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Particle and Continuum Aspects of Mesomechanics. Mesomechanics 2007. Edition No. 1

  • ID: 2179072
  • Book
  • May 2007
  • 815 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
This title brings together a variety of papers presented at the 9th annual Meso meeting in 2007. The topics selected for Meso 2007 are designed to illustrate the relation of thresholds to multiscaling:
  • Flow through capillary tubes in contrast to pipes
  • Laminar and turbulent flow transition
  • Heat convection of thin wires in contrast to cylinders
  • Electrical conductance of macro- and nano-circuits
  • Rubbery and glassy polymers
  • Single- and poly-crystal behavior
  • Strength of wires and round cylindrical bars
  • Uni-axial and multi-axial material: linear and non-linear response
  • Thin and thick plate behavior
  • Brittle and ductile fracture
  • Small and large crack growth behavior
  • Low and high temperature effects
  • Local and global material property characteristics
  • Small and large bodies: size and time effects
  • Specimen and structure
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

Section I: Physical Mechanisms of Multiple Damage 1

Multiple hierarchical scale-dependency on physical mechanisms of material damage: macromechanical, microstructural and nanochemical 3
G.c. Sih

Surface layers and inner interfaces as functional subsystems of solid 37
V.E. Panin, S.V. Panin and A.V. Panin

Microstructural evolution in dual-phase steels at high strain-rates 45
M.N. Bassim and A.G. Odeshi

Plastic deformation in single cryctal Ni3Fe (thin and thick plates) 55
S.V. Starenchenko, V.A. Starenchenko and LP. Radchenko

Mechanisms of physical aging in polypropylene 63
G. Guero and T. Vu-Khan

Section II: Physical, Mesoscopical and Multiscale Models 73

Finite element homogeneization for the determination ofthe RYE size for elastoviscoplastic Polycrystalline Materials 75
H. Haddadi and A. Salahouelhadj

An incremental energy based fatigue life calculations method for metallic structures under multiaxial amplitude loadings 83
J. Benabes, N. Saintier, T. Palin-Luc and F. Cocheteux

Meso/micro fatigue crack growth involving crystal structure and crack geometry 91
C.A. Rodopoulos and G. Chliveros

Development of a nonlinear homogeneization method: evaluation and application to a rubber-reinforced material 105
V. Bouchart, M. Brieu, D. Kondo and M. Nait-Abdelaziz

Cavitation of rubber toughened polymer: numerical and experimental investigation 113
N. Belayachi, N. Benseddiq and M. Nail-Abdelaziz

Ductile damage by interface decohesion  123
N. Bonfoh, S. Tiem and P. Lipinski

A multiscale discussion of fatigue and shakedown for notched structures 131
G. Bertolino, A. Constantinescu, M. Ferjani and P. Treiber

Two scale approach for the defect tolerance fatigue design of automotive components 145
H. Gadouini and Y. Nadot

Section III: Film, Layer and Interface 153

Plastic deformation and fracture ofthin metallic films on annealing in terms of the multilevel model ofa deformed solid 155
A.V. Panin and A.R Shugurov

Mesoscopic model for electroactive Composite Films and its applications 163
D. Roy Mahapatra and RV.N. Melnik

Interfaces of one-way glass/epoxy composite in inflexion 171
A. Djebbar and L. Vincent

Point defects ofthe elastic properties oflayered structured nano-materials 183
T.E. Karakasidis, CA. Charitidis and D. Skarakis

DFT study of interactions of water on Kaolinte and Goethite surfaces 191
D. Tunega

Nanolayered MAX phases from ab initio calculations 199
R Ahuja

Section IV: Crack Models and Solutions 205

Fracture initiation at re-entrant corners: experiments and finite fracture mechanics predictions 207
A. Carpinteri, P. Cornetti, N. Pugno, A. Sapora and D. Taylor

Buckling analysis of cracked columns subjected to lateral loads 217
L. Nobile

Micro-cavity effect on the plastic zone size ahead ofthe crack tip in confmed plasticity 229
M. El Meguenni, B. Bachir Bouiadjra, M. Benguediab, A. Ziadi, M. Nait-Abdelaziz and F. ZaYri

Effect of microcrack on plastic zone size ahead of main crack in small-scale plasticity 237
B. Bachir Bouiadjra, M. Benguediab, M. El Meguenni, M. Belhouari, B. Serier and M. Nail-Abdelaziz

Stress intensity factor ofsurface and interface cracks in coating/substrate system 245
Y. Bao, G. Chai, X. Lou and W. Hao

