Chemical Sciences in the 20th Century. Bridging Boundaries

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Chemistry in the last century was characterized by spectacular growth and advances, stimulated by revolutionary theories and experimental breakthroughs. Yet, despite this rapid development, the history of this scientific discipline has achieved only recently the status necessary to understand the effects of chemistry on the scientific and technological

culture of the modern world.

This book addresses the bridging of boundaries between chemistry and the other "classical" disciplines of science, physics and biology as well as the connections of chemistry to

mathematics and technology.

Chemical research is represented as an interconnected patchwork of scientific specialties, and this is shown by a mixture of case studies and broader overviews on the history of organic chemistry, theoretical chemistry, nuclear– and cosmochemistry, solid state chemistry, and biotechnology. All of these fields were at the center of the development of twentieth century chemistry, and the authors cover crucial topics such as the emergence of new subdisciplines and

research fields, the science–technology relationship, and national styles of scientific work.

This monograph represents a unique treasure trove for general historians and historians of science, while also appealing to

those interested in the theoretical background and development of modern chemistry.
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Introduction to the History of Theorectical Chemistry and Quantum Chemistry

Issues in the History of Theoretical and Quantum Chemistry, 1927–1960

Italian–German Scientific Relations in the 1930s and the Making of Quantum Chemistry

Theoretical Chemistry in France after World War II


Introduction to the History of Chemistry and Biology

From Genetics to Biochemistry. The Experimental Design of Alfred Kühn′s Ephestia System

Biotechnology Before the Biotech Revolution: Life Scientists, Chemists and Product Development in the 1930s and 1940s

Analysing Practices, Reconsidering Interdisciplinarity: (Bio)chemists and the History of Molecular Biology


Introduction to the History of Radiochemistry, Nuclear chemistry and Astrochemistry

The Discovery of New Elements and the Boundary between Physics and Chemistry in the 1920s and 1930s

The Search for Artificial Elements and the Discovery of Nuclear Fission

From Geochemistry to Astro– and Cosmochemistry: A Historical Survey


Introduction to the History of Solid State Chemistry

The New Science of Materials: A Composite Field of Research

Polymer Science: From Chemistry to an Interdisciplinary Science

At the Boundaries: Michael Polany′s Work on Surfaces and the Solid State


The History of Organic Chemistry
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Carsten Reinhardt
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