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Microwave and Radio Frequency Applications. Proceedings of the Third World Congress on Microwave and Radio Frequency Applications, September 2002, in Sydney, Australia. Edition No. 1

  • ID: 2179000
  • Book
  • March 2006
  • Region: Global, Australia
  • 530 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
This volume present the latest scientific advancements and technological developments with particular emphasis on existing and potential applications. Included are important and cutting edge topics on sintering, chemistry, ceramics, materials processing, moisture measurement, medical applications, electromagnetic field exposure effects, RF measurements, magnetic field processing, drying of complex and difficult to dry materials, printed circuit board assemblies, design of and components for industrial microwave & RF systems, new industrial applications, waste treatment and recycling, electronic materials, polymers, agricultural products.
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The Microwave Working Group: An Unusual Team with an Important Mission Bernard (B. Krieger, R. Schiffmann).

Fundamentals and Modeling.

About Trapping of Modes (J.-L. Mousson, C. Lohr, P. Pribetich, and D. Stuerga).

Microwave Processing of Temperature-Dependent and Rotating Objects: Development and Experimental Verification of FDTD Algorithms (P. Kopyt, M. Celuch-Marcysiak, and W.K. Gwarek).

A Comparison of Semi-Analytical and Numerical Solutions for the Microwave Heating of a Lossy Material in a Three-Dimensional Waveguide (B. Liu, T.R. Marchant, I.W. Turner, and V. Vegh).

Determination of Volume Fraction and Particle Size in Dispersed Systems by Dielectric Spectroscopy and Principal Component Analysis (M. Regier and H. Schubert).

Computational Analysis of a Tapered Slotted Waveguide as a Radiating Element (V. Komarov and Y. Yakovlev).

Microwave Heating of Silicon Wafers in Cylindrical TM Cavities: A Mathematical Model (G.A. Kriegsmann).

The Dielectric Properties of Fruit, Vegetables and Meat (S.A. Barringer, O. Sipahioglu, and C. Bircan).

Microwave Synthesis and Reactions.

Synthesis of Nano-Sized Inorganic Compounds Induced by Microwave Irradiation (Y. Wada and S. Yanagida).

Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes by Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition at Low Temperature (J.-H. Wang and S.-G. Wang).

Synthesis of Composite Powders and Coating of Fibres by Combined CVD-PECVD in a Microwave Heated Fluidised Bed Reactor (R. Tap and M. Willert-Porada).

Flash Synthesis of Titanium Dioxide Colloids (E. Michel, T. Caillot, D. Chaumont, and D. Stuerga).

Preparation of Metal Oxides by Polyol Method Under Microwave Irradiation (T. Yamamoto, Y. Wada, and S. Yanagida).

Efficient Microwave Synthesis of Luminescent Metal Complexes (T. Matsumura-Inoue, Y. Yamamoto, and N. Yoshikawa).

Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Hybrid Organic-Inorgainc Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications (F. Bauer and M. Willert-Porada).

Microwave Catalysis for the Production of Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals (G. Bond, J.A. Gardner, and J.M. McGuire).

Application of Mirror-Confinement-Type ECR Plasma Sputtering and Microwave Radiation to the Low Temperature Synthesis of Crystallized High-K Material Thin Films (S. Miyake, T. Matsumoto, A. Niinou, K. Numata, H. Saito, and S. Baba).

Microwave Plasma-Assisted Processing of Nanoscaled Supported Metal Oxide Catalysts (A. Dittmar, H. Kosslick, A. Brückner, and D.L. Hoang).

Microwave Processing of Inorganic Materials.

Investigations of Dielectric Behavior of Materials in the GHz Range During Microwave Processing (D.C. Dube, M. Lanagan, H. Peng, P. Sharma, and D. Agrawal).

Microwave Intensity-Dependent Mass Transport Enhancement in Nanostructured Alumina Membranes (S.V. Egorov, A.G. Eremeev, K.I. Rybakov, V.E. Semenov, A.A. Sorokin, and S.A. Gusev).

Precision Microwave/Resistance Heating Study of Zirconia: Absence of Microwave Effect (C.C. Sorrell, O.C. Standard, N. Ehsani, K.R. Ratinac, J.R. Rider, X.Q. Zheng, and A.J. Ruys).

Microwave Sintering of Large-Sized NTC Thermistor Ceramics (A. Chang, J. Zhuang, W. Yang, and Y. Lo).

Enhancement of Cutting Performance of Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools by Microwave Treatment (S. Aravindan, J. Ramkumar, S.K. Malhotra, and R. Krishnamurthy).

The Effect of Reaction Parameters on Microwave-Induced Combustion Synthesis of Al2O3-TiC Composite Powders (D. Atong and D.E. Clark).

Microwave Sintering of a Combustion Synthesized AlN Powder (C.-Y. Hsieh, C.-N. Lin, H.-J. Chen, S.-L. Chung, J. Cheng, and D.K. Agrawal).

Densification Mechanisms in SiCf/Sic Composites by Microwave Enhanced Chemical Vapor Infiltration (D. Jaglin, B. Vaidhyanathan, J. Binner, C. Prentice, and B. Shatwell).

Direct Microwave Coupling to Metals at Elevated Temperatures (E.B. Ripley, P.A. Eggleston, and T.L. White).

Microwave Assisted Comminution of Ores at Economically Viable Energy Inputs (S. Bradshaw, T.V. Chow Ting Chan, S. Kingman, K. Jackson, N. Rowson, and R. Greenwood).

Systems and Diagnostics.

A Technical Review of Equipment and Methods for Waveguide Power Measurement in Microwave Heating Applications (J.F. Gerling).

Designing Industrial Microwave Heating Systems for Safe Operation: Batch Ovens (R.F. Schiffmann).

Recent Development of Microwave Kilns for Industries in Japan (M. Sato, T. Mutoh, T. Shimotuma, K. Ida, O. Motojima, M. Fujiwara, S. Takayama, M. Mizuno, S. Obata, K. Ito, T. Hirai, and T. Shimada).

HEPHAISTOS-A Novel Automated Microwave Processing System for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) (L. Feher and M. Thumm).

Dilatometer System with Hybrid Heating Technique for Detailed Investigations on Sintering of Ceramics (G. Link and M. Thumm).

Thermography for Optimizing High Frequency and Microwave Installations (W.M. Van Loock).

Instrumentation for In Situ Diffraction of Materials Under Microwave Radiation (A. Harrison, G. Robb, and G. Whittaker).

Agricultural Products.

Microwave and Radio-Frequency Power Applications in Agriculture (S.O. Nelson).

Microwave Technology for Heating Large Diameter Logs for Sapstain Treatment and Stress Relief (P.C.S. Carter, P. Hutchings, and N. Tan).

Innovative Microwave Technology for the Timber Industry (G. Torgovnikov and P. Vinden).


Successful Microwave Processing Applications in Industry (N. Tran).

Innovative Application of Dielectric Heating Technologies to Concurrently Reduce Energy Usage and Emissions in Polymer Manufacturing Processes (J.W. Cresko).

Advances in Microwave Curing of Concrete (S.L. Mak, R. Banks, D. Ritchie, and G. Shapiro).

Hybrid Microwave Firing of Heavy Clay Products (G.V.A. Tayler, M. Anderson, and M. Hamlyn).

Recent Research and Development on Microwave Power Applications at the Unversity of Electronic Science and Technology of China (T.-R. Ji).

Electronic Materials.

Electromagnetic Induction Heating for Ultra Shallow Junction Formation (K. Thompson, J.H. Booske, F.R. Cooper, and Y.B. Gianchandani ).

Microwave Sintering of Integrated Passive Devices (B. Vaidhyanathan, K. Annapoorani, J. Binner, and R. Raghavendra).

Waste Treatment and Recycling.

Microwave Waste Remediation: An Update on Applications and Current Research (R.L. Schulz, D.E. Clark, D.C. Folz, and G.G. Wicks).

Microwave Irradiation of Asbestos Containing Materials (A. Corradi, C. Siligardi, P. Veronesi, G. Marucci, M. Annibali, and G. Ragazzo).

Microwave-Assisted Recovery of Platinum (T. Gerdes, M. Willert-Porada, R. Burghardt, P. Bahke, and I. Kleinwächter).

Using Lal-xCexMnO3 Perovskites as the Active Components for Soot Filter Regeneration by Dielectric Fields (Y. Zhang-Steenwinkel, J. Beckers, H.L. Castricum, and A. Bliek).

Biomedical Research and Health Issues.

Continuous and Pulsed Medical Microwave Devices (F. Sterzer).

Image Formation Algorithms with Automatic Skin Detection for Confocal Microwave Imaging (E.C. Fear and M. Okoniewski).

FDTD Method for Modelling the Electromagnetic Field Effect on the Human Body in MRI (H. Zhao).

Epidemiological Studies of Cancers and Exposures to Radio Frequencies (J.M. Elwood).

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Diane C. Folz Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

John H. Booske University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI).

David E. Clark Dagenham Research Centre, Dagenham, Essex, Great Britain.

John F. Gerling Gerling Applied Engineering, Inc..
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown