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Developments in Advanced Ceramics and Composites. A Collection of Papers Presented at the 29th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, Jan 23-28, 2005, Cocoa Beach, FL. Edition No. 1. Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings

  • ID: 2179040
  • Book
  • March 2006
  • Region: Global
  • 398 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Over 40 papers are included in this volume from six symposia held during the 29th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites. Topics include ceramics and environmental applications, characterization tools for materials in extreme environments, functional nanomaterials, biomimetrics, carbon/carbon and ceramic composite materials in friction, multifunctional materials systems and reliability.
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Characterization of MnO-Doped Lanthanum Hexaluminate (LaMnAl11O19) in Terms of Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx by Addition of Hydrocarbon Reductant (HC-SCR) (M. Stranzenbach, B. Saruhan).

High Porosity Cordierite Filter Development for NOx/PM Reduction (I. Melscoet-Chauvel, C. Remy, T. Tao).

Thermal Stability of Cordierite Supported V2O5-WO3-TiO2 SCR Catalyst for Diesel NOx Reduction (Y. Xie, C. Remy, I. Melscoet-Chauvel, T. Tao).

A New Family of Uniformly Porous Composites with 3-D Network Structure (UPC-3D): A Porous Al2O3/LaPO4 In Situ Composite (Y. Suzuki, P.E.D. Morgan, S. Yoshikawa).

Novel, Alkali-Bonded, Ceramic Filtration Membranes (S. Mallicoat, P. Sarin, W.M. Kriven).

Controlling Microstructural Anisotropy During Forming (S.M. Nycz, R.A. Haber).

Characterization of LZSA Glass Ceramics Filters Obtained by the Replication Method (C. Silveira, E. Sousa, E. Moraes, A.P.N. Oliveira, D. Hotza, T. Fey, P. Greil).

Fracture Behavior and Microstructure of the Porous Alumina Tube (C.-H. Chen, S. Honda, H. Awaji).

Tensile Testing of SiC-Based Hot Gas Filters at 600¡ãC Water Vapor (P. Pastila, A.-P. Nikkilä, T. Mäntylä, E. Lara-Curzio).

Quasi-Ductile Behavior of Diesel Particulate Filter Axial Strength Test Bars with Ridges (G.M. Crosbie, R.L. Allor).


Multifunctional Electroceramic Composite Processing by Electrophoretic Depositon (G. Falk, M. Bender, R. Clasen).

Transparent Alumina Ceramics with Sub-Microstructure by Means of Electrophoretic Deposition (A. Braun, M. Wolff, G. Falk, R. Clasen).

Functional Nanoceramic Coatings on Microstructured Surfaces via Electrophoretic Deposition (H. von Both, A. Pfrengle, J. Hauβelt).

High Damping in Piezoelectric Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites (B. Poquette, J. Schultz, T. Asare, S. Kampe, A. Aning).


Preparation Of Large-Scale Carbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon Matrix Composites (C-C) By Thermal Gradient Chemical Vapor Infiltration (TGCVI) (J. Lee, J.H. Park).

Frictional Performance and Local Properties of C/C Composites (S. Ozcan, M. Krkoska, P. Filip).

Humidity and Frictional Performance of C/C Composites (M. Krkoska, P. Filip).

Study of 'Adsorption/Desorption' Phenomena on Friction Debris of Aircraft Brakes (K. Peszynska-Bialczyk, M. Krkoska, A. Pawliczek, P. Filip, K. Anderson).

Friction and Wear of Carbon Brake Materials (J.A. Tanner, M. Travis).

Processing and Friction Properties of 3D-C/C-SiC Model Composites with a Multilayered C-Sic Matrix Engineered at the Nanometer Scale (A. Fillion, R. Naslain, R. Pailler, X. Bourrat, C. Robin-Brosse, M. Brendlé).

Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Boron Carbide Friction Materials (R.J. Shinavski, K.-C. Wang, P. Filip, T. Policandriotes).

