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Interdisciplinary Transport Phenomena. Fluid, Thermal, Biological, Materials, and Space Sciences, Volume 1161. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

  • ID: 2178904
  • Book
  • July 2009
  • Region: United States
  • 452 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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This volume brings together a collection of articles that crosses traditional boundaries of scientific expertise under the common theme of transport phenomena.

Transport phenomena in relation to fluid, thermal, biological, materials, and space sciences are investigated. Chapters include contributions in the following areas: (1) biotransport phenomena and medical applications, including bio–transport phenomena in physiology and medicine, targeted drug delivery, protein crystal growth, and transport in bioporous media; (2) transport processes in materials technology, with chapters on containerless processing, levitation studies, electrostatic and electromagnetic phenomena, diffusion processes, and inorganic crystal growth; (3) space exploration technologies, for example, bio–response in the space environment, combustion and space power systems, boiling phenomena in space, thermal management in space, and water reclamation technologies; (4) interfacial phenomena and phase transitions, including drops, bubbles, particles, phase–change phenomena, surfactants, and complex fluids; and (5) transport phenomena and properties of nanoparticles and aerosols.

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Preface (Satwindar Singh Sadhal, David M. Eckmann, Christo N. Nanev, Haruhiko Ohta, and Reginald W. Smith).

Part I: Biotransport Phenomena in Physiology and Medicine.

1. Advances in cardiovascular fluid mechanics: bench to bed–side (Lakshmi P. Dasi, Philippe Sucosky, Diane de Zelicourt, Kartik Sundareswaran, Jorge Jimenez, and Ajit P. Yoganathan).

2. Analysis of Gene Transfer Rate with Immobilized Retroviral Vectors (Ching–An Peng).

3. Modeling of mass–transfer limitation in bio–molecular assays (Ali Nadim)

4. Solute transport in intervertebral discs: experiments and finite element modeling (DB Das, A. Welling, and J.P.G. Urban).

Part II: Targeted Drug Delivery and Treatment.

5. Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment:  role of heat transfer (C. Thomas Avedisian, Richard E. Cavicchi, Paul L. McEuen and Xinjian Zhou).

6. A single molecule approach to understanding multivalent binding kinetics (Todd Sulchek).

7. Optimizing microneedle arrays to increase skin permeability for transdermal delivery of drugs (Barrak Al–Qallaf and Diganta Bhusan Das).

Part III: Transport in Porous and Bioporous Media.

8. Polymer translocation through a nanopore – a showcase of anomalous diffusion (Andrey Milchev, and Johan L.A.Dubbeldam, Vakhtang G. Rostiashvili, and Thomas A. Vilgis).

9. Molecular Dynamics of Ions in two Forms of an Electroactive Polymer (A. Morton–Blake and Darren Leith).

10. Adiabatic heating and convection in a porous medium filled with a near–critical fluid (E.B. Soboleva).

Part IV: Bioresponse in the Space Environment.

11. Cellular and genetic adaptation in low gravity environments (Alamelu Sundaresan and Neal Pellis).

12. Thermal Design and Turbidity Sensor for Autonomous Bacterial Growth Measurements in Space–Flight (RC van Benthem, J. Krooneman, W de Grave, and H. Hammenga–Dorenbos).

13. The effect of gravity on transpiration of plant leaves (Yoshiaki Kitaya and Hiroaki Hirai).

Part V: Boiling Phenomena.

14. Thermocapillary convection during subcooled boiling in reduced gravity environments (Rishi Raj and Jungho Kim).

15. Heat transfer and bubble detachment in subcooled pool boiling from a downward facing microheater array in a nonuniform electric field (Zan Liu, Cila Herman, and Jungho Kim).

16. Development of high performance cooling devices for space application by using flow boiling in narrow channels (Shinichi Miura, Yukihiro Inada, Yasuhisa Shinmoto, and Haruhiko Ohta).

17. Orientation and related buoyancy effects in low velocity flow boiling (Herman Merte, Jr., Quayi Lui, William Schultz, and Robert B. Keller).

Part VI: Drops, Bubbles, and Particles.

18. Study on interfacial stability and internal flow of a droplet levitated by ultrasonic wave (Yutaka Abe, Yuji Yamamoto, Daisuke Hyuga, Shigeru Awazu, and Kazuyoshi Aoki).

19. Coalescence of drops and bubbles rising through a non–Newtonian fluid in a tube (Eisa Al–Matroushi and Ali Borhan).

20. Effect of suspended particles upon drying process of carrier–fluid droplet sitting on solid surface (Kazunori Kochiya and Ichiro Ueno).

21. Dynamic particle accumulation structure due to thermocapillary effect in non–cylindrical half–zone liquid bridge (Yukiko Abe, Ichiro Ueno, and Hiroshi Kawamura).

22. Instability of protein drops in applied electric fields – mathematical and experimental aspects (Anita Penkova and Ivailo Mladenov).

23. Bubble motion through a generalized power–law fluid flowing in a vertical tube (K. Mukundakrishnan, David M. Eckmann, and Portonovo S. Ayyaswamy).

24. Fluid Dynamical analysis of a Particle with Large Vapor Transport in Poiseuille flow (Channarong Asavatesanupap and S.S. Sadhal).

Part VII: Interfacial Phenomena and Surfactants.

25. Coalescence of drops with tangentially–mobile interfaces: effects of ambient flow (Michael Loewenberg and Piero Santoro).

26. Detection of advancing edge and existing length of precursor film ahead macroscopic contact line of droplet spreading on a solid substrate (Takumi Konisho and Ichiro Ueno).

27. Numerical investigation of Marangoni convection caused by the presence of a bubble on a uniformly heated surface (Seamus O′Shaughnessy and Tony Robinson).

28. Computational and Ground Based Experimental Investigations of the Effects of Specified and Unspecified (Free) Pressure Conditions at Condenser Exit for Condensing Flows in Terrestrial and Micro–Gravity Environments (Amitabh Narain, Shantanu Kulkarni, Soumya Mitra, Jorge H. Kurita, and Michael T. Kivisalu).

29. Thermal marangoni instability and magnetic pressure for a thin ferrofluid layer (M. Hennenberg, S. Slavtchev, and B. Weyssow).

Part VIII: Phase Transitions.

30. Metastable mesoscopic phases in concentrated protein solutions (Peter G. Vekilov).

31. Pure and doped TGS crystals: growth and characterization (H.V. Alexandru).

32. Structure, dynamic properties and phase transitions of tethered membranes: A Monte Carlo simulation study (Hristina Popova and Andrey Milchev).

33. XRD investgation of binary alloys solidification (R. Montanari and F. Gauzzi).

34. Calculation of the T–X phase diagrams for binary mixtures of cholestanyl myristate –cholesteryl myristate and cholestanyl myristate –cholesteryl oleate (Hamit Yurtseven and Sema Sen).

35. Growth and characterization of high–quality protein crystals for X–ray crystallography (Vivian Stojanoff, A. Moreno, B. Quiroz–Garcia, E. Dimasi, F. Yokaichiya, J. Jakoncic).

Part IX: Electrostatic and Electromagnetic Phenomena.

36. Synthesis of high performance magnetostrictive Tb0.3Dy0.7Fe2 by unidirectional solidification in microgravity (Takeshi Okutani, Hideaki Nagai, and Mikito Mamiya).

37. Electrohydrodynamic convective heat transfer in a square duct (Walter Grassi, Daniele Testi, and Tommaso Bagnoli).

38. Force Characterization of Dielectrophoresis in Droplet Transport (Patrick Young and Kamran Mohseni).

Part X: Transport Phenomena and Properties of Nanoparticles and Aerosols.

39. Dispersion and surface characteristics of nano–oxide and nanotube suspensions (Denitsa Milanova and Ranganathan Kumar).

40. Transport properties of small spherical particles – how does a molecule become a particle ? (Hai Wang).

41. Gravitational effects on carbon nano–materials synthesized by arc in water (Osamu Kawanami and Noriaki Sano).

42. Direct hydrothermal synthesis of ternary Li–Mn–O oxide ion–sieve: Qin–Hui Zhang, Shu–Yin Sun, Shao–Peng Li, Xian–Sheng Yin, Jian–Guo Yu).

Part XI: Transport Processes in Materials Technology.

43. Mechanisms of diffusional nucleation of nanocrystals and their self–assembly into uniform colloids (Vladimir Privman).

44. Solute diffusion in non–ionic liquids – effects of gravity (Reginald W. Smith and Paul J. Scott).

45. Capillary Rise in Nanotubes Coated with Polymer Brushes (Dimitar I. Dimitrov, Andrey Milchev, and Kurt Binder).

46. Ba(Zn1/3Ta2/3)O3 ceramics  for microwave and millimeter wave applications (H.V. Alexandru, A. Ioachim, M.I. Toacsan, L. Nedelcu, M.G. Banciu, C.Berbecaru, S. Antohe G. Voicu, S. Jinga, and E. Andronescu).

Part XII: Transport Phenomena in Space and Terrestrial Applications.

47. Low gravity experiments of light–weight flexible heat pipe panels with self–rewetting fluids (Yoshiyuki Abe, Kotaro Tanaka, Masayuki Nakagawa, Chiara Piccolo, and Raffaele Savino).

48. Heating and sterilization technology for long–duration space missions: transport processes in a renewable package (Sudhir K. Sastry, Soojin Jun, Romel Somavat, Chaminda Samaranayake, Ahmed Yousef, and Ram Pandit).

49. Conjugated problems of transport phenomena induced by quasi–steady microaccelerations in realistic space flight (V.I.Polezhaev and S.A.Nikitin).

50. Exergy optimization in a steady moving bed heat exchanger (Antonio Soria–Verdugo, Jose Antonio Almendros–Ibañez, Ulpiano Ruiz–Rivas, and Domingo Santana).

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S. S. Sadhal
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown