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Impact and Dynamic Fracture of Polymers and Composites (ESIS 19)

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Impact and Dynamic Fracture of Polymers an Composites consist of thirty–nine reviewed and revised papers presented at the European Symposium on Impact and Dynamic Fractures of Polymers and composites held in Sardinia.

The volume is divided into four sections. The first section deals with experimental methods and concepts in high–speed loading. Dynamic crack propagation is described in section 2, and rate–dependence and impact fracture toughness of plastics is dealt with in section 3. the last section is concerned with the impact damage of composites. Finally an extensive index facilitates the location of specific information for readers.

This volume is the nineteenth in a series of special technical publications produced by the European Structural Integrity Society. It is an informative and original piece of work and can be thoroughly recommended to engineering designers, manufacturing engineers, and material scientists. Indeed, Impact and Dynamic Fracture of Polymers and Composites makes a significant contribution to the literature on this important subject, and will make essential reading to all those involved in this field of mechanical engineering.

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A note of appreciation to reviewers.

Experimental methods and concepts in high speed loading.

A technique for studying the fracture of polymers from low to high loading rates (Ph. Beguelin and H.–H. Kausch).

 On the validity of impact energies measured with polymeric specimens in instrumented impact tests (J.F. Kalthoff).

High resolution Moire photography: application to impact and dynamic fractur45e of polymers and composites (J.M. Huntley, M.B. Whitworth, J. E. Field, L. R. Benckert, M. Sjodahl, J.C. Thesken, and A. Henriksson).

The Measurement of Fracture Toughness via Time–to–Fracture for Impact Testing of Polymers (J.G. Williams, L. Braga, and H.J. MacGillivray).

Application of Dynamic Key–curves for the determination of the Impact Fracture Toughness of Polymers at High Rates of Lading (W. Bohme).

High Rate Testing of Composites (N.G. Ohlson).

High Rate Fracture Toughness Evaluation by the ′J′ Integral Approach and the Methods of the Essential work of Fracture (F. Martinatti and T. Ricco).

Instrumented Impact Test: Influence of Shape and Material of the Striking Fin on the Force–Time Trace (G. Maurer and H. Breuer).

On the Viscoelastic Time–Dependence of Fracture Toughness at High Loading Rates in Polymers (R. Frassine, M. Rink, and A. Pavan).

Dynamic Crack Propagation.

A Numerical Method for Analysing Dynamic Fracture Problems (A. Ivankovic, I. Demirdzic, J.G. Williams, and P.S. Leevers).

Dynamic Crack Propagation in Polymeric Bimaterial Plates (K. Takahashi, Y. Tanaka, and M. Kido).

The High Speed Double Torsion Test (S.J.K. Ritchie and P.S. Leevers).

Dynamic Crack Propagation and Surface Roughness (M. Watanabe).

Structure Deviations and Crack Branching (P.S. Theocaris, N.P. Andrianopoulos, and S.K. Kourkoulis).

Rate–dependence and Impact Fracture Toughness of Plastics.

Application of the Instrumented Impact Test to the Toughness Characterization of High Impact Thermoplastics (S. Seidler and W. Grellmann).

Dynamic Fracture Behaviour of Epoxy Systems Blended with Block Copolymers based on Polyetheresters (F. Hofflin, W. Bohme, and R. Mulhaupt).

Thermal Blunting and the Second Tough–brittle Transition in PA 6– Rubber Blends (R.J. Gaymans and K. Dijkstra).

Fracture Energy time Dependence o a Solid Propellant (H. Mouille, R. Neviere, and M. Nait–Abdelaziz).

Energy Partitioning in Impact Fracture Toughness Measurements (E.Q. Clutton and A.D. Channell).

Impact Testing of Polymers Using the J–Integral Technique (B.A. Crouch and D.D. Huang).

On the Origin of the Embrittlement of a ductile Polymer by a Brittle Thin Coating (C. Verpy, J.–L Gacougnolle, A. Dragon, B. Bouchet, A. Chesneau, F. Cozette, and A. Vanlerberghe).

The Influence of Testing Speed on Toughness of Pure and Filled Polyethylene (A. Antoniazzi, A. Meacchetta, and M. Scapin).

Fracture Toughness Related to Plastic Properties of Cold Roller Polycarbonate (J. Parisot, P. Aubert, M. Belcadi, and F. Cocchi).

The Temperature and Strain Rate Dependence of Mechanical Properties in Polyoxymethylene (C.J. G. Plummer, Ph. Beguelin, and H.–H Kausch).

On the Time–Dependent Failure of Plastics (O.S. Bruller).

Mechanical Properties of Three Transparent Amorphous Polymers in Compression at a Very High Rate of Strain (S.M. Walley, D. Xing, and J.E. Field).

Influence of Moisture on Impact Fracture Behaviour of Polymers as Exemplified by Polyamide 66 (B. Bundara).

The Impact Behaviour of Polypropylene and the Injection Moulding Conditions (A. Cunha and A. S. Pouzada).

Impact behaviour of Composites: Modelling, Characterization and Effect on Properties.

Numerical Simulation of Impact and Damage in Composite Material Structures (M. Avalle, G. Belingardi, and R. Vadori).

Impact Behaviour of Composite Sandwich Panels (P. Davies, D. Choqueuse, P. Verniolle, M. Prevosto, D. Genin, and P. Hamelin).

Characterization of Impact Damage in Carbon–epoxy Composites (J.H. Heida, P. Konijnenberb, and W.G.J.′T Hart).

Impact Mirco–damage in resin Transfer Moulded (RTM) Carbon Fibre Composite Plates 9S.A. Matemilola and W.J. Stronge).

An Investigation of the Measurement of Toughness of Phenolic Resins and Their Short Fibre Reinforced Composites (A.C. Lowe, D.R. Moore, and P.M. Rutter).

Three–Dimensional Computer Simulation of Dynamic Problems n Composite Mechanics Impact and Penetration of Fibrous Composites by Rigid Particles (V.D. Koshur).

Uniaxial and Biaxial flexural Fatigue of Thermosets Based Continuous Glass Mat reinforced Composites for Automotive Applications (A. D′Amre, P. Stupak, F. Rigale, and L. Nicolais).

Effect of Impact Face Damage on Strength of Sandwich Composites (P. Auerkari, P.H. Pankakoski, and P. Dauppinen).

Impact Perforation Testing of Stab Resistant Armour Materials (I. Horsfall, S. Pollit, J.A. Beck, and C. Angood).

Probabilistic Model of Failure of Composites Under Dynamical Loading (L.L Mishnaevsky, Jr.).

The Effect of Knitted Fabric Structure on the Crushing Behaviour of Glass/Epoxy Composite Tubes (S. Ramakrishna, H. Hamada, and D. Hull).


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J. G. Williams
A. Pavan
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