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Biophysics From Molecules to Brain. In Memory of Radolslav K. Andjus, Volume 1048. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

  • ID: 2178845
  • Book
  • July 2006
  • Region: United States
  • 532 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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Radoslav K. Andjus was a founder of the modern field of biophysics, and this volume contains the proceedings of a meeting held in his honor in Belgrade, organized and attended by many of his former students and coworkers, including the Nobel laureate Stanley Prusiner. Andjus's ground–breaking work in tolerance to anoxia and hypothermia ranged from the cellular level to the behavior of freeze–tolerant and freeze–resistant vertebrates.

The symposium renews a well–established tradition of annual meetings of the Yugoslav Biophysical Society, which had been suspended for several years as a result of the political situation in the region.

These proceedings comprise contributions from the fields of neuro–, membrane, and molecular biophysics; neuroscience; biomedical science; rehabilitation; and emergency medicine, and should be of interest to basic researchers as well as clinical practitioners.

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Preface: Pavle R. Andjus.

Remembering Radoslav Andjus: Stanley B. Prusiner.


Part I: Workshop Dedicated to Radoslav K. Andjus:.

1. Radoslav K. Andjus (1926–2003): A Brief Summary of His Life and Work: Stanko S. Stojilkovic, Dragoslava Zivadinovic, Aleksandar Hegedis, and Marina Marjanovic.

2. Brain Energetics and Tolerance to Anoxia in Deep Hypothermia: Radoslav K. Andjus, Zeljko Dzakula, John L. Markley, and Slobodan Macura.

3. Equilibrium of Nucleotides in the Dogfish Brain: Radoslav K. Andjus, Zeljko Dzakula, and Marina Marjanovic.

4. Mechanisms of Immediate Temperature Compensation: Experiments with Brain Synaptosomes from Rat and Ground Squirrel: Marina Marjanovic, Dragoslava Zivadinovic, Zeljko Dzakula, and Radoslav K. Andjus.

5. Some Components of Hibernation Rhythms: Dragoslava Zivadinovic, Marina Marjanovic, and Radoslav K. Andjus.

6. Photopic Vision in Eels: Evidences of Color Discrimination: Ilija Damjanovic, Alexey L. Byzov, James K. Bowmaker, Zoran Gacic, Iya A. Utina, Elena M. Maximova, Branislav Mickovic, and Radoslav K. Andjus.

7. Modeling of the Migration of the European Glass Eel: Aleksandar Hegedis, Aleksandar Kalauzi, Branislav Mickovic, Miroslav Nikcevic, and Radoslav K. Andjus.


Part II: Reviews:.

8. Imaging of Spiking and Subthreshold Activity of Mitral Cells with Voltage–Sensitive Dyes: Maja Djurisic and Dejan Zecevic.

9. Circadian Rhythmicity in AVP Secretion and GABAergic Synaptic Transmission in the Rat Suprachiasmatic Nucleus: Karla Kretschmannova, Irena Svobodova, Ales Balik, Petr Mazna, and Hana Zemkova.

10. Molecular Dissection of Purinergic P2X Receptor Channels: Stanko S. Stojilkovic, Melanija Tomic, Mu–Lan He, Zonghe Yan, Taka–Aki Koshimizu, and Hana Zemkova.

11. Spontaneous Electrical Activity and Structural Plasticity in the Mature Cerebellar Cortex: Laura Morando, Roberta Cesa, Robin J. Harvey, and Piergiorgio Strata.

12. Neurite–Myelin Interaction in the Control of Purkinje Axon Growth and Regeneration: Sara Gianola and Ferdinando Rossi.

13. Amyloid Precursor Protein: From Synaptic Plasticity to Alzheimer′s Disease: Radmila Mileusnic, Christine L. Lancashire, and Steven P. R. Rose.

14. Interaction between Microglia and Oligodendrocyte Cell Progenitors Involves Golli Proteins: Radmila Filipovic and Nada Zecevic.

15. Exploring Motor Cortical Plasticity Using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Humans: Tihomir V. Ilic and Ulf Ziemann.

16. Short–Term Facilitation and Depression in the Cerebellum: Some Observations on Wild–Type and Mutant Rodents Deficient in the Extracellular Matrix Molecule Tenascin C: Pavle R. Andjus, Aleksandar Bajic, Lan Zhu, Melitta Schachner, and Piergiorgio Strata.

