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Advances in Electronic Ceramic Materials. A Collection of Papers Presented at the 29th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, January 23-28, 2005, Cocoa Beach, Florida, Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings

  • ID: 2179032
  • Book
  • March 2006
  • Region: Global, United States
  • 218 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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The focus of this collection is on recent research and development related to a variety of sensor technologies as well as the latest advances concerning the synthesis and characterization of dielectric, piezoelectric, and ferroelectric materials.
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Zirconia–Based Gas Sensors Using Oxide Sensing Electrode for Monitoring NOx in Car Exhaust (N. Miura, J. Wang, M. Nakatou, P. Elumalai, S. Zhuiykov, D. Terada, T. Ono).

Interfacial Processes of Ion Conducting Ceramic Materials for Advanced Chemical Sensors (W. Weppner).

Metal–Oxide Based Toxic Gas Sensors (D.D. Lee, N.J. Choi).

Thermally Stable Mesoporous SnO2 and TiO2 Powders for Semi–Conductor Gas Sensor Application (Y. Shimizu, M. Egashira).

DC Electrical–Biased, All–Oxide NOX Sensing Elements for Use at 873 K (D. West, F. Montgomery, T. Armstrong).

Photo–Deactivated Room Temperature Hydrogen Gas Sensitivity of Nanocrystalline Doped–Tin Oxide Sensor (S. Shukla, R. Agrawal, J. Duarte, H. Cho, S. Seal, L. Ludwig).

PTCR–CO Ceramics as Chemical Sensors (Z.–G. Zhou, Z.–L. Tang, Z.–T. Zhang).

Full Range Dynamic Study of Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensors (D.Y. Wang, E. Detwiler).


Advanced Dielectric Materials Phenomena.

Dielectric Properties of nm–Sized Barium Titanate Fine Particles and Their Size Dependence (S. Wada, T. Hoshina, H. Yasuno, M. Ohishi, H. Kakemoto, T. Tsurumi, M. Yashima).

The Effect of Starting Powders on the Giant Dielectric Properties of the Perovskite CaCu3Ti4O12 by B. Bender, M.–J. Pan Dielectric and Microstructural Properties of Ba(Ti1–XZrX)O3 Thin Films on Copper Substrates (J.F. Ihlefeld, J.–P. Maria, W. Borland).

Effect of A–Site Substitutions on the Microstructure and Dielectric Properties of Bismuth Sodium Titanate–Based Ceramics Exhibiting Morphotropic Phase Boundary (R. Vintila, G. Mendoza–Suarez, J.A. Kozinski, R.A.L. Drew).

High Q (Ba, Sr)TiO3 Interdigitated Capacitors Fabricated on Low Cost Polycrystalline Alumina Substrates with Copper Metallization (D. Ghosh, B. Laughlin, J. Nath, A.I. Kingon, M.B. Steer, J.–P. Maria).

Microwave Dielectric Materials.

Ionic Distribution and Microwave Dielectric Properties for Tungstenbronze–Type Like Ba6–3XR8+2XTi18O54 ( R = Sm, Nd and La ) Solid Solutions (H. Ohsato, M. Suzuki, K. Kakimoto).

Crystal Structure Analysis of Homologous Compounds ALa4Ti4O15 (A=Ba, Sr and Ca) and Their Microwave Dielectric Properties (Y. Tohdo, K. Kakimoto, H. Ohsato, T. Okawa, H. Okabe).

Effects of Ionic Radii and Polarizability on the Microwave Dielectric Properties of Forsterite Solid Solutions (T. Sugiyama, H. Ohsato, T. Tsunooka, K. Kakimoto).

Microwave Characterization of Calcium Fluoride in the Temperature Range 15–300K (M.V. Jacob, J. Mazierska, J. Krupka).

High–Quality 2 Inch La3Ga5.5Ta0.5O14 and Ca3TaGa3Si2O14 Crystals for Oscillators and Resonators (C.F. Klemenz, J. Luo, D. Shah).

Growth of LaAlO3 Single Crystal by Floating Zone Method and its Microwave Properties (S. Suzuki, H. Ohsato, K.–I. Kakimoto, T. Shimada, K. Sasaki, H. Saka).

General Topics in Electronic Ceramics.

Effects of Niobium Addition on Microstructural and Electrical Properties of Lead Zirconate Titanate Solid Solution (PZT 95/5) (P. Yang, J.A. Voigt, M.A. Rodriguez, R.H. Moore, G.R. Burns).

Enhanced Density and Piezoelectric Anisotropy in High Tc PbNb2O6 Based Ferroelectric Ceramics (D. Garcia, M. Venet, A. Vendramini, J.A. Eiras, F. Guerrero).

Electrical Properties of Quaternary Pyrochlore Ruthenates for Thick–Film Resistors (K. Yokoyama, K. Kakimoto, H. Ohsato, J. Kinoshita, Y. Maeda).

Measurement of Complex Permittivity of Low Temperature Co–Fired Ceramic at Cryogenic Temperatures (M.V. Jacob, J. Mazierska, M. Bialkowski).

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Sheng Yao
Bruce A. Tuttle
Clive Randall
Dwight Viehland
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown