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Due to the rapid advances over the past few years in the field of computer aided biomanufacturing, the crucial information for researchers in the field is scattered throughout numerous journals and thus not readily available. This carefully compiled collection of selected articles from the top Wiley–Blackwell journals on the topic of computer aided biomanufacturing provides the fundamentals necessary to comprehend current computer aided biomanufacturing technologies while also developing new ones.

From the contents:

  • Towards a Multi–Scale Computerized Bone Diagnostic System
  • Hierarchical Starch–Based Fibrous Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications
  • Bacterial and Candida Albicans Adhesion of Rapid Prototyping–Produced 3–D Scaffolds
  • Electric Field Driven Jetting: An Emerging Approach for Processing Living Cells
  • Inkjet Printing of Bioadhesives
  • Laser Microfabrication of Hydroxyapatite–Osteoblast–Like Cell Composites
  • Two Photon Polymerization of Polymer–Ceramic Hybrid Materials for Transdermal Drug Delivery
  • Direct Printing of Bioceramic Implants with Spatially Localized Angiogenic Factors
  • Structural and Mechanical Evaluations of a Topology Optimized Titanium Interbody Fusion Cage
  • Monitoring Muscle Growth and Tissue Changes
  • CAD–CAM Construction of a Provisional Nasal Prosthesis
  • Individually Prefabricated Prosthesis for Maxilla Reconstruction
  • The Use of Rapid Prototyping Didactic Models in the Study of Fetal Malformations
  • Non–Invasive Archaeology of Skeletal Material
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This volume will contain articles from Wiley–Blackwell Jnls covering the following topics:

History of Rapid Prototyping in Medicine

Use of Imaging Modalities in rapid Prototyping

Computer–Assisted Modeling of Tissues

Fused Deposition Modeling

Inkjet Printing

Stereolithography Apparatus and other Photopolymerization Techniques

Selective Laser Sintering

Materials Used in Rapid Prototyping

Future Developments
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The editors:

Professor Paul Calvert, after his graduation at MIT, has served at various institutions, e.g. the University of Arizona before assuming his position at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. His research projects comprise e.g. bio–mimetic materials, diffusion and permeability in polymers, intelligent materials, conducting polymers, and tissue engineering. As editorial board member for the Journal Advanced Materials he is well experienced with publishing and entrenched with the community.

Roger Narayan is Associate Professor at the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering of North Carolina State University. Earlier assignments have taken him e.g. to Oak Ridge National Lab. His research centers on biomedical engineering including biomaterials and nanoscale systems, intelligent systems, biomedical sensors, as well as nanoelectronics and photonics. He also has publishing experience with Journal boards.
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