Thermo-Hydromechanical and Chemical Coupling in Geomaterials and Applications. Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium GeoProc'2008. ISTE

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GeoProc2008 collects the proceedings of the International Conference on Coupled T–H–M–C (thermal, hydraulic, mechanical, chemical) Processes in Geosystems.
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Preface xiii

Keynote Lectures 1

Physical Mechanics of In–Pore Phase Transition 3O. Coussy

Localized Failure in Brittle Rock 25J. W. Rudnicki

Coupled Analysis of Chemo–Mechanical Processes 41A. Gens, L. do N. Guimarães, A. M. Fernández, S. Olivella, M. Sánchez

Drilling Into the San Andreas Fault 59T.–F. Wong

Section 1 Fundamentals of Mechanics of Porous Media 75

A Numerical Model for CO2 Wells Ageing through Water/Supercritical CO2/Cement Interactions 77J. Corvisier, A. Fabbri, F. Brunet, Y. Leroy, B. Goffé, G. Rimmelé, V. Barlet–Gouédard

Study on Shear Stress–Strain Model for Unsaturated Soil 85W. Wang, T. Lu, L. Ji

How Lead Affects the Hydraulic and Microscopic Properties of a Smectite 93H. Souli, J–M Fleureau

Study of Settlements in a Granular Medium by a Probabilistic Approach 101D. Boumezerane, L. Herzine, F. Ouali, B. Tabti

Mechanics of a Soil, a Dynamically Coupled Solid–Water Gas System Conceptual Aspects 113J. P. Oostveen

Mechanics of a Soil, a Dynamically Coupled Solid–Water Gas System Undrained Compression 121J. P. Oostveen

Mechanics of a Soil, a Dynamically Coupled Solid–Water Gas System Shear Compression Interaction 131J. P. Oostveen

Simulation and Contrastive Analysis of Typical Pollutant Transporting 141L. Chen, Y. Liang

Section 2 Experimental Characterization of Coupled T–H–M–C Processes in Porous Media 149

Gas Retention Phenomenon in Dry or Partially–Saturated Concrete: Permeability Assessment 151X. Chen, F. Robert, C. Davy, F. Skoczylas, M. Moranville

Simultaneous Measurement of Expansion and Water Humidity Sorption on Montmorillonitic Clays 161I. Kolarikova, R. Hanus

Effect of Temperature on Migration of Gas and Brine in Compacted Salt 171Y. Cinar, H. Alkan, O. Olafuyi

The effect of Wetting Conditions on the Mechanical Strength of Chalk 179B. Zangiabadi, T. A. Davidian, R. I. Korsnes, K. A. N. Vorland, T. G. Kristiansen, M. V. Madland

Induced Geometry in Chalk during Hydrochloric Acid Stimulation 187E. Omdal, E. Dirdal, K. Ormark, K.A.N. Vorland, R.I. Korsnes, T.G. Kristiansen, T.L. Knutsen, T. Hildebrand–Habel, M.V. Madland

An Experimental Investigation of the Evolution of Rock Poromechanical Properties Associated with Chemical Alteration Processes 195E. Bemer, J–M Lombard

Electrokinetic Treatment of a Natural Silt in Saturated and Unsaturated Conditions 203L. Gabrieli, C. Jommi, G. Musso, E. Romero

Normal Stress–Induced Permeability Reduction of a Fracture in a Large Granite Cylinder 211A.P.S. Selvadurai

Experimental Study of the Water Permeability of a Partially Saturated Argillite 219P. Semete, C. Imbert, P. Desgree, B. Février, A. Courtois, G. Touzé

Application of the Maturity Concept for the Prediction of Restrained Autogenous Shrinkage of Cement  Pastes 231A. Pertué, P. Mounanga, A. Khelidj

Laboratory Experiments on Thermal Effects on Clay Rocks 239C.–L. Zhang, T. Rothfuchs, K. Su

Mechanical Compaction of Porous Sandstone: an Experimental Study using Acoustic Emission (AE)  Monitoring 251J. Fortin, S. Stanchits, G. Dresen, Y. Guéguen

An Analysis of the Pulse Test and the Light of Residual Hydraulic Potentials 259A.P.S. Selvadurai

Section 3 Constitutive Models for T–H–M–C Coupling and Multi–scale Approaches 267

Formulating Material Properties in Coupled Hydro–Mechanical Modeling 269G. Ziefle, J. Maßmann, M. Kohlmeier, W. Zielke