17. Direction Selectivity in the Goldfish Tectum Revisited: Vadim Maximov, Elena Maximova, and Paul Maximov.

18. Quantitative Methods of Analysis of Footprinting Diagrams for the Complexes Formed by a Ligand with a DNA Fragment of Known Sequence: Yurii D. Nechipurenko, Bosko Jovanovic, Vadim F. Riabokon, and Georgii V. Gursky.

19. New Insights into the Structural Organization of the Plant Polymer Lignin: Ksenija Radotic, Miodrag Micic, and Milorad Jeremic.

20. EPR Spin Trapping of Oxygen Radicals in Plants: A Methodological Overview: Goran Bacic and Milos Mojovic.

21. The Coexistence of the Oxidative and Reductive Systems in Roots: The Role of Plasma Membranes: Mirjana Vuletic, Vesna Hadzi–Taskovic Sukalovic, and Zeljko Vucinic.


Part III: Research Articles:.

22. Gene Expression in the Conversion of Early–Phase to Late–Phase Long–Term Potentiation: Philip R. Lee, Jonathan E. Cohen, Kevin G. Becker, and R. Douglas Fields.

23. Endocytosis–Dominated Membrane Area Decrease Requires Rab5 Protein in Rat Melanotrophs: Simon Sedej, Marjan Rupnik, and Robert Zorec.

24. Correlated ATP–Induced Changes in Membrane Area and Membrane Conductance in Single Rat Adipocytes: Helena H. Chowdhury, Sonja Grilc, and Robert Zorec.

25. Altered Cellular Distribution of Phospho–Tau Proteins Coincides with Impaired Retrograde Axonal Transport in Neurons of Aged Rats: Grazyna Niewiadomska, Marta Baksalerska–Pazera, and Gernot Riedel.

26. Downregulation of Glial Scarring after Brain Injury: The Effect of Purine Nucleoside Analogue Ribavirin: Sanja Pekovic, Radmila Filipovic, Sanja Subasic, Irena Lavrnja, Danijela Stojkov, Nadezda Nedeljkovic, Ljubisav Rakic, and Mirjana Stojiljkovic.

27. 31P NMR Spectroscopy and Polarographic Combined Study of Erythrocytes Treated with 5–Fluorouracil: Cardiotoxicity–Related Changes in ATP, 2,3–BPG, and O2 Metabolism: Ivan Spasojevic, Joanna Zakrzewska, and Goran G. Bacic.

28. Focus–Drift Correction in Time–Lapse Confocal Imaging: Marko Kreft, Matjaz Stenovec, and Robert Zorec.


Part IV: Short Communications:.

29. Effects of Extracellular Calcium on fASIC1 Currents: Natasa Todorovic, Tatjana Coric, Ping Zhang, and Cecilia Canessa.

30. Role of Calcium in Exocytosis Induced by Hypotonic Swelling: Sergei V. Fedorovich, Tatyana V. Waseem, Tatyana V. Lavrukevich, and Sergei V. Konev.

31. Estradiol Affects Calcium Transport across Mitochondrial Membrane in Different Brain Regions: Snjezana Petrovic, Miroslav Demajo, and Anica Horvat.

32. Determinants of Low EPSP Attenuation in Primary Dendrites of Mitral Cells: Modeling Study: Marko Popovic, Maja Djurisic, and Dejan Zecevic.

33. Electrophysiological Effect of ß–N–Methylamino–L–Alanine on Retzius Nerve Cells of the Leech Haemopis sanguisug: Vladimir Nedeljkov, Srdjan Lopicic, Dragan Pavlovic, and Dusan Cemerikic.

34. Effects of Cooling on the Response of the Snail Bursting Neuron to Acetylcholine: Miodrag Nedeljkovic, Gordana Kartelija, and Lidija Radenovic.

35. Allosteric Modulation of the Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor by Physostigmine: Lucie Svobodová, Jan Krusek, Tomás Hendrych, and Frantisek Vyskocil.

36. Effects of Some Heavy Metals on the Action Potentials of an Identified Helix pomatia Photosensitive Neuron: Gordana Kartelija, Lidija Radenovic, Natasa Todorovic, and Miodrag Nedeljkovic.

37. Mitochondrial Superoxide Production and MnSOD Activity after Exposure to Agonist and Antagonists of Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors in Hippocampus: Lidija Radenovic, Vesna Selakovic, and Gordana Kartelija.

38. CuZn Superoxide Dismutase in the Hippocampus and Brain Cortex of Rats Exposed to Various Stress Conditions: Dragana Filipovic and Marija B. Radojcic.

39. Differences in Antioxidative Response of Rat Hippocampus and Cortex after Exposure to Clinical Dose of Rays: Ana Todorovic, Jelena Kasapovic, Snezana Pejic, Vesna Stojiljkovic, and Snezana B. Pajovic.

40. Antioxidant Enzyme Activity in Rat Hippocampus after Chronic and Acute Stress Exposure: Vesna Stojiljkovic, Ana Todorovic, Jelena Kasapovic, Snezana Pejic, and Snezana B. Pajovic.

41. The Effects of Exposure to Extremely Low–Frequency Magnetic Field and Amphetamine on the Reduced Glutathione in the Brain: Ankica Jelenkovic, Branka Janac, Vesna Pesic, Marina D. Jovanovic, Ivana Vasiljevic, and Zlatko Prolic.

42. The Effect of Extremely Low–Frequency Magnetic Field on Motor Activity of Rats in the Open Field: Zlatko Prolic, Branka Janac, Vesna Pesic, and Ankica Jelenkovic.

43. Detecting Long–Range Correlations in Time Series of Dorsal Horn Neuron Discharges: Suzana Blesic, Djordje Stratimirovic, Sava Milosevic, and Milos Ljubisavljevic.

44. Combination of Nucleoside Analogues Tiazofurin and Ribavirin Downregulates Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis: Irena Lavrnja, Danijela Stojkov, Sanja Pekovic, Sanja Subasic, Marija Mostarica–Stojkovic, Stanislava Stosic–Grujicic, Nadezda Nedeljkovic, Ljubica Medic–Mijacevic, Ljubisav Rakic, and Mirjana Stojiljkovic.

45. Different Effects of Adenosine A1 Agonist Ribavirin on Amphetamine–Induced Total Locomotor and Stereotypic Activities in Rats: Branka Janac, Vesna Pesic, Sanja Pekovic, Ljubisav Rakic, and Mirjana Stojiljkovic.

46. The Mechanisms of 6–Hydroxydopamine–Induced Astrocyte Death: Nevena Raicevic, Aleksandra Mladenovic, Milka Perovic, Djordje Miljkovic, and Vladimir Trajkovic.

47. Proximal Dystrophin Gene Deletions and Protein Alterations in Becker Muscular Dystrophy: Ivana Novakovic, Dragana Bojic, Slobodanka Todorovic, Slobodan Apostolski, Ljiljana Lukovic, Dejan Stefanovic, and Jelena Milasin.

48. MAPK Activation in Cerebellar Basket Cell Terminals after Harmaline Treatment: Jelena Milasin, Annalisa Buffo, Daniela Carulli, Pavle Andjus, and Piergiorgio Strata.

49. Simulation of the Neuronal Interactions and Connection of Neuronal Activity with Changes of Heart Rhythm and Myocardial Electrophysiological Properties: Heorhi A. Prudnikau.

50. Correlation Properties and Regularity of Heart Period Time Series: Influence of Posture and Heart Disease: Vesna Vuksanovic and Vera Gal.

51. Estimation of Parameter kmax in Fractal Analysis of Rat Brain Activity: Sladjana Spasic, Aleksandar Kalauzi, Milka Culic, Gordana Grbic, and Ljiljana Martac.

52. A Theoretical Study of Hypothalamo–Pituitary–Adrenocortical Axis Dynamics: Danka Savic and Smiljana Jelic.

53. Spectral Sensitivity of Direction–Selective Ganglion Cells in the Fish Retina. V: Elena Maximova, Victor Govardovski, Paul Maximov, and Vadim Maximov.

54. Receptive–Field Structure of Direction–Selective Ganglion Cells Projecting to the Goldfish Tectum: Michael Golovkin, Vadim Gorbunov, Elena Maximova, and Vadim Maximov.

55. Influence of Photic Environment on the Form of the Fish Electroretinographic Off–Response: Zoran Gacic, Ilija Damjanovic, Djordje Konjevic, Aleksandar Bajic, Milena Milosevic, Pavle R. Andjus, Branislav Mickovic, and Radoslav K. Andjus.

