDPE and PA6/Compatibilizer/HDPE Blends (P. Agrawal, A. Oliveira, G Brito, C. Cunha, E. Araújo, and T. Melo).

Thoughened Poly (Acid Lactic): Mechanical and Morphological Characterizations (G. Brito, T. Melo, P. Agrawal, C. Cunha, andE. Araújo).

Toughening of ADI Austenitized in Intercritical Region (J. Chen, B. Chen, andJ. Tsai).

Development and Characterization of Milled Silver Powder Addition to Polypropylene Feedstock for Injection Molding (K. Yumakgil, A. Sôyler, G. Yilmaz, C. Tamerler, and B. Özkal).

Horizontal Directional Solidification of Zn–Al Alloys (A. Ares, S. Gueijman, and C. Schvezov).

Electron Beam Melting and Recycling of Hafnium (K. Vutova, V. Vassileva, G. Mladenov, E. Koleva, T. Prakash, andN. Munirathnam).

Modeling of Weld Penetration in High Velocity GTAW (U. Duman, and P. Méndez).

Electrosynthesis, Characterization, and Thermal Property Analysis of Pentakis (Diethylamido) Tantalum (J. Yang).

Separation of Antimony from a Stibnite Concentrate through a Low–Temperature Smelting Process to Eliminate S02 emission (J. Yang, C. Tang, Y. Chen, J. He, and M. Tang).

Generation and Control of Two Way Shape Memory Effect for SMA Coil Spring (K. Jee, J. Han, W. Jang, andJ. Park).

Water Modeling of Optimization of Two–Strand Tundish Configuration for Slab Continuous Casting with Gas Bubbling (S. Zheng).

Preparation and Current Distribution Performance of Pb–Al Layered Composite Anode Materials (S. Zhou, P. Zhu, Y. Sun, andL. Sun).

Characteristics of the Gas Dispersion Generated through a Jet Sparger in Aqueous Media (F. Tavera, andR. Escudero).

Thermodynamic Study for Cleaning Water Contaminated with Cu, Pb,and Ni (R. Escudero, F. Tavera, and E. Espinoza).

Correlation of Porosity Detected by Computed Tomography and Fatigue Strength of Aluminium Alloys (T. Pabel, G. Geier, D. Habe, J. Rose, P. Schumacher, and T. Petkov).

CO2–Corrosion of Steels Exposed to Saline Water Environment(A. Pfennig, B. Linke, S. Schulz, and A. Kranzmann).

Evaluation of the Effect of Residual Silver in Copper on the Cementation Process by Factorial Design and Multiple Regression Analysis (D. Agaogullari, 1. Duman, and Ö. Keles).

Intermetallic Phases and Microstructure in AISi Alloys Influenced by Fluid Flow (P. Mikolajczak, and L. Rathe).

Effects of A1–5TI–1B Grain Refiner on the Structure, Hardness and Tensile Properties of a New Developed Super High Strength Aluminum Alloy (M. Alipour, M. Emamy, J. Rasizadeh, M. Azarbarmas, and M. Karamouz).

Effect of Predeformation and Heat Treatment Conditions in the Modified SIMA Process on Microstructural of a New Developed Super High–Strength Aluminium Alloy Modified by A1–8B Grain Refiner (M. Alipour, M. Emamy, J. Rasizadeh, M. Karamouz, and M. Azarbarmas).

The Effects of A1–5TI–1B Grain Refiner and Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of a New Developed Super High–Strength Aluminum Alloy (M. Alipour, M, Emamy, J, Rasizadeh, M. Karamouz, and M. Azarbarmas).

Combined Processing of ECAP and Cold Rolling to Enhance the Performance of Metallic Materials (H. Miyamoto, T.Xiao, and T. Uenoya).

The Effects of Be on Mechanical Properties of Al–Mg2Si In Situ Composite (M. Azarbarmas, M. Emamy, J. Rasizadeh, M. Alipour, and M. Karamouz).

The Effects of Cooling Rate on the Microstructure and Hardness of Al–15wt.%Mg2Si In Situ Composite with Boron (M. Azarbarmas, M. Emamy, J. Rasizadeh, M. Karamouz, and M. Alipour).

Explosive Generation of High Pressures and Temperatures and Areas of Their Application (N. Chikhradze, and V. Kabulashvili).

The Effects of Li Additions on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 380 Aluminum Casting Alloys (M. Ravari, M. Emamy, J. Rasizadeh, M. Alipour, andM. Azarbarmas).

The Influence of Li on Properties of 380 Aluminum Casting Alloys (M Karamouz, M. Emamy, J. Rasizadeh, M. Azarbarmas, and M. Alipour).

Microstructural and Mechanical Properties (hardness) Investigations of 0.61%A1–1.1 l%Si Austempered Ductile Iron (A. Kiani–Rashid, and B. Hashemi).

Author Index.

Subject Index.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown