3rd International Symposium on High Temperature Metallurgical Processing

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Proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the Pyrometallurgy Committee and the Energy Committee of the Extraction and Processing Division of TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society)

Held during the TMS 2012 Annual Meeting & Exhibition Orlando, Florida, USA
March 11–15, 2012

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Preface xi

Editors xiii

3rd International Symposium on High Temperature Metallurgical Processing

High Efficiency New Metallurgical Technology

A Laboratory Investigation of the Reduction of the Siderite Iron Ore to Iron Nugget 3N. Panishev, E. Redin, and V. Pilshchikov

Composite Agglomeration Process of Iron Fines 7T. Jiang, Y. Hu, G Li, Y. Guo, Z Yu, X Fan, Y Zhang, and X Yang

Investigation of Pyrometallurgical Nickel Pig Iron (NPI) Production Process from Lateritic Nickel Ores 17O. Yucel, A. Turan, and H. Yildirim

Novel Process for Utilizing Low–Grade Manganese Oxide Ores by Sulfur–Based Reduction Roasting–Acid Leaching 25T. Jiang, Z. You, Y. Zhang, D. Duan, and G. Li

Equipment for Pilot Scale Experiments of NOx Emissions from the Silicon Process 33I. Solheim, R Jensen, and N. Eivind Kamfford

Slide Gate Systems for Copper Tapping 41K. Gamweger

Recovery of Huangmei Limonite by Flash Magnetic Roasting Technique 49W. Chen, X. Liu, Z Peng, and Q. Wang

Studies on Alternative Blast Furnace Burden Structure with High Proportion Sinter 59J. Fan, G. Qiu, T. Jiang, Y. Guo, Y. Yang, and M. Cai

Hydrothermal Sulfidation of Carbonate–Hosted Zinc–Lead Ore with Elemental Sulfur 67C. Li, C. Wei, J Liao, Z Deng, H Xu, Y. Song, X Li, and M. Li

Reduction and Titanium Production

Preparation of Titanium Alloy from Titania–bearing Blast Furnace Slag 77R. Huang, C. Bai, X. Lv, and S. Liu

Basic Research of Direct Pyrolysis Performance of MgCl2 in Molten State 85Z Ting′an, L. Guozhi, D. Zhihe, L. Yan, N. Liping, Z. Qiuyue, S. Lianxu, and H. Jicheng

Chlorination of Titania Feedstocks 93S. Moodley, R Eric, A. Kale, and C. Kucukaragoz

Experimental Study on the Pulverization and Reduction Behavior of Sinter in Oxygen Blast Furnace 105Y. Han, J. Wang, R Lan, L. Wang, X. Zuo, and Q. Xue

Formation of Ti(C,N) in Blast Furnace Slag Bearing High Ti02 113S. Ma, G. Qiu, Q. Deng, and H. Wang

Research on Carbonthermal Reduction Behavior of Ilmenite 121Y. Guo, L. Chen, T. Jiang, W. Weng, and F. Chen

Reduction Kinetics of Low Grade Hematite Ore 129Y. Xiao, Z He, T. Chun, D. Zhu, and J. Pan

Viscosity Evolution of Blast Furnace Slag Bearing Titanium 137H. Wang, G Qiu, Q. Deng, and S. Ma

Basic Research of Metallurgical Process

Thermal Decomposition and Regeneration of Wüstite 147Z. Peng, J Hwang, Z. Zhang, M. Andriese, and X. Huang

Competitive Precipitation and Growth of Spinel Crystals in Vanadium Slag 157X. Zhang, B. Xie, J. Diao, and X. Li

Expert System for Grate–Kiln Pellet Production Based on Mathematical Models of Temperature Field 165X. Fan, Y. Wang, and X. Chen

The Influence of Sodium Oxide on the Distribution Behavior of Some Elements at the S–Furnace of the Mitsubishi Process 175Y. Kimura, and K. Yamaguchi

Effect of Temperature on Equilibrium Phase Relation and Liquidus of CaOSiO2–Al2O3–FeOx System 183N. Wang, Z Zou, Z. Zhang, Y. Xiao, and Y. Yang

Viscosity Determination of the Freeze Slag in Reaction Shaft of Flash Smelting Furnace 189J. Wang, Y. Wu, L. Liang, and G. Zhang

Effect of MgO Content on Melting Features and Viscosity of Si02–CaO–MgOAl2O3–FeO Slag in Nickel Latérite Metallurgy 197X Lv, G Pan, G Bai, G. Qiu, and M. Hu

Influence of Silicon Content in Hot Metal on Mineralogical Characterization and Physico–chemical Properties of Vanadium Slag 203G. Zhao, B. Xie, X Zhen, Q. Huang, and X. Zhang

Analysis of Influence Factors on the Melting Point of the Freeze Slag Inside Flash Smelting Furnace Brickless Reaction Shaft 211J. Wang, and G. Zhang

Alloy and Materials Preparation

Improving Hot Workability of Ledeburitic Tool Steels 221M. Fazarinc, G. Kugler, I. Perus, and M. Tercelj

Influence of Elements Segregation on Creep Properties of a Single Crystal Nickel–Based Superalloy 229G. Zhang, S. Tian, X Yu, Z Zeng, and G Liu

Preparation of Titanium Ferrous Alloys with Low Oxygen Content Prepared by Reduction–SHS 237Z. Ting–an, D. Zhihe, Z Hanbo, Z Zhiqi, N. Liping, and H. Jicheng

Preparing Aluminum–Scandium Alloys Using Direct Hall Reduction Process 243G. Guan, J. Xue, J. Zhu, and Q. Liu

