Hidden Universe

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For thousands of years man used little but their eyes to observe and record the light from the stars. This changed dramatically 400 years ago when Galileo first turned his telescope towards the heavens, expanding our ability to see and understand the Universe. Yet for the next 350 years, the potential of this magnificent device was limited merely to the tiny sliver of the spectrum visible to human eyes. Only in the last 50 years or so have a series of technological advances given us access to the hidden Universe: the cosmic domains of radio waves, infrared light, ultraviolet light, X–rays...

Layer by layer the cosmic onion has been peeled away to reveal a reality stunningly different from what we thought we knew about a merely visible Universe. This book shows the fundamental change in worldview brought on by expanding our perceptions to cover the full spectrum of light.

Hidden Universe is lavishly illustrated. The striking images are hand–picked and partly created by the authors themselves. Boxes and illustrations give an easily accessible overview of processes, telescopes and backgrounds that make this book not only an interesting but an enjoyable and fun read.
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Foreword by Riccardo Giacconi


1. Light and Vision

2. The View from the Ground

3. Space Observatories

4. The Visible Universe

5. The Infrared Universe

6. The Ultraviolet Universe

7. The Radio & Microwave Universe

8. The X–ray & High Energy Universe

9. The Multi–Wavelength Universe

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"This book is an exhilarating and remarkable voyage into a universe that the naked eye cannot see....Hidden Universe will, without a doubt, open your eyes and your mind to the dramatic and dazzling light–show that is out hidden universe." (Spaceflight, May 2009)

"[This] story of how different telescopes have peeled away layers of the cosmic onion offers a useful counterpoint to the history of the telescopes." (Physics World, March 2009)

"Hidden Universe provides a technical description of efforts to study beyond the visual but has been written in a way which would appeal to amateur astronomers who seek to understand the work of professionals especially in PRO–AM projects. Recommended." (The Astronomer, February 2009)

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