T-stress by stress difference method (SDM) 253
M. Hadj Meliani, H. Moustabchir and Z. Azari

Elasto-inelastic self-consistent model of ellipsoidal inclusion 261
M. Radi and A. Abdul-Latif

Crack propagation in solid oxide fuel cells 271
N. Joulaee, A. Makradi, S. Ahzi and M.A. Khaleel

Elastoplastic solution for an eccentric crack loaded by two pairs of point tensile forces 279
X. Zhou and H. Yang

J-integral and CMOD for cracked cylinders 289
M. Kiric

Oscillating contact of isotropic elastic half-spaces 297
H.Y. Yu

Section V: Nanomateria1s 305

Mechanical properties of thin pulsed laser deposited amorphous carbons and amorphous carbon/silver nanocomposites 307
C.A. Charitidis, P. Patsalas, F. Chouliaras, C. Kosmidis and G.A. Evangelakis

Extension of the Hertz model for accounting to surface tension in nanoindentation tests of soft materials 315
C. Fond, o. Noel and M. Brogly

Multi-scale modeling of tensile behavior of carbon nanotube-reinforced composites 323
K.I. Tserpes, P. Papanikos, G.N. Labeas and S. G. Pantelakis

Mechanical, thermal and electronic properties of nanoscale materials 331
K. Masuda-Jindo, V. Van Hung and M. Menon

SWNT reinforced Ni-Cu nanocomposites 341
B. Lim, B. Kim, B. Sung, J. Choi, u. Shim, S. Oh, C. Kim and S. Baik

Section VI: Electronic and Composite Materials 349

A general piezoelctric interface model: coordinate-free asymptotic derivation and application to the homogenization of piezoelectric composites 351
S.-T. Gu, Q.-C. He and V. Pensee

Effect of non-homogeneous strain on the band structure of semi-conductors due to the end friction under compression tests 359
X.X. Wei and K.T. Chau

Composite based polypropylene 369
D. Pessey, N. Bahlouli, S. Ahzi and J.M. Hiver

Deformation of reinforcement on size effects in metal/metal composite 375
S. Ataya, M. Korthauer and E. El-Magd

Deformation behavior of coal as a composite material and its impacts on permeability in coalbed gas reservoir 385
G.X. Wang, Z.T. Wang, V. Rudolph and P. Massarotto

Characterization of a multi-cracked composite material using ESPI and phase shifting 395
L. Farge, Z. Ayadi, J. Varna and M. Nivoit

Section VII: Brittle Fracture 403

Mechanism of cleavage fracture ofHSLA steels and TiAI alloys 405
C. Jianhong

Strength of brittle materials based on mixture of two Weibull distributions 415
L. Guerra Rosa and 1. Figueiredo

Assessment of brittle failure processes in polyolefins 429
J.P. Dear and N.S. Mason

Computational modelling of damage in glass loaded with a spherical indenter 439
J. Ismail, F. ZaYri, M. Nait-Abdelaziz and Z. Azari

Section VIII: Failure, Creep and Fracture 451

New approach to predicting crack path and instability 453
D.A. Zacharopoulos

A fracture analysis of short glass fibre reinforced SGFR-PA66 461
B. Mouhmid, A. Imad and N. Benseddiq

Elastic and plastic creep mechanism in thin metal films using FEM method 473
Y.-X. Zheng, L.-S. Niu, T.-T. Dai et H.-J. Shi

A new fracture criterion under multiaxial monotonic loading for rubbers 481
A. Hamdi, M. Nait-Abdelaziz and N. Att-Hocine

Section IX: Thermal, Mechanical and Environmental Effects 489

Simulation of chemo-mechanical degradations of undergroung concrete structures 491
E. Stora, B. Bary, Q.-c. He, E. Deville and P. Montarnal

The geometry influence on integrity thresholds for a cracked cylinder 501
M. Kiric and A. Sedmak

Progressive fracture oflaminated fiber-reinforced composite stiffened plate under thenno-mechanicalloads 509
P.K. Gotsis, c.c. Chamis, K. David, D. Xie and F. Abdi

Thermal residual streses related to the sintering process of metal matrix diamond tools 519
P.M. Amaral, C. Anjinho, B. Li, L. Reis, M. de Freias and L. Guerra Rosa

Mechanical and chemical effects of solvent swelling on butyl rubber 527
C. Nohile, P.l. Dolez and T. Vu-Khanh

Section X: Processing and Fabrication 535

Microstructure-based formability characterisation of multi phase steels using damage mechanics 537
V. Uthaisangsuk, U. Prahl and W. Bleck

