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Materials Challenges in Alternative and Renewable Energy. Ceramic Transactions, Volume 224. Ceramic Transactions Series

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This useful, one–stop resource for understanding the most important issues in materials challenges in alternative and renewable energy. The logically organized and carefully selected articles give insight into materials challenges in alternative renewable energy and incorporate the latest developments related to materials challenges in alternative renewable energy, including hydrogen, batteries and energy storage materials, hydropower, and biomass.
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Hydrogen Storage Technologies A Tutorial with Perspectives from the US National Program (Ned T. Stetson and Larry S. Blair).

Structural Study and Hydrogen Sorption Kinetics of Ball–Milled Mg–10 wt% Ni Alloy Catalysed by Nb (Sima Aminorroaya, Abbas Ranjbar, Younghee Cho, Hua Liu, and Arne Dahle).

Mechanical Processing Experimental Tool or New Chemistry? (Viktor P. Balema).

Production of Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide from Water and Carbon Dioxide through Metal Oxide Thermochemical Cycles (Eric N. Coker, Andrea Ambrosini, Mark A. Rodriguez, Terry J. Garino, and James E. Miller).

Ultrasmall Angle X–Ray Scattering (USAXS) Studies of Morphological Changes in NaAlH4 (Shathabish Narase Gowda, Scott A. Gold, Jan llavsky, and Tabbetha A. Dobbins).

Carbon Building Materials from Coal Char: Durable Materials for Solid Carbon Sequestration to Enable Hydrogen Production by Coal Pyrolysis (John W. Halloran and Zuimdie Guerra).

Thermal Decomposition of t–Butylamine Borane Studied by In Situ Solid State NMR (Jordan Feigerle, Norm Smyrl, Jonathan Morrell, and Ashley C. Stowe).

The Performances of Ceramic Based Membranes for Fuel Cells (Uma Thanganathan, and Masayuki Nogami).

Microcrack Resistant Polymers Enabling Lightweight Composite Hydrogen Storage Vessels (Kaushik Mallick, John Cronin, Paul Fabian, and Mike Tupper).

A Study of the Thermodynamic Destabilization of Sodium Aluminum Hydride (NaAlH4) with Titanium Nitride (TiN) using X–ray Diffraction and Residual Gas Analysis (Whitney Fisher Ukpai and Tabbetha A. Dobbins).


Rapid Synthesis of Electrode Materials (Li4Ti5O12 and LiFePO4) for Lithium Ion Batteries through Microwave Enhanced Processing Techniques (K. Cherlan, M. Kirksey, A. Kasik, M. Armenta, X. Sun and S. K. Dey).

Lithium Storage Characteristics in Nano–Graphene Platelets (S. L. Cheekati, Y. Xing, Y. Zhuang, and H. Huang).

In–Situ Impedance Spectroscopy of LiMn1.5Ni0.4Cr0.1O4 Cathode Material (Kahna Asmar, Rahul Singhal, Rajesh K. Katiyar, Ram S. Katiyar, Andrea Sakla, and A. Manivannan).

Cu2(ZnxSn2–x)(SySe1–y)4 Monograin Materials for Photovoltaics (E. Mellikov, M. Altosaar, J. Raudoja, K. Timmo, O. Volobujeva, M. Kauk, J. Krustok, T. Varema, M. Grossberg, M. Danilson, K. Muska, K. Emits, F. Lehner, and D. Meissner).

Determination of the Diffusion Coefficient of Lithium Ions in Graphite Coated with Polymer–Derived SiCN Ceramic (Andrzej P. Nowak, Magdalena Graczyk–Zajac, and Ralf Riedel).

Nano–Aggregate Synthesis by Gas Condensation in a Magnetron Source for Efficient Energy Conversion Devices (E. Pauliac–Vaujour, E. Quesnel, V. Muffato, O. Sicardy, N. Guillet, R. Bouchmila, P. Fugier, H. Okuno, and L. Guetaz)

Modeling Nanoparticle Synthesis by Gas Condensation in a Nanocluster Source for Applications in Photovoltaic and Hydrogen Fuel Cells (E. Pauliac–Vaujour, E. Quesnel, and V. Muffato).

Carbon Encapsulated–Iron Lithium Fluoride Nanocomposite as High Cyclic Stability Cathode Material in Lithium Batteries (Raju Prakash, Christian Kübel, and Maximilian Fichtner).

The Ortho–Phosphate Arrojadite as a New Material for Cathodes in Li–Ion Batteries (C. Kallfaß, C. Hoch and H. Schier, Wituchowski, O. Görke, and H. Schubert).


A Novel Purification Method for Production of Solar Grade Silicon (Shaghayegh Esfahani and Mansoor Barati).

Metallurgical Refining of Silicon for Solar Applications by Slagging of Impurity Elements (M. D. Johnston and M. Barati).

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion: Heat Exchanger Evaluation and Selection (Manuel A.J. Laboy, Orlando E. Ruiz, and José A. Martí).

Synthesis of Solar–Grade Silicon from Rice Husk Ash An Integrated Process (K. K. Larbi, M. Barati, A. McLean, and R. Roy).

Suitability of Pyrolytic Boron Nitride, Hot Pressed Boron Nitride, and Pyrolytic Graphite for CIGS Processes (John T. Mariner).

Materials Selection and Processing for Lunar Based Space Solar Power (Peter J. Schubert).

Cu2ZnSnSe4 Thin Films Produced by Selenization of Cu–Zn–Sn Composition Precursor Films (O. Volobujeva, E. Mellikov, S. Bereznev, J. Raudoja, A. Opik, and T. Raadik).


Martensitic Stainless Steel 0Cr13Ni4Mo for Hydraulic Runner (D. Z. Li, Y. Y. Li, P. Wang, and S. P. Lu).

Advanced Composite Materials for Tidal Turbine Blades (Mike Hülse, John Cronin, and Mike Tupper).


Immobilization of Tc in a Metallic Waste Form (W. L. Ebert, J. C. Cunnane, S. M. Frank, and M. J. Williamson).

Development of Iodine Waste Forms using Low–Temperature Sintering Glass (Terry J. Garino, Tina M. Nenoff, James L. Krumhansl, and David Rademacher).


Nanostrength Block Copolymers for Wind Energy (Robert Barsotti, John Chen, and Alexandre Alu).

Development of Multifunctional Nanocomposite Coatings for Wind Turbine Blades (Fei Liang, Yong Tang, Jihua Gou, and Jay Kapat).


Volatility of Inorganics during the Gasification of Dried Sludge (C. Bourgel, J. Poirier, F. Defoort, J–M Seiler, and C. Peregrina).

Catalysts and Sorbents for Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass to Renewable Biofuels Material Development Needs (Singfoong Cheah, Stefan Czernik, Robert M. Baldwin, Kimberly A. Magrlni–Bair, and Jesse E. Hensley).

Material Characterization and Analysis for Selection of Refractories used in Black Liquor Gasification (James G. Hemrick and James R. Keiser, and Roberta A. Peascoe–Meisner).

Addressing the Materials Challenges in Converting Biomass to Energy (Cynthia Powell, James Bennett, Bryan Morreale, and Todd Gardner).


Experience with the Development of Advanced Materials for Geothermal Systems (Toshifumi Sugama, Thomas Butcher, and Lynne Ecker).

Novel High–Temperature Materials Enabling Operation of Equipment in Enhanced Geothermal Systems (Matthew W. Hooker, Craig S. Hazelton, Kimiko S. Kano, Larry G. Adams, Michael L. Tupper, and Steven Breit).

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