Thermal Shock Impact on C/C and Si Melt Infiltrated C/C Materials (SiMI) (D.E. Wittmer, P. Filip).


Post Engine Test Characterization of Self Sealing Ceramic Matrix Composites for Nozzle Seals in Gas Turbine Engines (E. Bouillon, C. Louchet, P. Spriet, G. Ojard, D. Feindel, C. Logan, K. Rogers, T. Arnold).

Dimension Stability Analysis of NITE SiC/SiC Composite Using Ion Bombardments for the Investigation of Reliability as Fusion Materials (H. Kishimoto, T. Hinoki, K. Ozawa, K.-H. Park, S. Kondo, A. Kohyama).

Fracture Strength Simulation of SiC Microtensile Specimens ¿ Accounting for Stochastic Variables (N.N. Nemeth, G.M. Beheim, O.M. Jadaan, W.N. Sharpe, G.D. Quinn, L.J. Evans, M.A. Trapp).

Design and Reliability of Ceramics: Do Modelers, Designers, and Fractographers See the Same World? (G.D. Quinn).

The Effects of Incorporating System Level Variability into the Reliability Analysis for Ceramic Components (R. Carter, O. Jadaan).

Finite-Element-Based Electronic Structure Calculation in Metal/Ceramic Interface Problems (Y. Shiihara, O. Kuwazuru, N. Yoshikawa).

3D FEM Simulation of MLCC Thermal Shock (Y.H. Moon, H.J. Youn).

Analysis of Firing and Fabrication Stresses and Failure in Ceramic-Lined Cannon Tubes (J.H. Underwood, M.E. Todaro, M.D. Witherell, A.P. Parker).


On the Comparison of Additive-Free HfB2-SiC Ceramics Sintered by Reactive Hot-Pressing and Spark Plasma Sintering (F. Monteverde, A. Bellosi).

Dynamic Analyses of the Thermal Stability of Aluminum Titanate by Time-of-Flight Neutron Diffraction (I.M. Low, D. Lawrence, A. Jones, R.I. Smith).

Characterizing the Chemical Stability of High Temperature Materials for Application in Extreme Environments (E. Opila).

Effect of Oxygen Partial Pressure on the Phase Stability of Ti3SiC2 (I.M. Low, Z. Oo, B.H. OConnor, K.E. Prince).

Mechanical Behavior Characterization of a Thin Ceramic Substrate at Elevated Temperature Using a Stereo-Imaging Technique (S. Widjaja, K.L. Geisinger, S.C. Pollard).


Synthesis and Characterization of Cubic Silicon Carbide (â-SiC) and Trigonal Silicon Nitride (á-Si3N4) Nanowires (K. Saulig-Wenger, M. Bechelany, D. Cornu, S. Bernard, F. Chassagneux, P. Miele, T. Epicier).

High Energy Milling Behavior of Alpha Silicon Carbide (M. Aparecida Pinheiro dos Santos, C. Albano da.Costa Neto).

Synthesis of Boron Nitride Nanotubes for Engineering Applications (J. Hurst, D. Hull, D. Gorican).

Comparison of Electromagnetic Shielding in GFR-Nano Composites (W.-K. Jung, S.-H. Ahn, M.-S. Won).

Densification Behavior of Zirconia Ceramics Sintered Using High-Frequency Microwaves (M. Wolff, G. Falk, R. Clasen, G. Link, S. Takayama, M. Thumm).

Manufacturing of Doped Glasses Using Reactive Electrophoretic Deposition (REPD) (D. Jung, J. Tabellion, R. Clasen).

Shaping of Bulk Glasses and Ceramics with Nanosized Particles (J. Tabellion, R. Clasen).

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Manuel E. Brito
Peter Filip
Charles A. Lewinsohn
Ali Sayir
Mark Opeka
William M. Mullins
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown