Bacillus thuringiensis. Biology, Ecology and Safety

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The third edition of this highly successful manual is not only a revised text but has been extended to meet the interpretive needs of Raman users as well as those working in the IR region. The result is a uniquely practical, comprehensive and detailed source for spectral interpretation. Combining in one volume, the correlation charts and tables for spectral interpretation for these two complementary techniques, this book will be of great benefit to those using or considering either technique.

In addition to the new Raman coverage the new edition offers:

∗ new section on macromolecules including synthetic polymers and biomolecules;

∗ expansion of the section on NIR (near infrared region) to reflect

∗ recent growth in this area;

∗ extended chapter on inorganic compounds including minerals and glasses;

∗ redrawn and updated charts plus a number of new charts

∗ covering data new to this edition.

This new edition will be invaluable in every industrial, university, government and hospital laboratory where infrared (FT–IR) and Raman spectral data need to be analysed.
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Natural Occurrence and Role in the Environment.

Production and Formulation.

Toxicity to Insects.

Effects on Non–target Microbes and Invertebrates.

Effects on Vertebrates.

Persistence and Activity in the Environment.

Insect and Environmental Factors Affecting Toxicity.

Transmission and Dispersal.

Effects in Combination with Other Insecticidal Agents.

Gene Transfer.

Transgenic Use of Bt Toxin Genes.


Conclusions: Safety and Risks.



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"The book can be recommended as a comprehensive and valuable source of information" (Journal of Plant Physiology, Vol 158/7, 2001)

"This is a useful complement to the Bacillus thuringiensis literature that will find application in both teaching and research." (Microbiology Today, February 2002)

"I recognise and salute the Herculean effort that was involved in producing a review of this scope and magnitude" (Biocontrol Science & Technology, No. 12 2002)
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