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Sandstone Diagenesis. Recent and Ancient. Edition No. 1. International Association Of Sedimentologists Reprints

  • ID: 2176937
  • Book
  • March 2003
  • Region: Global
  • 656 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Diagenesis affects all sediments after their deposition and includes a fundamental suite of physical, chemical and biological processes that control the texture, mineralogy and fluid-flow properties of sedimentary rocks. Understanding the processes and products of diagenesis is thus a critical component in the analysis of the evolution of sedimentary basins, and has practical implications for subsurface porosity destruction, preservation and generation. This in turn is of great relevance to the petroleum and water industries, as well as to the location and nature of some economic mineral deposits.

- Combines key papers in sandstone diagenesis published in Sedimentology over the last 30 years.
- Records the development of diagenesis from the description of grain shapes through provenance, petrography and analytical geochemistry to predictive models of diagenetic process.
- Provides definitions and explanations of the terms and concepts used in diagenesis.
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1. Sandstone Diagenesis – The Evolution Of Sand To Stone: R.H. Worden And S.D. Burley.

Eogenesis (Early Diagenesis).

Marine Eogenesis.

Early Diagenetic Iron Sulphide In Recent Sediments Of The Wash (England): L.G. Love.

Sedimentology (1967) 9, 327–352.

Formation Of Siderite–Mg-Clacite–Iron Sulphide Concretions In Intertidal Marsh And Sandflat Sediments, North Norfolk, England: K. Pye, J.A.D. Dickson, N. Schiavon, M.L. Coleman And M. Cox.

Sedimentology (1990) 37, 325–343.

Origin Of Authigenic Carbonates In Sediment From The Deep Bering Sea: J.R. Hein, J.R. O’neill And M.G. Jones.

Sedimentology (1979) 26, 681–705.

De Glauconiarum Origine: G.S. Odin And A. Matter.

Sedimentology (1981) 28 611–641.

Low-Mg Calcite Marine Cement In Cretaceous Turbidites: Origin, Spatial Distribution And Relationship To Seawater Chemistry: J.P. Hendry, N.H. Trewin And A.E. Fallick.

Sedimentology (1996) 43, 877–900.

The Concretions Of The Bearreraig Sandstone Formation: Geometry And Geochemistry: M. Wilkinson.

Sedimentology (1991) 38, 899–912.

Non-Marine Eogenesis 1: Warm And Wet Environments.

The Anatomy Of An Early Dinantian Terraced Floodplain: Palaeo-Environment And Early Diagenesis: J.E. Andrews, M.S. Turner, G. Nabi And B. Spiro.

Sedimentology (1991) 38, 271–287.

Early Diagenetic Siderite As An Indicator Of Depositional Environment In The Triassic Rewan Group, Southern Bowen Basin, Eastern Australia: J.C. Baker, J. Kassan And P.J. Hamilton.

Sedimentology (1995) 43, 77–88.

Early Diagenetic Spherulitic Siderites From Pennsylvanian Palaeosols In The Boss Point Formation, Maritime Canada: G.H. Browne And D.M. Kingston.

Sedimentology (1993) 40, 467–474.

Early Diagenesis And Its Relationship To Depositional Environment And Relative Sea-Level Fluctuations (Upper Cretaceous Marshybank Formation, Alberta And British Columbia): J.L. Mckay, F.J. Longstaffe And A.G. Plint.

Sedimentology (1995) 42, 161–190.

Non-Marine Eogenesis 2: Dry And Hot Environments.

Diagenetic Alunite In Clastic Sequences, Kuwait, Arabian Gulf: F.I. Khalaf.

Sedimentology (1990) 37, 155–164.

Nodular Silcretes Of The Cypress Hills Formation (Upper Eocene To Middle Miocene) Of Southern Saskatchewan, Canada: D.A. Leckie And R.J. Cheel.

Sedimentology (1990) 37, 445–454.

Rock Varnish In The Sonoran Desert: Microbiologically Mediated Accumulation Of Manganiferous Sediments [Abstract And Sems Only: B. Nagy, L.A. Nagy, M.J. Rigali, W.D. Jones, D.H. Krinsley And N.A. Sinclair.

Sedimentology (1991) 38, 1153–1171.

Models Of Rock Varnish Formation Constrained By High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy [Abstract Only]: D. Krinsley.

Sedimentology (1998) 45, 711–725.

Calcretes Related To Phreatophytic Vegetation From The Middle Triassic Otter Sandstone Of South West England: K. Purvis And V.P. Wright.

Sedimentology (1991) 38, 539–551.

Zeolitic Diagenesis Of Late Quaternary Fluviolacustrine Sediments And Associated Calcrete Formation In The Lake Bogoria Basin, Kenya Rift Valley [Abstract Only]: R.W. Renaut.

Sedimentology (1993) 40, 271–301.

Groundwater Dolocretes From The Upper Triassic Of The Paris Basin, France: A Case Study Of An Arid, Continental Diagenetic Facies: C. Spötl And V.P. Wright.

Sedimentology (1992) 39, 1119–1136.

Mesogenesis (Burial Diagenesis).

Quartz-Related Mesogenesis.

Formation Of Quartz Overgrowths In The Penrith Sandstone (Lower Permian) Of Northwest England As Revealed By Scanning Electron Microscopy: B. Waugh.

Sedimentology (1970) 14, 309–320.

A Scale Of Dissolution For Quartz And Its Implications For Diagenetic Processes In Sandstones: A.R. Hurst.

Sedimentology (1981) 28, 451–459.

Thin Section And S.E.M. Textural Criteria For The Recognition Of Cement-Dissolution Porosity In Sandstones: S.D. Burley And J.D. Kantorowicz.

Sedimentology (1986) 33, 587–604.

A Numerical Model For Porosity Modification At A Sandstone–Mudstone Boundary By Quartz Pressure Dissolution And Diffusive Mass Transfer: A.M. Mullis.

Sedimentology (1992) 39, 99–107.

Origin Of Quartz Cements In Some Sandstones From The Jurassic Of The Inner Moray Firth (Uk): G.B. Vagle, A. Hurst And H. Dypvik.

Sedimentology (1994) 41, 363–377.

Carbonate Cement-Dominated Mesogenesis.

Geochemistry Of Carbonate Cements In The Sag River And Shublik Formations (Triassic/Jurassic), North Slope, Alaska: Implications For The Geochemical Evolution Of Formation Waters: P.S. Mozley And K. Hoernle.

Sedimentology (1990) 37, 817–836.

Burial Dolomitization And Porosity Development In A Mixed Carbonate-Clastic Sequence: An Example From The Bowland Basin, Northern England: R.L. Gawthorpe.

Sedimentology (1987) 34, 533–558.

Clay And Aluminosilicate Mineral-Related Mesogenesis.

Diagenetic Origin Of Graywacke Matrix Minerals: J.T. Whetten And J.W. Hawkins Jr.

Sedimentology (1970) 15, 347–361.

Diagenetic Origin Of Graywacke Matrix Minerals: A Discussion: J.P.B. Lovell.

Sedimentology (1972) 19, 141–143.

Diagenetic Origin Of Graywacke Matrix Minerals: A Reply: J.T. Whetten And J.W. Hawkins Jr.

Sedimentology (1972) 19, 144–146.

Diagenesis Of Sandstones In The Back-Arc Basins Of The Western Pacific Ocean: Y.I. Lee And G.Dev. Klein.

Sedimentology (1986) 33, 651–675.

Diagenetic K-Feldspar Pseudomorphs In The Triassic Buntsandstein Sandstones Of The Iberian Range, Spain: S. Morad, R. Marfil And J.A De La Pena.

Sedimentology (1989) 36, 635–650.

Zeolites In Sedimentary Rocks, With Reference To The Depositional Environments And Zonal Distribution [Abstract Only]: A. Iijima And M. Utada.

Sedimentology (1966) 7, 327–357.

Diagenesis Of The Newark Rift Basin, Eastern North America [Abstract Only]: M. El Tabakh And B.C. Schreiber.

Sedimentology (1998) 45, 855–874.

The Origin Of Faceted Garnets In Sandstones: Dissolution Or Overgrowth? A.C. Morton, G. Borg, P.L. Hansley, P.D.W. Haughton, D.H. Krinsley And P. Trusty.

Sedimentology (1989) 36, 927–942.

Effect Of Oil On Sandstone Mesogenesis.

Comparison Of Post-Sedimentary Alterations Of Oil-, Gas- And Water-Bearing Rocks: R.M. Yurkova.

Sedimentology (1970) 15, 53–68.

Plagioclase Dissolution Related To Biodegradation Of Oil In Brent Group Sandstones (Middle Jurassic) Of Gullfaks Field, Northern North Sea: S.N. Ehrenberg And K.G Jakobsen.

Sedimentology (2001) 48, 703–721.

Integrated Time-, Temperature- And Water Compositional-Analyisis Of Sandstone Mesogenesis.

Diagenesis And Reservoir Quality Of The Aldebaran Sandstone, Denison Trough, East-Central Queensland, Australia: J.C. Baker.

Sedimentology (1991) 38, 819–838.

Diagenesis And Formation Water Chemistry Of Triassic Reservoir Sandstones From Southern Tunisia: S. Morad, H.N. Ben Ismail, L.F. De Ros, I.S. Al-Aasm And N.-E. Serrhini.

Sedimentology (1994) 41, 1253–1272.

The Petrology And Diagenesis Of Middle Jurassic Clastic Sediments, Ravenscar Group, Yorkshire: J.D. KANTOROWICZ.

Sedimentology (1985) 32, 833–853Telogenesis (Uplift Related Diagenesis).

The Role Of The Late Cimmerian Unconformity For The Distribution Of Kaolinite In The Gullfaks Field, Northern North Sea: P.A. Bjørkum, R. Mjøs, O. Walderhaug And A. Hurst.

Sedimentology (1990) 37, 395–406.


Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Stuart Burley
Richard Worden University of Liverpool.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown