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2nd International Symposium on High–Temperature Metallurgical Processing

  • ID: 2178243
  • Book
  • April 2011
  • Region: Global
  • 418 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
High Temperature Metallurgical Processing contains the proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Thermal Processing of Minerals, Metals and Materials. This symposium explores physical and chemical transformations in materials that have been designed to facilitate the recovery of valuable metals or produce other useful materials. Representatives from both industry and academia focused on the latest innovative high temperature technologies. Because high temperature processes require high energy input, the presenters addressed the need for sustainable technologies that could provide low energy consumption and low pollution emissions. The symposium also examined the thermodynamics and kinetics of chemical reactions, phase transformations at elevated temperatures, and characterization of materials used or produced in high temperature processing.
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2nd International Symposium on High–Temperature Metallurgical Processing.

Energy Efficient New Metal Production Technology.

Intrinsic Hydrogen Reduction Kinetics of Magnetite Concentrate Particles Relevant to a Novel Green Ironmaking Technology (H. Wang, M. Choi, andH. Sohn).

A Laboratory Investigation of the Reduction of the Iron Carbonate Bearing Ore to Iron Nugget by Means of the ITmk3 Technology (N. Panishev, R. Tahautdinov, A. Posazhennikov, and V. Bastrygin).

Behavior of Coal–Based Direct Reduction Reaction of Iron Oxide Pellets by Microwave Heating (H. Zhu–cheng, W. Hua, H. Bing, P. Hit, andX. Guang–bin).

Carbothermal Reduction of Titanium Concentrate at High Temperature (R. Huang, C. Bai, X. Lv, G. Qiu, andL. Lei).

A Simulation Study on Flue Gas Circulating Sintering (FGCS) for Iron Ores (T. Jiang, Z. Fan, Y. Zhang, G. Li, andX. Fan).

Optimizations of Preparation for U3O8 by Calcination from Ammonium Durante Using Response Surface Methodology(B. Liu, J. Peng, and D. Huang).

Microwave Field Attenuation Length and Half–Power Depth in Magnetic Materials (Z. Peng, J. Hwang, X. Huang, M. Andriese, and W. Bell).

Vanukov Furnace Technology: Application Experience for Processing Different Types of Raw Materials and General Development Trends (V. Bystrov, V. Paretsky, A. Vernigora, R. Kamkin, A. Mamaev, and A. Kuznetsov).

Microwave Heating and Iron and Steel Production.

A Study of Coal–Based Direct Reduction of Composite Binder Magnetite Preheated Pellets (D. Zhu, V. Mendes, T. Chun, J. Pan, andJ. Li).

Microwave Dielectric Properties of Pyrolyzed Carbon (Z Peng, J. Hwang, W. Bell, M. Andriese, andS. Xie).

Fugitive Emissions Related to Oxidation of Liquid Silicon during Ladle Refining (M. Ncess, G. Tranell, andN. Kamjjord).

Reduction Kinetics of Iron Oxide in CaO–SiO2–Al2O3–FexO–C Mixtures(Y. Zhang, and P. Masset).

Optimization of the Process Variables for Making Direct Reduced Iron by Microwave Heating Using Response Surface Methodology (L. Dai, J. Peng, and H. Zhu).

Study on Nucleation and Growth Mechanism of Iron Crystal Grain in Coal–

Based Shaft Furnace Direct Reduction Iron Pellets by Microwave Heating (Z Huang, Z. Liao, B. Hu, L. Yi, and Y. Zhang).

Investigation on a Microwave High–Temperature Air Heat Exchanger (J. Liu, Y. Li, L. Liu, J. Peng, L. Zhang, S. Guo, H Luo, H Wang, and G. Chen).

Refractories, Slag and Recycling.

Study on Preparation of High–Quality Synthetic Rutile from Titanium Slag by Activation Roasting Followed by Acid Leaching (Y. Guo, S. Liu, T. Jiang, and G. Qiu).

Calculation of Phase Equilibria Relations in CaO–SiO2–FeOx–MgO System(N. Wang, C. Huang, X. Xin, Z. Zou, Z. Zhang, Y. Xiao, and Y. Yang).

Dissolution Behavior of Rhodium into Molten Slag (C. Wiraseranee, T. Okabe, cmdK. Morita).

"One Step" Technology to Separate Copper, Zinc, Lead from Iron in Metallurgical Slag and Pyrite Cinder: Part 2 – Pilot Test (D. Zhu, D. Chen, J. Pan, Y. Cui, and T. Chun).

Effect of Oxygen to Alumina Ratio on the Viscosity of Aluminosihcate and Alumínate Systems (J. Xu, J. Zhang, C. Jie, F. Ruan, and K. Chou).

Blast Furnace Burdens Preparation from Metallurgical Dusts and Sludges with Composite Binder (K. Zhang, Y. Zhang, T. Jiang, G. Li, andZ. Huang).

Determination of FeO Containing Liquid Slag Surface Tensions Using the Sessile Drop Method (C. Schmetterer, and P. Masset).

Preparation of Partially Stabilized Zirconia and Interface Structure Analysis (D. Li, S. Guo, L. Liu, J. Peng, L. Zhang, and C. He).

Characteristic of Mineralization of Specularite Iron Ores during Composite Agglomeration Processing (H. Zhang, H. Yu, G. Li, Y. Zhang, Q. Li, and T. Jiang).

Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals.

Enhancing the Pelletization of Brazilian Hematite by Adding Boron Bearing Additives (W. Yu, D. Zhu, T. Chun, andJ. Pan).

Study on Improving the Quality of Pellet Made from Vale Hematite Pellet Feed (V. Mendes, D. Zhu, M. Emrich, J. Pan, and T. Chun).

Decomposition and Oxidation of Bismuthinite in Nitrogen–Oxygen Atmospheres (R. Padilla, R. Villa, andM. Ruiz).

Pyrometallurgical Controls of Silver–Residue Smelting in a Short Rotary Furnace (A. Nabei, and K. Yamaguchi).

A Study of Pelletization of Manganese Ore Fines (D. Zhu, V. Mendes, T. Chun, andJ. Pan).

Reduction of Carbon–Burdened Chromite Pellets in the Presence of Additives (G. Li, J. Li, M. Rao, G. Bai, and T. Jiang).

Production of Strontium Metal from Strontium Oxide Using Vacuum Aluminothermic Reduction (Y. Dem i ray, and O. Yücel).

Treatment of Metals and Pellets.

Heats of Reaction in the Formation of TiB2 Reinforced Titanium Aluminide Composites (A. Baker, S. Kampe, and T. Zahrah).

Hot Workability of 1.2690 Ledeburitic Tool Steel and Development of Microstructure (M Tercel), and G. Kugler).

Effects of Binders on Oxidized Pellets Preparation from Vanadium/Titanium–Bearing Magnetite (G. Han, Y. Zhang, Y. Huang, Z. Sun, G. Li, and T. Jiang).

Constituents and Porosity of Lead Concentrate Pellets Produced in the Trepce Plant (A. Haxhiaj, andJ. Drelich).

Oxidized Pellet Preparation from Refractory Specularite Concentrates Using Modified Humic Acid (MHA) Binders (G. Bai, D. Zhang, Y. Zhang, G. Han, andZ. Su).

Raw Materials Processing.

An Innovative Process on Benefíciation of Superfine Low Grade Hematite Ore (D. Zhu, Y. Xiao, T. Chun, andJ. Pan

Calcination Behavior of Sivrihisar Latérite Ores of Turkey (E. Keskinkilic, S. Pournaderi, A. Geveci, and Y. Topkaya).

Function of High Pressure Roll Grinding in Producing Magnetite Oxidized Pellets (Y. Guo, H. Hao, T. Jiang, andJ. Fan).

Improving the Pelletization of Fluxed Hematite Pellets by Hydrated Lime (D. Zhu, W. Yu, T. Chun, andJ. Pan).

Research on the Ball Milling and Followed by Microwave Reduction of Panzhihua Low Grade Ilmenite Concentrate (Y. Lei, Y. Li, J Peng, L. Zhang, S. Guo, and W. Li).

Study of Strengthen Pelletization of Nickel Latente (J. Pan, X. Zhou, D. Zhu, and G. Zheng).

Waste to Wealth: Production of Fe–Ni from Lateritic Ore/Chromite over Burden of Sukinda Deposits in Orissa, India (B. Bhoi, C. Mishra, and H. Mishra).

Mineralization Behavior of Fluxes during Iron Ore Sintering (M. Gan, X. Fan, T. Jiang, Y. Wang, L. Hu, W. Li, Q. Wang, and Lu. Xie).

Microwave Assisted Breakage of Metallic Sulfide Bearing Ore (M. Andriese, J. Hwang, W. Bell, Z. Peng, A. Upadhyaya, andS. Borkar).

Sintering and Synthesis.

Crystallization Behavior of Calcium Ferrite during Iron Ore Sintering (X. Fan, L. Hu, M. Gan, T. Jiang, W. Li, Q. Wang, L. Xie, andZ. Yu0.

Enrichment Behavior of Phosphorous in CaO–SiO2–FeOx–P2O5 Based Slag(N. Wang, Y. Shen, Z. Tian, andM. Chen).

Numeric Simulation of the Cooling Process of the Iron Ore Sinter (J. Yin, X. Lv, C. Bai, and G. Qiu).

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Jiann–Yang Hwang
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