Production of NbAl3 Powders through Sodium Reduction of Oxides in Molten Salts 251C. Du, N. Wang, Y. Zhang, S. Jiao, and H. Zhu

Recrystallization of L–605 Cobalt Superalloy during Hot–Working Process 257J. Favre, Y. Koizumi, A. Chiba, D. Fabregue, and E. Maire

Research on Inclusions in CuCr Alloy Prepared by Thermit Reduction 265D. Zhihe, Z Ting′an, Z. Zhiqi, N. Liping, L. Guozhi, L. Yan, and H. Jicheng

Settling of Inclusions in Top–cut Solar Grade Silicon SoG–Si Scraps under Electromagnetic Field 271L. Nana, W. Damoah, and L. Zhang

Study and Application of the Taphole Clay with High Strength and Environment–friendly in a New Blast Furnace with 3800M3 Volume 279G. Xu, Y. Wang, Y. Xiong, H Li, and S. Li

Sintering and Synthesis

Strengthening the Sintering of Iron Concentrate Fines by High Pressure Roller Grinding Pretreatment 291Y. Guo, K. Mu, T. Jiang, D. Su, and J. Zeng

Research on Sintering Properties of Vanadium–Titanum Magnetite Concentrate 299X. Fan, Q. Wang, X Chen, M. Gan, L. Yuan, and S. He

Influence of Limonite Proportion on Sinter Quantity and Quality 307X. Fan, D. Su, G. Fu, X. Chen, M. Gan, T. Jiang, and Y. Guo

In Situ Observation of High Temperature Properties of Iron Ore during Sintering Process 315M. Zhao, Y. Pei, Z Zhao, L. Ban, and Z. Ma

Air Leakage Online Monitoring and Diagnosis Model for Sintering 323F. Xiaohui, J. Lijuan, and C. Xuling

Investigation on the Interfaces of M42/45 Steel Bimetal Composites Sintered by Spark Plasma Sintering 331J. Xu, H. You, P. Jiang, Y. Lv, and Y. Cao

Energy and Environment

Current Status of Heat Recovery from Granulated Slag 339S. Esfahani, and M. Barati

Contribution to the Energy Optimization in the Pyrometallurgical Treatment of Greek Nickeliferous Latérites 349K. Karalis, C. Zografldis, A. Xenidis, S. Tabouris, and E. Devlin

Strengthening Refractory Iron Ore Sintering with Biomass Fuel 357X. Fan, Z Ji, M. Gan, X. Chen, W. Li, and Z. Yu

Combustion Behavior of Pulverized Coal Injection in Corex Melter Gasifier 365S. Zhang, F. Zhu, C. Bai, L. Wen, G, Qiu, X. Lv, M Hu, and Y. Qin

Improved Short Coil Correction Factor for Induction Heating of Billets 373M. Kennedy, S. Akhtar, J. Bakken, and R. Aune

Liberation of Metallic–Bearing Minerals from Host Rock Using Microwave Energy 383M. Andriese, J. Hwang, and Z. Peng

Effects of Binders Additives on Compressive Strength of Hematite Pellets in Firing Process 391Y. Huang, G. Han, T. Jiang, G. Li, Y. Zhang, and D. Wang

Mechanisms of NO Formation during SiO Combustion 401N. Kamfjord, H Tveit, E. Myrhaug, and M. Noess

Pilot Scale Measurements of NO Emissions from the Silicon Process 411N. Kamfjord, I. Solheim, and H. Tveit

Treatment and Recycling of Solid Slag/Wastes

An Integrated Strategy for Whole Ecological Utilization of Typical Industrial Solid Wastes in China 421X. Xue, H. Yang, T. Jiang, and Y. Li

Chlorination Behaviors of Copper Phases by Calcium Chloride in High Temperature Oxidizing–Chloridizing Roasting 429D. Zhu, D. Chen, J. Pan, T. Chun, G Zheng, and X. Zhou

Effect of Iron Containing Metallurgical Byproducts on Pulverized Coal Combustion Efficiency 439Z. Chong, W. Liangying, Z. Shengfu, B. Chenguang, and T.Xiuqin

Effect of Si02 Addition on Production of Fe–Si–Mn Alloy from Adjusted Converter Slag 447M. Chen, J. Dong, Z. Tian, and C. Huang

Solidification of EAF Stainless Steel Dust 453B. Peng, J. Peng, L. Chai, and D. Yu

Study on Cementing Material Making with Electrolytic Manganese Residue 461J. Wang, B. Peng, L. Chai, Q. Zhang, and Q. Liu

Study on the Desulfuration of Pyrite Cinder Pellets 473Z. Ruan, D. Zhu, T. Chun, and J. Pan

Pelletizing and Raw Materials Processing

Effects of Sodium Salts–Modified Paigeite on Dephosphorization of High–Phosphorus Oolitic Hematite during Reduction 483G. Li, T. Lei, T. Jiang, and M. Rao

Study of Certain Parameters in Laboratory–Scale Smelting of Sivrihisar Latérite Ores of Turkey 491E. Keskinkilic, S. Pournaderi, A. Geveci, and Y. Topkaya

Effect of Basicity and MgO on the Pelletzing of Spéculante Concentrate 499D. Zhu, J. Zhang, and J. Pan

Effects of MHA Binder on Roasting Behaviors of Oxidized Pellets from Spéculante Concentrate 507Y. Zhou, Y. Zhang, T. Jiang, G. Li, and D. Zhang

A Study of Carbon–Burdened and Cold–Bonded Pelletizing–Electrosmelting Process Disposing Low–Grade Manganese Ore 515Z. Qiang, N. Shun–ming, C Wen, T. Sanchuan, L. Zhao–jia, and W. Hong–qiang

Author Index 523

Subject Index 527

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