Partially Coupled Fluid Flow Modeling for Stress Sensitive Naturally Fractured Reservoirs 277A.R. Shaik, N.H. Tran, M.A. Aghighi, A.H. Syed, S.S. Rahman

Poromechanical Modeling of Hygric Shrinkage and Crystallization Swelling in Layered Porous Materials 289H. Derluyn, A.S. Poupeleer, D. Van Gemert, J. Carmeliet

Fan–shaped Model of Clay Swelling Process 297M. G. Khramchenkov

Early Age Autogenous Deformations of Cement–Based Materials 305M. Bouasker, F. Grondin, P. Mounanga, A. Khelidj

Identification of the Hydro–Mechanical in–Situ Properties of Tournemire Argillite from Mine–by–test Experiment 313A. Millard, A. Rejeb

Model of Coupled Thermo–Hydraulic Transport in Bentonite Based on Mobile and Immobile Water
Phase 321M. Hokr, D. Frydrych

Orthotropic Anisotropic Damage Coupled Modeling of Saturated Porous Rock 329Y.F. Lu, D.F. Liu

Numerical Evaluation of Effective Transport Properties of Random Cell Models: Two–Point Probability Approach 345A. Rozanski, D. Lydzba, J. F. Shao

Section 4 Numerical Modeling of T–H–M–C Processes 353

Numerical Analysis of the Desaturation Process at the Argillaceous Tournemire Site (France) 355J. Maßmann, G. Ziefle, M. Kohlmeier, W. Zielke, H. Shao, A. Rejeb

Numerical Study of the Influence of Fractures on the EDZ around a Nuclear Waste Emplacement Drift 363X.–T. Feng, J. Rutqvist, P.–Z. Pan

Modeling THM Processes in Rocks with the Aid of Parallel Computing 373R. Blaheta, P. Byczanski, R. Kohut, J. Starý

Influence of Excavation of Disposal Tunnel on the Near–Field Coupled Thermal, Hydraulic and Mechanical Phenomena 381M. Chijimatsu, Y.Tsukada, A. Kobayashi, T. Fujita

The Probabilistic Method: An Efficient Tool to Take into Account the Parameters Variability of Modeling for Durability Design Process F Deby, M Carcasses 391A. Sellier

The Influence of Fractures in the Wall–Block Model Domain in the EDZ using an EPCA Code 399P.–Z. Pan, X.–T. Feng, X.–H. Huang, H. Zhou

Simulations of the Thermo–Hydro–Mechanical Behavior of an Annular Reinforced Concrete Structure Heated up to 200°C 409M. V. G. De Morais, B. Bary, G. Ranc, S. Durand, A. Courtois

Hydraulic Modeling of Unsaturated Zones Around Three Openings at the Argillaceous Tournemire Site (France) 419S. Uehara, A. Kobayashi, M. Chijimatsu, Y. Ohnishi, T. Fujita, A. Rejeb

Modeling of Non–Isothermal THM Coupled Processes In Multi–Phase Porous Media 427W. Wang, H. Shao, O. Kolditz

Scale and Stress Effects on Permeability Tensor of Fractured Rocks with Correlated Fracture Length and Aperture 439A. Baghbanan, L. Jing

3D Fully Coupled Multiphase Modeling of Ekofisk Reservoir 447C. Ringlet, R. Charlier, Ch. Schroeder, F. Collin

Evolution of Permeability in Siliceous Rocks by Dissolution and Precipitation Under
Hydrothermal Conditions 457H. Yasuhara, N. Kinoshita, H. Kurikami, S. Nakashima, K. Kishida

Are Uncertainties on the Spatial Distribution of Rock Properties Influential in Couple
Reservoir/Geomechanical Modeling? 465T. Hu, F. Fournier, J.–J. Royer

Thermo–Hydro–Mechanical Behavior of Concrete at High Temperature 473C. Melhem, H. Boussa, H. Dumontet

Development of Loads in a Shaft Foundation in Salt Rock due to Seasonal Temperature Changes 481S. Krug, J. Hesser, H. Shao

An Analytical Model to Calculate the Stress Field Induced by a Thin Axisymmetric Producing Reservoir 489M. Chertov, M. Thiercelin

Time and Chemical Effects on Rock Sample Failure 499M. Rinne, B. Shen, T. Backers

Effects of Pore Pressure on Failure Process and Acoustic Emissions of Rock Specimen with Pre–existing Random Imperfections 507X.B. Wang

Modeling the Three–dimensional Hydraulic Performance of a Prototype Repository System within Fractured Crystalline Rock 517P. Vardon, H.R. Thomas, P. Cleall

Numerical Simulation of laboratory coupled shear–flow tests for Rock Fractures 525T. Koyama, T. Tsukahara, L. Jing, H. Kawamura, Y. Ohnishi   

Section 5 – T–H–M–C Processes in Durability Mechanics of Concrete and Structures 533

Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete Activation Energy 535A. Kamen, H. Sadouki

Modeling of Mechanical Behavior of Steel Fibre–Reinforced Concrete in a Chemical Evolution Context 543G. Camps, A. Turatsinze, A. Sellier, G. Escadeillas, X. Bourbon

A Model for Hydration–Drying Interactions in the Concrete Cover 553M.D. Nguyen, M. Thiery, P. Belin

Performance Assessment of a Mortar Added with High Calcareous Filler Amounts 563Y. Benachour, C. A. Davy, F. Skoczylas, H. Houari

Modeling of Isothermal Drying Process in Cementitious Materials 571M. Thiery, P. Belin, V. Baroghel–Bouny, M. D. Nguyen

Separation of Damage Mechanisms in Concrete at High Temperature 581C. De Sa, F. Benboudjema, J. Sicard

Experimental Analysis of Concrete Structures Affected by DEF 589R.–P. Martin, D. Siegert, F. Toutlemonde 

Percolation and Early Age Behavior of Concrete 597L. Stefan, F. Benboudjema, J.M. Torrenti, B. Bissonnette

How can a Crack Opening be Extracted from a Continuous Damage Finite Element Computation?  Application for the Estimation of Permeability 605M. Choinska, F. Dufour, G. Pijaudier–Cabot, A. Huerta, A. Khelidj

Effect of Carbonation on the Hydro–Mechanical Properties of Portland Cement 613A. Fabbri, J. Corvisier, A. Schubnel, F. Brunet, J. Fortin, B. Goffé, V. Barlet– Gouédard, G. Rimmele, Y. Leroy

Assessing the Long–Term Behavior of a Radioactive Waste Disposal Tunnel with a Damage Model  Incorporating Chemical Degradation Effects 621A. Kobayashi, M. Chijimatsu, T. Fujita, K. Yamamoto

Thermo–Hydro–Mechanical Behavior of a Petroleum Cement Paste: Chemical
Degradation Effects 629I. Yurtdas, S. Xie, J. Secq, N.Burlion, J.–F. Shao, J. Saint–Marc

Experimental Study of Water Desorption and Shrinkage in Mortars and Cement Pastes 637T. Rougelot, F. Skoczylas, N. Burlion

Section 6 T–H–M–C in Engineering Applications and In–situ Investigations 647

Hydro–Mechanical Response of the Tournemire Argillite to the Underground Openings Excavation: Unsaturated Zones and Mine–by–test Experiment 649A. Rejeb, K. Ben Slimane, J. Cabrera, J.M. Matray, S. Savoye

The Belgian Supercontainer Concept for Radioactive Waste Geological Disposal 657S. Poyet

Comparative Simulation Study on THM–induced Changes in Hydrological Properties of Fractured Rock near Nuclear Waste Repositories 669J. Rutqvist, D. Barr, J.T. Birkholzer, K. Fujisaki, O. Kolditz, Q.–S. Liu, T. Fujita, W. Wang, C.–Y. Zhang

Long–term Response of Near–Field BMT Models around a Deposition Hole by BEM 679H.S. Lee, M. Rinne, B. Shen

Assessment of Modeling Approaches for Analysis of Coupled THMC Processes in the EDZ of Geological Nuclear Waste Repositories 687J. Rutqvist, A. Bäckström, M. Chijimatsu, X.–T. Feng, P.–Z. Pan, J. Hudson, L. Jing, A. Kobayashi, T. Koyama, H.–S. Lee, X.–H. Huang, M. Rinne, B. Shen, E. Sonnenthal

Hydro Mechanical Modeling of Seepage in Gotvand Dam Foundation 697M. Sharifzadeh, R. Nateghi, M. Kiyani

Atomized Rainfall Effect on Stability of Coupling Hydraulic–Mechanical Unsaturated Rock Slope 707Q. Ren, W. YXu

Index of Authors 715

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Jian–Fu Shao
Nicolas Burlion
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