56. Characterization of Luminal and Peritubular Membrane K+ Selectivity in Proximal Tubular Cells of Frog Kidney: Jelena Nesovic and Dusan Cemerikic.

57. Effects of Metal Ions on Plasma Membrane Mg2+–ATPase in Rat Uterus and Ovaries: Maja Milosevic, Snjezana Petrovic, Miroslav Demajo, and Anica Horvat.

58. Apoptosis of Peripheral Human Blood Lymphocytes Induced by Physical–Chemical Influences and Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species: Alexander Tamashevski, Ekaterina Slobozhanina, Tatiana Sergienko, Alexandra Bakkun, Irina Taras, Irina Medved, and Arcadi Svirnovski.

59. The Mechanism of Hemolysis of Erythrocytes by Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate: Vladimir V. Rozin.

60. Study of the pH–Dependent Conformational Changes in 1–Acid Glycoprotein Using FRET: Alexei S. Mikhailov.

61. Numerically Simulated pH–Induced Reactivation of Catalytic Activity of Horseradish Peroxidase: Ana Popovic–Bijelic, Goran Bijelic, Ljiljana Kolar–Anic, and Vladana Vukojevic.

62. Nonenzymatic Reaction of Dihydroxyacetone with Hydrogen Peroxide Enhanced via a Fenton Reaction: Vuk Maksimovic, Milos Mojovic, Günter Neumann, and Zeljko Vucinic.

63. Characterization of Enzymatically Synthesized Diferulate: Srðan Tufegdzic, Jelena Bogdanovic, Vuk Maksimovic, and Zeljko Vucinic.

64. Detection of Oxygen–Centered Radicals Using EPR Spin–Trap DEPMPO: The Effect of Oxygen: Milos Mojovic, Mirjana Vuletic, and Goran G. Bacic.

65. Gibberellic Acid Nitrite Stimulates Germination of Two Species of Light–Requiring Seeds via the Nitric Oxide Pathway: Vladan Jovanovic, Zlatko Giba, Dejan Djokovic, Slobodan Milosavljevic, Dragoljub Grubisic, and Radomir Konjevic.

66. The Effect of Anoxia on PolyP Content of Phycomyces blakesleeanus Mycelium Studied by 31P NMR Spectroscopy: Joanna Zakrzewska, Milan Zizic, and Miroslav Zivic.

67. Ca2+ and H+ Ion Fluxes near the Surface of Gravitropically Stimulated Phycomyces Sporangiophore: Branka Zivanovic.

68. A New Model System for Investigation of Ionic Channels in Filamentous Fungi: Evidence for Existence of Two K+–Permeable Ionic Channels in Phycomyces blakesleeanus: Miroslav Zivic, Marko Popovic, Branka Zivanovic, and Zeljko Vucinic.

69. Mycorrhiza Formation Enhances Adaptive Response of Hybrid Poplar to Drought: Zaklina Marjanovic, Nehls Uwe, and Ruediger Hampp.

70. Ascorbic Acid and the Oxidative Processes in Pea Root Cell Wall Isolates: Characterization by Fluorescence and EPR Spectroscopy: Sonja Veljovic–Jovanovic, Biljana Kukavica, Tijana Cvetic, Milos Mojovic, and Zeljko Vucinic.

71. Changes in Chenopodium rubrum Seeds with Aging: Aleksandra Mitrovic, Tanja Ducic, Ivana Liric–Rajlic, Ksenija Radotic, and Branka Zivanovic.

72. Fluorescent Properties of Spinach Leaf Plasma Membranes and Chloroplast Envelopes: Tijana Cvetic and Zeljko Vucinic.

73. The Mutual Effect of Extracellular Ca2+, Abscisic Acid, and pH on the Rate of Stomatal Closure: Ljiljana Prokic, Zorica Jovanovic, Radmila Stikic, and Zeljko Vucinic.

74. Genetic Code: An Alternative Model of Translation: Zvonimir M. Damjanovic and Miloje M. Rakocevic.

75. Biophysical Scenario of Giant Gel Formation in the Northern Adriatic Sea: Vesna Svetlicic, Vera Zutic, and Amela Hozic Zimmermann.

Index of Contributors

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Pavle R. Andjus
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