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Advances in Ceramic Coatings and Ceramic–Metal Systems

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  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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This volume includes 46 contributed articles from the Advanced Ceramic Coatings for Structural, Environmental and Functional Applications and the International Symposium on Advances in Ceramic–Metal Systems symposia. Topics include processing and microstructure design, mechanical and thermal properties, advanced testing and non–destructive evaluation, wear, erosion and corrosion behavior, functional properties and modeling. A significant portion of the contributed articles focus on current state–of–the–art industrial applications of ceramic coatings and ceramic–metal composites.
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New Thermal Barrier Coatings Based on Pyrochlore/YSZ Double Layer Systems (R. Va en, D. Stöver).

Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Advanced Oxide Materials for Higher–Temperatuare Coatings Applications (S.R. Choi, N.P. Bansal, D. Zhu).

Sintering, Phase Stability, and Thermal Conductivity of Plasma–Sprayed Gd2O3–Stabilized ZrO2 (M.N. Rahaman, J.R. Gross, R.E. Dutton, H. Wang).

Curvature Studies of Unconstrained Thermal Barrier Composites (O. Zubacheva, J. Malzbender, R.W. Steinbrech, L. Singheiser, U. Schulz).

Manufacture and Properties of Segmented Thermal Barrier Coatings (R. Va en, H. Guo, D. Stöver).

Effect of Scattering on the Heat Transfer Behavior of a Typical Semitransparent TBC Material on a Substrate (C.M. Spuckler).

Determination of the Fracture Toughness of Thermally Grown Oxide (TGO) in a Thermal Barrier System (J. Malzbender, I. Escobar, R. Herzog, R.W. Steinbrech, H. Öttel).


On the Thermal Cycling and Evolution of Surface Morphology for Thermally Cycled NiCoCrAlY Bondcoats (J. Shi, A.M. Karlsson, B. Baufeld, M. Bartsch).

Stress Distribution in APS–TBCs Under Thermal Cycling Loading Conditions (P. Bednarz, R. Herzog, E. Trunova, R.W. Steinbrech, H. Echsler, W.J. Quadakkers, F. Schubert, L. Singheiser).

Damage Process of Thermal Barrier Coating Subjected to Thermal Cycling Under
High Heat Flux (M. Okada, T. Hisamatsu, R. Ohtani, H. Arikawa, Y. Kojima).

Investigation of Thermal Fatigue Life Prediction of Thermal Barrier Coating (Y. Ohtake, T. Natsumura, K. Miyazawa).

Microstructure and Phase Constituents of the Thermally Grown Oxide in Thermal Barrier Coatings (S. Laxman, H. Heinrich, Y.H. Sohn).

The Role of Cyclic Mechanical Loading and Thermal Gradients in Damage Behavior of Thermal Barrier Coating Systems (M. Bartsch, B. Baufeld, S. Dalkiliç, M. Heinzelmann).


Thermal Wave Imaging Application in Thermal Barrier Coatings (B. Franke, Y.H. Sohn, X. Chen, J.R. Price, Z. Mutasim).

Nondestructive Evaluation of Thermal Barrier Coatings by Mid–Infrared Reflectance Imaging (J.I. Eldridge, C.M. Spuckler, J.A. Nesbitt, R.E. Martin).

Damage Detection of Thermal Barrier Coatings by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (B. Jayaraj, S. Vishweswaraiah, V.H. Desai, Y.H. Sohn).

Thermal Behaviour of Thermal Barrier Coatings and Steel/ Thermal Barrier Coatings Structures (E. Garcia, R. Soltani, T.W. Coyle, J. Mostaghimi, A. De Pablos, M.I. Osendi, P. Miranzo).


Development and Evaluation of Ceramic Components and EBCs for Gas Turbine (T. Fukudome, S. Tsuruzono, T. Tatsumi, Y, Ichikawa, T. Hisamatsu, I. Yuri).

Crack Driving Forces in a Multilayered Coating System for Ceramic Matrix
Composites Substrates (L.J. Ghosn, D.M. Zhu, R.A. Miller).

Producing Surface Coatings on Silicon Nitride by Pack Cementation (S.D. Nunn, R.A. Lowden, F.C. Montgomery).

Metal–Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition of Environmental Barrier Coatings for All–Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composites (I.Tröster, S.V. Samoilenkov, G. Wahl, W. Braue, P. Mechnich, H. Schneider).

The Oxidation of Aluminum Silicon Carbide (R. Wills, S. Goodrich).


Solid–Particle Erosion of Thin Films Deposited on Ceramics (S. Singh, D. Singh, J.P. Singh, R.N. Singh, J.L. Routbort).

Ceramic and Cermet Coatings for Cylinder Liners in Ultra–Light Weight Engines (A. Candel, R. Gadow, D. López).

Al2O3 and SiO2 Coatings for Improving the Wear Resistance of Glass Panes (G. Fehringer and R. Clasen).

Characterization of Spin–Coated Terbium–Doped Strontium Cerate Thin Film Membranes (M.M. Elbaccouch, S. Shukla, N. Mohajeri, S. Seal, A.T–Raissi).

Cermet and Hard Metal Coatings for Advanced Large Diesel Engines with Reduced Pollutant Emissions (A. Candel, R. Gadow, and D. López).

Stabilization of Ethanol Based Ceramic Suspensions for Electrophoretic Deposition (M. Menon, S. Decourcelle, N. Attia, S. Ramousse, and P.H. Larsen).


The Role of Wetting and Reactivity in Infiltration of Ceramic–Metal Composites (R. Asthana, M. Singh, N. Sobczak).

Enhanced Wettability by Copper Electroless Coating of Carbon Nanotubes (C. Probst, C. Goujon, R. Gauvin, R.A.L. Drew).

Fabrication of Strengthened and Toughened Intra–Type Ceramic Matrix Nanocomposites
Using a Soaking Method (S.–M. Choi, T. Matsunaga, S. Honda, S. Hashimoto, Y. Kobayashi, H. Awaji).

Fabrication and Damping Behavior of Barium Titanate Reinforced Copper Matrix Composites (T.A. Asare, J.P. Schultz, B.D. Poquette, A.O. Aning, S.L. Kampe).

Shape–Preserving Chemical Conversion of Self–Assembled 3–D Bioclastic Micro/Nanostructures via Low–Temperature Displacement Reactions (S.M. Allan, M.R. Weatherspoon, P.D. Graham, Y. Cai, M.S. Haluska, R.L. Snyder, K.H. Sandhage).


Thermally Sprayed Prepregs for Advanced Metal Matrix Composites (R. Gadow and K. von Niessen).

Thixo–Formed Light Metal Composites with Light–Weight Ceramic Fibers (R. Gadow, K. von Niessen, P. Unseld).


Development of Glass Nano/Ceramic Composites for Sealing Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (M. Brochu, B.D. Gauntt, D. Zschiesche, R. Shah, R.E. Loehman).

Co–Sintering Behaviour of Porous Ni–YSZ Composite SOFC Anodes (R.M.C. Clemmer and S.F. Corbin).

Reactive Air Brazing of LSCoF and Alumina with Ag–V2O5 Alloys for SOFC Applications (N.M. Zink, A.M. Meier, K.S. Weil, J.S. Hardy).

Photonic Fractals of Dielectric and Metal Media for Electromagnetic Wave Localization (Y. Miyamoto, S. Kirihara, M.W. Takeda, K. Honda, K. Sakoda).

Integration of Ceramic/Epoxy Photonic Fractals with Localization of Electromagnetic Waves (A. Mori, S. Kirihara, Y. Miyamoto, M.W. Takeda, K. Honda, K. Sakoda).

Strong Localization of Electromagnetic Wave in Ceramic/Epoxy Photonic Fractals with Menger–Sponge Structure (S. Kirihara, Y. Miyamoto, M.W. Takeda, K. Honda, K. Sakoda).


Aluminum Air Brazing for Joining Ceramics (J.Y. Kim, J.S. Hardy, K.S. Weil).

Brazing of Stainless Steel to YSZ Using Silver–Base Brazes (M. Singh, T.P. Shpargel, and R. Asthana).

Brazing of Porous Alumina to Monolithic Alumina with Ag–CuO and Ag–V2O5 Alloys (M.C. Lamb, S.J. Camardello, A.M. Meier, K.S. Weil, J.S. Hardy).

Strategies for Bonding W and Al2O3 at Low Temperatures (Y. Boonyongmaneerat, C.A. Schuh, T.W. Eagar).

Use of Geopolymeric Cements as a Refractory Adhesive for Metal and Ceramic Joins (J. Bell, M. Gordon, W. Kriven).

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Dongming Zhu
Kevin Plucknett
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