Advanced materials and processes at the nano/micro scale in covering materials of greenhouses for energy savings 545
C.A. Charitidis, S. Pantelakis, V. Bontozoglou, L. Kontonasios, A. Kavga and P. Charitidis

Effect of PPS matrix evolution during processing of carbon fiber reinforced PPS on the mechanical behaviour of the composite material 553
C.V. Katsiropoulos, P. Lefebure and S.G. Pantelakis

Coupling of hydration and fracture models: failure mechanisms in hydrating cement particle systems 563
L. Tan, G. Ye, E. Schlangen and K. van Breugel

Micro-strain measurement in copper sheets by X-rays diffraction 573
N. Hfaiedh, M. Francois, A. Baczmanski and K. Saanouni

Steady plastic flow of a polymer during ECAE process: experiments and modelling 581
F. Zaui, B. Aour, M. Nait-Abdelaziz, 1. M. Gloaguen and 1.M. Lefebvre

Microscopic transformations explain the modification of the mechanical properties of TRIP steels after galvanization 593
EJ. Petit, 1. Sriti, M. Gilles, 1. Gilgert and Z. Azari

Section XI: Fatigue and Crack Growth 603

Fatigue performance of2139 aluminium alloy laser beam welds following exposure to salt spray environmnent 605
S.G. Pantelakis, AT. Kermanidis, G.A. Papadimitriou, G.N. Haidemenopoulos and A.D. Zervaki

A comparison of the fatigue behaviour ofFSW and MIG weldments of two aluminium alloys 613
P.M.G.P. Moreira, R.A.M. da Silva, M.A.V. de Figueiredo, F.M.F. de Oliveira and P.M.S.T. de Castro

Useful life prediction of rubber materials for refrigerator component 623
C.S. Woo and H.S. Park

Damage by cyclic loading of composite dental materials 631
L. Smata, S. Bouzid and Z. Azari

High temperature oxidation and fatigue ofP122 alloy 641
S.Y. Bae, H. G. Kang, D.B. Lee, C.W. Kim and B.S. Lim

Fatigue crack growth rate under constant amplitude loading and under tensile overloads in sheet and plate 2024 aluminium alloy 649
A.T. Kermanidis, V.K. Spiliadis and S.G. Pantelakis

Residual fatigue damage on the fracture toughness properties 657
P. Cadenas, X. Decoopman, A. Amrouche and G. Mesmacque

Role of stress gradient in fatigue emanating from notch roots using volumetric method 665
G. Pluvinage

Section XII: Vibration, Ultrasonic and Impact 679

Lateral vibration of a cracked free-free beam 681
T.G. Chondros

Ultrasonic impact related to toughness of cast aluminium alloy 691
E.S. Statnikov and V.N. Vityazev

Physics and mechanics of ultrasonic impact 701

Application of ultrasound to accelerate fatigue 711
E.S. Statnikov and V.Y. Korostel

A comparative study of the fatigue resistance of aluminide coatings on P91 steel substrate under cyclic impact loading 721
C. David, K. Anthymidis and D.N. Tsipas

Dynamic behavior ofTiNi cantilever beams with phase transformation 729
Z. Tang, J. Lu, X. Zhang

Section XIII: Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics 739

Magnetic field on stress intensification in soft ferromagnetic materials 741
Y. Shindo, I. Shindo and F. Narita

Pattern formation in the Taylor-Dean flow 749
A. Ait Aider, S. Skali, J.P. Brancher and A. Chahine

Flow field and heat transfer in chaotic-advector fins 761
Q. Dong, K. Wang, S. Kong and Y. Wang

Heat conduction properties of PTFE/graphite-based composites 769
M. Liu, Q. Dong, X. Gu and A. Sun

Section XIV: Micromechanical Damage and Effects 777

A "morphological" approach for modelling the anisotropic damage behaviour of highly-filled particulate composites 779
C. Nadot, S. Dartois, D. Halm, A. Dragon and A. Fanget

Determination ofthe macroscopic plastic yield behaviour of micro cracked materials 789
V. Monchiet, E. Charkaluk and D. Kondo

A non-local anisotropic micromechanics based damage model applied to concrete 797
Q. Zhu and I-F. Shao

Mechanical and hydraulic effective properties of an anisotropic fractured medium 805
J-F. Barthelemy

Index of authors 813

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
George C. Sih East China University of Science and Technology.

Moussa Nait-Abdelaziz Lille University of Sciences and Technology.

Toan Vu-Khanh Universite du Quebec.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown