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Functionally Graded Materials 2000. Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Functionally Graded Materials, Estes Park, Colorado, USA, September 10–14, 2000, Ceramics Transactions, Volume 114. Ceramic Transactions Series

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Functionally Graded Materials (FGM) has served as a unifying theme for interdisciplinary research for more than a decade. The biannual International Symposium on Functionally Graded Materials has provided a forum for research on materials with spatial variation in microstructures or chemistries and have brought together a small, but richly interactive, community of FGM researchers from university, industry, and government labs all around the world.

This new volume brings to readers current advancements and information on the topic of Functionally Graded Materials. More than 150 researchers from 20 different countries came together in Estes Park, Colorado for FGM 2000 to bring this information to the rest of the research world. FGM continues to be a vigorous topic stimulating new materials research, and this proceedings will keep you informed of all the latest developments in this area.
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Functional Materials.

Fabrication of Ceramic/Epoxy Photonic Crystals with Graded Lattice Spacings (Stereolithography by S. Kirihara, Y. Miyamoto and I. Kajiyama).

Optical Characterizations of a 42–Layer SiO2–ZrO2 System Multilayer Film with Stepwise Graded Refractive Index Profiles (X. Wang, L. Chen, T. Hirai and Y. Someno).

Launch into Space with FGM (A. Kumakawa, M. Niino, S. Moriya and A. Moro).

Interdependence of Coupled Functional Properties in a Thermoelectric FeSi2–Based FGM (E. Müller, K. Schackenberg, H. Ernst, H.T. Kaibe, L. Rauscher, C. Reinhard and W.A. Kaysser).

Fermi Level Pinning over a Wide Temperature Range in Functionally Graded IV–VI Semiconductors (Z. Dashevsky, S. Shusterman and M.P. Dariel).

Dopant Diffusion Process in Thermoelectric Material Pb Te (Y. Shinohara, Y. Imai, Y. Isoda and H.T. Kaibe)

Functionally Graded Bismuth Antimony Telluride Crystals for Low–Temperature Peltier Coolers Grown by Zone Melting (M. Ueltzen, W. Heiliger, W. Seifert and P. Reinshaus).

Biomedical Applications.

Fabrication of Bioactive FGM from Ti and Hydroxyapatite (M. Omori, A. Okubo, T. Hirai, R. Miyao and F. Watari).

Functionally Graded Collagen–Hydroxyapatite Materials for Bone Replacement (W. Pompe, M. Gelinsky, I. Hofinger and B. Knepper–Nicolai).

Gradient Tissue Reaction Induced by Functionally Graded Implant (F. Watari, A. Yokoyama, H. Matsuno, R. Miyao, M. Uo, Y. Tamura, T. Kawasaki, M. Omori and T. Hirai).

Characterization and Optimized Design of HA–Ti/Ti/HA–Ti Symmetrical Functionally Graded Biomaterial (C. Chu, S. Wang, P. Lin, Z.D. Yin and J. Zhu).

Tensile Behavior of a Functionally Graded Braided Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composite Material (Q. Wang, Z. Huang and S. Ramakrishna).

Functionally Graded Materials of Biodegradable Polyesters and Bonelike Calcium Phosphates for Bone Replacement by C. Schiller, M. Siedler, F. Peters and M. Epple

Tribological Coatings.

Damage Tolerant Tribological Coatings Based on Thermal Sprayed FGMs (L. Prchlik, A. Vaidya and S. Sampath).

Internal Stress Distribution in Functionally Graded Diamond/Silicon Nitride Coatings (M. Kamiya, R. Sasai, S.S. Lee, H. Itoh and K. Tanaka).

Microstructure and Properties of Graded Metal–Carbide Claddings (C. Theiler, T. Seefeld and G. Sepold).

Role of Imperfections and Intrinsic Stresses on the Thermomechanical and Tribological Properties of Thermal Sprayed Metal–Ceramic FGMs (L. Prchlik, J. Matejicek, A. Vaidya and S. Sampath).

Oxidation Resistance of Carbon/Carbon Composites Coated with a Si–MoSi2 by the Slurry Dipping Process (J.H. Jeon, Y.D. Hahn, H.T. Fang and Z.D. Yin).

Processing and Characterization of Graded Aluminum Components with High Hardness and Improved Wear Behavior Using Plasma Transferred ARC Welding (PTA) Processes (U. Dilthey, B. Balachov and L. Kabatnik).

Cracking Behavior of Graded Chromium Nitride Coatings on Brass for Wear Resistant Applications (S. Krishnamurthy and I.E. Reimanis).

Thermoreactive Electrospark Surface Strengthening (TRESS) (E.A. Levashov, E.K. Kharlamov, S. Hosomi, M. Ohyanagi and M. Koizumi).

Thermal Barrier Coatings.

Cracking Behavior of NiCrAlY/YSZ Thermal Barrier Coatings under Four–Point Bend Loads (A. Kucuk, C.G. Dambra, C.C. Berndt, U. Senturk and R.S. Lima).

Development of Functionally–Graded, NZP–Based Thermal Barrier Coatings (R. Nageswaran and S. Sampath).

EB–PVD Zirconia Thermal Barrier Coatings with Graded Al2O3–PYSZ Interlayers (T. Krell, U. Schulz, M. Peters and W.A. Kaysser).

Graded Thermal Barrier Coatings: Cracking Due to Laser Irradiation and Determining of Interface Toughness (H. Balke, H.–A. Bahr, A.S. Semenov, I. Hofinger, C. Häusler, G. Kirchhoff and H.–J. Weiss).

Thermal Shock of Functionally Graded Thermal Barrier Coatings (K. Kokini, J. DeJonge, S. Rangaraj and B. Beardsley).

Thermomechanical Modelling of Functionally Graded Thermal Barrier Coatings (N. Nomura, M. Gasik, A. Kawasaki and R. Watanabe).

Powder Processing.

Peculiarities of Functionally Graded Targets Formation in the SHS–Wave for PVD Processes with an Operating Layer in the Systems Ti–Si–B, Ti–Si–C (E.A. Levashov, B.R. Senatulin, H.E. Grigoryan, A.S. Rogachev and J.J. Moore).

Synthesis and Densification of Ceramic FGMs in One Step (E.M. Carrillo–Heian, J.C. Gibeling, Z.A. Munir and G.H. Paulino).

Functionally Graded Hardmetals and Cermets (W. Lengauer, J. Garcia, V. Uckar, K. Dreyer, D. Kassel and H.–W. Daub).

Graded Materials of Diamond Dispersed Cemented Carbide Fabricated by Induction Field–Activated Combustion Synthesis (M. Ohyanagi, I. Shimazoe, T. Hiwatshi, T. Tsujikami, M. Koizumi, E. Levashov and Z.A. Munir).

Processing and Characterization of Functionally Graded Ti–B Based Composites for Armor Applications (M. Cirakoglu, S. Bhaduri and S.B. Bhaduri).

Microwave Assisted Processing of Functionally Graded Composites in the Ti–B Binary System (M. Cirakoglu, S. Bhaduri and S.B. Bhaduri).

Development of Automatic FGM Manufacturing Systems (the Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS)Method by M. Tokita).

Design and Fabrication of SiC/C FGM (W. Cao, A. Wu, J.T. Li and C.C. Ge).

Fabrication of PSZ–Al2O3 Functionally Graded Disks and Plates (H. Kobayashi).

FGM Research in LSCPM of China (C.C. Ge, W.P. Shen, J.T. Li, W.B. Cao, Z.T. Zhou, G.Y. Xu, Y.H. Ling and A.H. Wu).

Fabrication of Ti–Sc System FGM with Density Gradient (C.J. Deng, H. Tao, L.M. Zhang and R.Z. Yuan).

Processing of Silicon Nitride–Tungsten Prototypes (G. He, D.A. Hirschfeld, J. Cesarano III and J.N. Stuecker).

Fabrication of a SiC/Cu Functionally Gradient Material (Graded Sintering by Y. Ling, C.C. Ge, J.T. Li and C. Huo).

Sintering of FGM Hardmetals in Different Conditions: Simulation and Experimental Results (M. Gasik and B. Zhang).

Fabrication of Al2O3/TiC/Ni Graded Materials by Pulsed–Electric Current Sintering (Y. Ren, J. Lin, Y. Miyamoto, G. Qiao and Z. Jin).

FGM Fabrication by Surface Thermal Treatments of TiC–Ni3Al Composites (T.N. Tiegs, M.L. Santella, C.A. Blue and P.A. Menchhofer).

Formation and Control of Ti–Mo FGM with Continuous Transitional Composition (Z.M. Yang, L.M. Zhang, F. Tian, L.D. Chen and T. Hirai).

Preparation of W–Mo–Ti Graded Density Flier–Plate Materials (Q. Shen, L.M. Zhang, H.P. Xiong, L.P. Chen and T. Hirai).

Sintering Behavior of Wet Chemically Derived Zinc Oxide Varistor (K. Sugawara, T. Sugawara and T. Ogasawara).

Infiltration Processing.

Processing of Porosity Graded Silicon Carbide Evaporator Tubes by Pressure Filtration (R.H. Oberacker, M. Dröschel and M.J. Hoffmann).

Role of Elaboration Parameters on the Porosity Fraction of Alumina Graded Preforms (G. Kapelski and A. Varloteaux).

Two–Phase TiC + TiB2 Graded Ceramic Preforms (Y. Seidman, N. Frumin, N. Frage and M.P. Dariel).

Graded Boron Carbide–Aluminum Cermets (N. Frage, L. Levin and M.P. Dariel).

Graded Multilayer Boron Carbide–Aluminum Composites (F. Zhang, K.P. Trumble and K.J. Bowman).

Transformation Stability and Mechanical Properties of Infiltrated Functionally Graded Mullite/Yttria–Stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal/Alumina Composites (Z. Zhao, C. Liu and D.O. Northwood).

Deposition and Casting.

Conformal Encapsulation of Fine Boron Nitride Particles with Oxide Nanolayers (J.R. Wank, A.W. Weimer, J.D. Ferguson and S.M. George).

Continuously Graded Metal–Ceramic Geometries Using Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD) (W.E. Windes, A.W. Erickson and J. Zimmerman).

Electrophoretic Deposition of Functionally Graded Hardmetals (S. Put, J. Vleugels and O. Van der Biest).

Influence of Centrifugal Casting Parameters on the Structure and Properties of Al–Si/SiCp FGMs (L.A. Rocha, A.E. Dias, D.F. Soares, C.M. Sá and A.C. Ferro).

Microstructure in NiA/Steel Joint Produced by a Reactive Casting Method (K. Matsuura, M. Kudoh, H. Kinoshita and H. Takahashi).

Fabrication of Zirconia–Nickel Functionally Graded Material by Dip–Coating (J. Zhu, M. Li, Z. Yin and J.–H. Jeon).

Particle Size Distributions in in situ Al–Al3Ni FGMs Fabricated by Centrifugal in situ Method (K. Matsuda, Y. Watanabe and Y. Fukui).

Properties Modeling.

Boundary Integral Analysis for Functionally Graded Materials (L.J. Gray, T. Kaplan, J.D. Richardson and G.H. Paulino).

Computational Micromechanics of Functionally Graded Materials (P.–C. Zhai, Q.–J. Zhang, R.–Z. Yuan and S.–I. Moriya).

Determination of FGM Properties by Inverse Analysis (T. Nakamura and S. Sampath).

Using Adjoint Equations to Optimize Compositionally Graded Interlayers (D. Boussaa and H.D. Bui).

FEM Simulation of the Behavior of Graded Materials with Macroscopic Composition Gradient during Deformation Processes (S. Ra bach and W. Lehnert).

Finite Element Analysis in Design of a Graded Coating System for Glass Forming Dies and Tools (D. Zhong, G.G.W. Mustoe, J.J. Moore, S. Thiel and J. Disam).

Modelling of Alumina/Copper Functionally Graded Material (M. Gasik, M. Friman and M. Kambe).

Properties Characterization.

Investigations of the Residual Stress State in Microwave Sintered Functionally Graded Materials (D. Dantz, C. Genzel, W. Reimers and T. Buslaps).

Spatially Resolved Thermal Diffusivity Measurements for Functionally Graded Materials (H. Becker, T.Tschudi and A. Neubrand).

Tribological Characterization of Al–Si/SiCp Composites: MMCs vs. FGMs (J.R. Gomes, A.S. Miranda, D.F. Soares, A.E. Dias, L.A. Rocha, S.J. Crnkovic and R.F. Silva).

Ultrasonic Characterization of the Elastic Properties of Ceramic–Metal Graded Composites (R. Marks, E. Zaretsky, N. Frage, O. Tevet, Y. Greenberg and M.P. Dariel).

Applications of Phase Shifted Moire Interferometry (E.D. Steffler).

Distribution of Macro– and Micro–stresses in W–Cu FGMs (J. Schreiber, A. Neubrand, T. Wieder, M. Stalder and N. Shamsutdinov).

Functionally Graded MoSi2–Al2O3 Tubes for Temperature Sensor Applications (M.I. Peters, R.U. Vaidya, R.G. Castro, J.J. Petrovic, K.J. Hollis and D.E. Gallegos).

A Novel Method of Joining Ceramic–Metal Systems to Reduce Thermally Induced Stresses by K. Khene, C.S. Trueman, N.D. Tinsley, M.R. Lacey and J. Huddleston

High Thermal Conductivity Lossy Dielectrics Using a Multilayer Approach (B. Mikijelj, J.O. Kiggans, T.N. Tiegs, P.A. Menchhofer, H. Wang and H.T. Lin).

Design and Fabrication of S–Type B4C–SiC/C Functionally Graded Materials (W.P. Shen, B.–Z. Wu, J.–T. Li and C.–C. Ge).

Thermal Shock Test on Alumina/Nickel FGM Plate (H. Awaji, H. Takenaka, Y. Abe, S. Honda and T. Nishikawa).

Impact Damage in Monolithic and Functionally Graded Alumina (P. Shah, K. Jakus and J.E. Ritter).

Recent Development in the Computational Micro–Mechanics, Thermal Damage Model and Impact Response of Functionally Graded Materials (Q.–J. Zhang, P.–C. Zhai, L.–S. Liu, R.–Z. Yuan, S.–I. Moriya and M. Niino).

Generating Quasi–Isentropic Compression Waves via Layered Flier–Plate Materials (L.M. Zhang, C.B. Wang, Q. Shen, J.G. Li and J.S. Hua).

Anisotropy of Wear Resistance in Al–Al3 Ti FGMs Fabricated by a Centrifugal Method (Y. Watanabe, H. Eryu and Y. Fukui).

Fabrication and Thermomechanical Properties of MoSi2–Mo Functionally Graded Materials (J.H. Jeon, Y.D. Hahn and Z.–D. Harbin).

Microstructure Effects of PSZ/Ni FGM upon Materials Properties and Thermal Stress Conditions (S. Moriya, M. Niino, P.C. Zhai and Q.J. Zhang).

Quasi–Isentropic Compression Characteristics of W–Mo–Ti Graded Density Flier–Plate Materials (Q. Shen, J.G. Li, C.B. Wang, L.M. Zhang and H. Tan).

Thermal Cycling Behavior of Cu/Al2O3 Functionally Graded Material (A. Neubrand, A. Kawasaki and Y.Y. Yang)

Fracture Mechanics Modeling.

Fracture Mechanics of Viscoelastic Functionally Graded Materials (G.H. Paulino and Z.–H. Jin).

Stress Intensity Factors for a Crack Arbitrarily Oriented in a Functionally Graded Layer (S. El–Borgi, L. Hidri and F. Erdogan)

Gradient Elasticity Theory for Mode I Cracks in Functionally Graded Materials (Y.–S. Chan, A.C. Fannjiang and G.H. Paulino).

Crack and Contact Problems in Functionally Graded Materials (F. Erdogan and S. Dag).

Transient Thermal Stress Analysis of Cracked Functionally Graded Materials (Z.–H. Jin and G.H. Paulino).

Thermomechanical Stress Intensity Factors for a Partially Insulated Crack in a Functionally Graded Medium (S. El–Borgi, H. Hila, F. Erdogan and H. Smaoui).

Torsional Problems of Triangular Bar with Fuctionally Graded Structure (S. Amada and Y. Terauchi).

Fracture Characterization.

Fracture in Notched Parts with a Microstructural Gradient (F. Bohner and J.K. Gregory).

Weight Function Analysis of R–Curve Behavior in Gradient Alumina–Zirconia Composites (R.J. Moon, M. Hoffman, J. Hilden, W.T. Blanton, K.J. Bowman, K.P. Trumble and J. Rödel).

Fracture Toughness and R–Curve Behavior of Al2O3/Al FGMs (T.–J. Chung, A. Neubrand, J. Rödel and T. Fett).

Fracture in Ductile/Brittle Graded Composites (J. Chapa, K. Rozenburg, I.E. Reimanis and E.D. Steffler).

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Kevin Trumble
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Sanjay Sampath
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