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Advances in Dielectric Materials and Electronic Devices. Proceedings of the 107th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, Baltimore, Maryland, USA 2005. Ceramic Transactions Series

  • ID: 2179034
  • Book
  • March 2006
  • Region: United States
  • 324 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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This proceedings contains papers presented at the Advanced Dielectric Materials: Design, Preparation, Processing and Applications; and Advanced Dielectrics for Wireless Communications symposia. Topics include design of material, materials synthesis and processing, processing–microstructure–property relationship, multilayer device materials, thin and thick films, device applications, low temperature co–fired ceramics (LTCC)for multilayer devices, microwave dielectric materials and much more.
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Preface iv

Material Design and Synthesis

Molecular Designing of Fine Particles Using Aerosol Synthesis 3
Dragan Uskokovic and Vukoman Jokanovic

Size Effect of Dielectric Properties for Barium Titnate Particles and its Model Using Two Factors 15
Satoshi Wada,Takuya Hoshina, Hiroaki Yasuno, Masanori Ohishi, Hirofumi Kakemoto, Takaaki Tsurumi, and Masatomo Yashima

Embedded Ceramic Passive on FR–4 Using Aerosol Deposition 27
Yoshihiko Imanaka and Jun Akedo

Novel Routes to Ferroelectric Gadolinium Molybdenum Oxides 39
Allen W. Apblett, Mohamed Chehbouni, and Larry E. Reinhardt

Preparation of High Dispersion Ti02 Powders by Chlorideprocess to Synthesize Ultra Fine Dielectric Powders 47
Hideki Sakai

Two–Phase Ceramic Dielectrics 55
James A. Zaykoski, Curtis A. Martin, Inna G Talmy, and Glenn Zoski

Deposition and Single–Step Processing of YBCO Thick Films for Multilayered Electronics 69
Matthew Lynch, Jonathan Langman, David Clark, and Diane Folz

Laser Transferred Sol–Gel PZTThin Films 77
Baomin Xu, Alexandra Rodkin, James Zesch, David White, Steve Buhler, John Fitch, and Karl Littau

Synthesis and Characterization of C–N Thin Films Deposited on Si (100) Wafer by MPCVD 89
R.S. Kukreja and Raj N. Singh

Novel Dielectric Crystals: Ternary Selenides 95
Ganga Dhar Singh and O.P. Singh

Aerosol Deposition for Fabrication of High Speed Opticalmicro–Scanner 99
J. Akedo and M. Lebedev

Processing and Properties

The Effect of Processing,Tantalum–Replacement, and Lanthanum–Doping on the Dielectric Properties of Lead Magnesium Niobate–Lead Titanate Ceramics 109
Barry Bender and Ming–Jen Pan

Dielectric and Magnetoelectric Properties of 1–X NBT – X BF Solid Solutions 121
S.V. Suryanarayana, E. Venkata Ramana, and T. Bhima Sankaram

The PTCR Effect of Donor–Doped Barium Titanate: Origin of the Surface States at the Grain–Boundary 131
Buyin Lia, Dongxiang Zhoua, Huiqin Huang, and Anthony R. West

Lead–Free Piezoelectric Ceramic Based on (Bi1/2Na1/2)Ti)3–(Bi1/2Kl;2)Ti03–BaTi03 Solid Solution 139
Yuji Hiruma, Yoichi Makiuchi, Rintaro Aoyagi, Hajime Nagata, and Tadashi Takenaka

Large Spontaneous Polarizaion in Suprelattice–Structured Bismuth Layerd Ferroelectric Crystals 147
Tomo Kobayashi.Yuji Noguchi, and Masaru Miyayama

Impact of SrRuOj/LaNiOj Doubly–Stacked Bottom Electrode on the Characteristics of c–Axis–Oriented CaBi4Ti4015 Films 155
Kenji Takahashi, Muneyasu Suzuki, Shoji Okamoto, and Hiroshi Funakubo

Complex Permittivity of Calcium Copper Titanate Ceramics with a Bimodal Grain Size Distribution 165
Ming–Jen Pan and Barry A. Bender

Dielectric and Pyroelectric Behavior of (Ba,—xSrx)Ti03 Composites with Oxide Additives 173
S. Agrawal, James R. Berninghausen, J. Cheng, Ruyan Guo, D. Agrawal, and A. S. Bhalla

Effect of Porosity on the Electrical Properties of Y203–SrTi03 Internal Boundary Layer Capacitors 179
Stephen J. Lombardo

Isotropie Optical Properties of Epitaxial PLZT Thin Films 189
Koichi Niwa, Nobuo Kamehara, Masatoshi Ishii, Keisuke Sato, Masayuki Kato, Kazuaki Kurihara, and Masao Kondo

Characterization and Application of Pb[(Zn1/3Nb2/3)0.91Ti009]O3 Single Crystal with Giant Electromechanical Coupling Factor k31 197
Toshio Ogawa

Dielectric Properties and Phase Transition In Sb/Mn and La/Mn Codoped 33 Ceramics BaTi03 207
Lj.M. Zivkovic, V.V. Mitic, V.V. Paunovic, and M. M. Miljkovic

Processing and Properties of Inorganic/Organic Dielectric Nanocomposites 217
Burtrand I. Lee, Jason Qi, and Gopi Devaraju

Sintering Behavior of Ni–Cu–Zn Ferrites for Multilayer Inductors 225
J. Töpfer, J. Mürbe, E. Müller, and F. Bechtold

Process Variables, Dielectric Properties, and Microstructures of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors with Ni Internal Electrodes 237
Oiquan Feng, Caspar J. McConville, Doreen D. Edwards, Daniel E. McCauley, and Mike Chu


High Performance Barium Strontium Titanate Thin Film Capacitors for Decoupling Applications 251
N. Kamehara, P.C. Mein tyre, K. Kurihara, J. D. Baniecki.T. Shioga, and K. Nomura

Wettability Considerations for Sub–Micron Base Metal Electrodes in BaTi03 Multilayer Capacitors 259
K. S. Weil, E. S. Mast, and V. L. Sprenkle

Internal Stress and Capacitance Aging of BME–MLCCS 267
Yukie Nakano and Takeshi Nomura

Piezoceramic Thin–Film Multilayer Resonators on Crystalline Dielectric Substrates 275
Arthur Ballato

High Performance Thin Films for Microwave Phase Shifter Applications: Device Requirements, Material Design, and Process Science Considerations 287
M.W. Cole, W.D. Nothwang, S. Hirsch, E. Ngo, C Hubbard, and R. G. Geyer

Growth of Single Crystal Ferroelectric Fibers and Tapers for All Fiber Network Applications 297
Man Gu, Hongbo Liu, Zhongxiang Zhou, Redha Pattnaik, Jean Toulouse Amar Bhalla, and Ruyan Guo

Permeability and Adhesion Measurements of Laminated Barium Titanate Green Ceramic Tapes 305
S. J. Lombardo, J. W. Yun, D. S. Krueger, and P. J. Scheuer

Thermodynamics of Tunability in (Ba ^TQ^TIOJ Thin Films 315
E. K. Akdogan and A. Safari

Author Index 323

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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K. M. Nair
Ruyan Guo
Amar S. Bhalla
D. Suvorov
S.–I. Hirano
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown