Materials Science of Concrete. Cement and Concrete - Trends and Challenges. Special Volume. Materials Science of Concrete Series

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This workshop brought together representatives from different areas of the cement and concrete community to discuss future trends and challenges in the field of concrete materials. Topics include developments and their potential for application, industry′s view on what it needs from academia, academia′s view on what it expects from industry and what they have to offer, technical advances and barriers to advancement, the role of governments, business issues, and ecological and societal barriers.
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21st Century Cement and Concrete Research: Where Do We Go from Here? (S. Mindess).

From Material to the Structure, From Theory to Application (C. Andrade).

Nucleation and Growth in Concrete Research (O.M. Jensen, P.F. Hansen, and G. Idorn).

Development of New Generations of Concretes in Poland (A. Brandt).

Concrete Technology in Former East European Countries: Challenges & Opportunities (A. Bajza and I. Hudoba).

Future Needs in Cement and Concrete: A National Highway Perspective (S.W. Forster).

The Importance and Potential of Quantitative Microstructural Characterization in Research on Cementitious Materials (K.L. Scrivener).

Interdisciplinary Research, Authority Involvement and Targeted Technology Transfer: The Experience from the Development of Self–Compacting Concrete in Sweden (A. Skarendahl).

A New Model of Ordinary Portland Cement Hydration Derived by Means of ESEM–FEG (B. Möser and J. Stark).

Nanotechnology and Concrete: What Can We Utilize from the Upcoming Technoogies? (P. Trtik and P. Bartos).

Future Goals of Cement and Cementitious Materials for High Performance Concrete (M. Bergin, G. Mujtaba, and C. Ishee).

Environmental Challenges Facing the Cement Industry (D. Cahn).

University–Industry Relations Reexamined (J. Lukasik).

Notes on R&D in Cement and Concrete (J. Gebauer).

Cement–Based Materials: A Research Manifesto (Felek Jachimowicz).

Discussion Session: Wednesday, November 7. 2001.

Discussion Session: Friday, November 9, 2001.


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Andrew J. Boyd was born in Cleveland, Ohio, studied under Eastman Kodak Company for lighting, film manufacture and development. He started a career in photography in the mid 1950′s doing commercial and advertising photography for Cleveland and New York agencies. He was one of the first photographers in the Cleveland area to present full–color commercial work. Taking a long break from photography he worked as an engineer before returning to photojournalistic work for several magazines. Andrew has authored 15 books during his career, several on digital photography. More recently he has concentrated on writing in an effort to better explain his photographic art technique to enable others to learn and enjoy this wonderful art medium.
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