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The Air & Waste Management Association is a nonprofit technical and educational organization with 13,000 members worldwide. Founded in 1907, the Association attracts decision makers from government agencies, industry, and the academic and research communities who exchange technical and managerial information about air pollution control and waste management. The Association serves these members and the public by promoting environmental responsibility and providing technical and managerial leadership in the fields of air and waste management. Dedication to these objectives enables the Association to work toward its goal: a cleaner environment. About the Book An important way for improving competitiveness in industry is to improve technology transfer among industry, academia, and government. This unique resource provides the first single–source access to the details of university research being conducted on a number of critical technologies in environmental management. The Air, Waste and Environmental Research Faculty Profile Directory contains profiles of researchers in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada who are working in such diverse areas as air and groundwater pollution, hazardous and nonhazardous waste, liquid and solid waste, municipal solid waste, rivers and streams, ecological and health effects of various pollution sources, and many other areas. Included is information on funding sources, staff size, and the willingness of researchers to perform as expert witnesses.
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About the Editors C. Gary Hughes, Jon D. Bender, and Gary A. Ruggles are affiliated with Synergistic Technologies, Inc. (STI), a company that creates, publishes, and distributes intellectual resource directories and electronic databases profiling key high–technology areas, including: microelectronics, biotechnology, environmental and waste management, and advanced engineered materials. The publications and databases from STI serve a wide range of communities, from industry and government to academia. STI has served a key role in bringing a variety of commercially ready technologies to the market by assisting both faculty and/or industry in finding a potential user and/or developer through the brokering of the technology in question. Synergistic Technologies, Inc. is pleased to have assisted in creating this unique directory resource. Because it has been compiled by scientists to assist funding organizations and agencies in their strategic placement of research funds, the data herein is concise as well as specific to the industry. Too often, the "general information gatherers" assemble information that has little to do with key issues facing the technologist. In breaking this paradigm, STI has partnered with leading industry–related associations, consortia, and institutions to assure that its data are accurate, usable, and relevant.
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