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Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion II

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This volume explores research related to energy conversion devices and related fundamental mechanisms, particularly in the field of fuel cell research, hydrogen storage, and superconductors. With an emphasis on fundamentals and applications of materials science and engineering related to energy conversion, this volume focuses on recent advances made in the general field of conversion, storage, and transmission of energy. Fuel cells, hydrogen and tritium storage, batteries, superconductors, magnets, membrane materials, thermal energy storage materials, photovoltaics, and related topics are discussed.

From 2004 TMS Annual Meeting to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, March 14–18, 2004.

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Overview of Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion II Symposium (D. Chandra, R.G. Bautista, and L. Schlapbach).

Energy Crisis Fact or Fiction? (B.B. Rath).

Advanced Materials Research in Photovoltaics: Progress and Challenges(abstract only) (T. Surek).

Fuel Cell Materials and Components (G.J. Snyder and S.M. Haile).

A New Means of Chemical Energy Conversion by Semiconductors (A.Y. Kabansky and V.V. Styrov).

Hydrogen Storage A Critical Challenge to the Hydrogen Economy (R.H. Jones).

International Hydrogen Storage R&D in IEA Task 17 (G. Sandrock).

Efficient Formation of Active Silica and Doped and Metal Seeded Titaniafor Visible Light Tunable Photocatalysis: Application to Microreactors,Solar Cells, and Sensors (J.L. Gole, M. White, A. Fedorov and C. Burda).


Solid State and Surface Phenomena in Energy Transformation Materials(abstract only) (L. Schlapbach).

Novel Hydrides with [Al–H] Bonding Synthesized by Hydrogenation ofIntermetallic Compounds (E. Akiba, Z.Q. An and Y. Nakamura).

Intermetallic Compounds for Hydrogen Gas Storage: A Review (J.–M. Joubert, M. Latroche and A. Percheron–Guégan).

Low and High Pressure Hydrogen Storage in V–0.5 at.%C Alloy(abstract only) (D. Chandra, A. Sharma, J.R. Wermer, W.K. Cathey, R.C. Bowman and F.E. Lynch).

Neutron Metrology for the Hydrogen Economy (T.J. Udovic, M. Arif, C.F. Majkrzak, D.L. Jacobson, T. Yildirim, D.A. Neumann, J.J. Rush and A.M. Pivovar).

Sensing of Hydrogen in Advanced Ni–MH Battery Materials (B. Mishra, D.L. Olson and P. Termsuksawad).


The State–of–the–Art of Alanates Development for Hydrogen Storage(abstract only) (K. Gross).

Metal–Hydrogen Complex Compounds as Hydrogen Storage Materials (S. Suda, Y. Iwase, N. Morigasaki and Z.–P. Li).

Electronic Structure Study of Hydrogen Storage Materials (M. Gupta and J.–C. Crivello).

Lithium–Based Aluminohydrides: From Basic Science to Future EnergyApplications (abstract only) (V.K. Pecharsky, V.P. Balema, J. Wiench and M. Pruski).

Hydrogen Storage Propertes of Li–Based Complex Hydrides (S.–i. Orimo and Y. Nakamori).

Doped Sodium Aluminum Hydride: New Evidence for Bulk DopantSubstitution (abstract only) (C.M. Jensen, M. Conradi, T. Kiyobayashi, D. Sun, W. Niemczura, S. Brady, K. Murphy, S. Eaton, S.S. Srinivasan, J. Rijssenbeek and M. Kuba).

Studies of Ti Dopant in Single Crystal Sodium Aluminum Hydrides(abstract only) (E.H. Majzoub, D.R. Tallant and V. Ozolins).

Dehydrogenation Process of Titanium and Zirconium Doped Alanates (T. Kiyobayashi, T. Akita, S.S. Srinivasan, D. Sun, S. Sangawa, H.T. Takeshita, C.M. Jensen and N. Kuriyama).


Complex Metal Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage:What Are Their Limits Of Performance? (abstract only) (K. Yvon).

Electrochemical Insertion of Lithium into Si–C Composite Prepared byMechanical Ball Milling (J.–Y. Lee, Y.–M. Kang, K.–T. Kim, Y.–J. Lee, Y.–M. Kim, S.–J. Lee and K.–Y. Lee).

Structural and Thermodynamic Aspects of Alanates for Hydrogen Storage(abstract only) (K.J. Gross).

Hydrogen Storage in Graphitic Nanofibres (abstract only) (G.S. Walker).

Alkaline–Earth Metals and Alloys for Energy Storage (abstract only) (H.T. Takeshita).

A Mechanism for Sodium Alanate Decomposition (abstract only) (R.T. Walters and J.N. Scogin).

Outgassing in the LiD/liOH System (L.N. Dinh, M.A. Schildbach, W.J. Siekhaus and W. McLean II).


The Role of Defects on the Hydrogen Storage Capacity of Metals(abstract only) (R. Kirchheim, A. Pundt, C. Kluthe and M. Suleiman).

Hysteresis in the Reversible Storage of Hydrogen in Metals (abstract only) (R.B. Schwarz and A. Khachaturyan).

Diffraction Studies of Alanates (H.W. Brinks, B.C. Hauback, D. Blanchard, C.M. Jensen, M. Fichtner and H. Fjellvag).

Advances in Hydrogen Storage (A.J. Maeland and B.C. Hauback).

Preparation of Nanoscale/Nanocomposite Materials Using Hydrogen DrivenMetallurgical Reactions (J.J. Reilly, J.R. Johnson, R. Klie and J. Wegrzyn).

Development of Palladium Composite Membranes for Hydrogen Separation (S.N. Paglieri, S.A. Birdsell, R.C. Snow, F.M. Smith and C.R. Tewell).

Hydrogen Storage Properties of Li Related and C Related Materials (T. Ichikawa and H. Fujii).


Refraction of Diffusion Fronts: Hydrogen in Y/V Bilayers (A. Remhof, D. van Mechelen and R.J. Wijngaarden).

Separation of Small Amounts of Tritium from Nitrogen and Argon GasStreams (abstract only) (J.R. Wermer and D.W. Howard).

Relations Between Characteristics of Oxidation Overlayers and HydrideDevelopment on Polycrystalline Uranium Surfaces (abstract only) (M. Brill, J. Bloch, Y. Ben–Eliyahu, D. Hamawi, T. Livneh and M.H. Mintz).

Effects of Surface Conditions and Thermomechanical Processing onUranium Hydride Kinetics (abstract only) (D.F. Teter and R.J. Hanrahan).

Reaction of Oxygen with Uranium Hydride (G.L. Powell).

Thermal Desorption Measurements of Hydrogen on Uranium MetalSurfaces (abstract only) (Q.G. Grindstaff).

Reaction of Hydrogen with an Organic Hydrogen Getter (G.L. Powell).


Control of Magnetocaloric Effects by Hydrogen Absorption IntoLa(FexSi1–x)13 Magnetic Refrigerants (K. Fukamichi, A. Fujita and S. Fujieda).

Advances in Magnetic Cooling (abstract only) (K.A. Gschneidner and V.K. Pecharsky).

Rare–Earth Free Magnetostrictive Fe–Ga–X Alloys for Actuators andSensors (P. Mungsantisuk, R. Corson and S. Guruswamy).

Hydrogen Permeation of Ternary Ni–Ti–Nb Alloys (K. Hashi, K. Ishikawa, T. Matsuda and K. Aoki).

Effect of Reversible and Irreversible Trapping on Hydrogen InducedCracking Resistance of Steel Sets (SS) and Rock Bolts (RB) Proposed forYucca Mountain (YM) Repository (abstract only) (J. Lamb, D. Chandra, V. Arjunan, V.P. Deodeshmukh, J. Daemen and D.A. Jones).

The Influence of Group IVA Elements on the Magnetostriction of Fe (R.P. Corson, P. Mungsantisuk and S. Guruswamy).

Influence of Ordering on the Magnetostriction of Fe–(27.5 y) at.%Ga–y at.% Al Alloys (R.C. Chandler, P. Mungsantisuk and S. Guruswamy).


Origin of the Entropy of Intercalation of Li into LixCoO2 (B. Fultz, Y. Reynier, J. Graetz, T. Swan Wood, P. Rez and R. Yazami).

Recent Developments in Materials, Design and Concepts for Bipolar/EndPlates in PEM Fuel Cells (A. Kumar and R.G. Reddy).

Vibrational Energy Scavenging Via Thin Film Piezoelectric Ceramics (E.K. Reilly, E. Carleton, S. Roundy and P. Wright).

In–Situ Production of Nano–Structured Ceramics by Spray SolutionTechnique (K. Konstantinov, Z.W. Zhao, L. Yuan, H.K. Liu and S.X. Dou).

Design of an On–Chip Secondary Lithium Ion Polymer Microbattery forMillimeter–Scale Wireless Nodes (D. Steingart, C. Ho, J.W. Evans and P.K. Wright).

Processing and Properties of Nickel Foams for Battery Electrodes(abstract only) (D.S. Wilkinson and V. Paserin).

Surface Modification of Spinel LiMn2O4 Cathode Material by Li2O 2B2O3 Glass in Lithium Ion Batteries (H.W. Chan, J.G. Duh and S.R. Sheen).

Amorphous Manganese Oxide as Electrode Material for ElectrochemicalCapacitors (R.N. Reddy and R.G. Reddy).


Advances in Thermoelectric Materials Leading to Reliable, Clean EnergySolutions (abstract only) (G.J. Snyder).

Thermoelectric Properties of Several P– And N–Type Half–HeuslerCompounds and Effects of Dopants (Y. Hayashi, S.–W. Kim, Y. Kimura and Y. Mishima).

Thermoelectric Properties and Microstructure of P–Type Bi2Te3–Sb2Te3Prepared by Powder Consolidation Using Equal Channel AngularExtrusion (abstract only) (J.–t. Im, K.T. Hartwig and J. Sharp).

The Enhancement of High Temperature Thermoelectric Properties ofTi–Ni–Sn Based Half–Heusler Compounds (S.W. Kim, Y. Kimura and Y. Mishima).

Recent Developments in Superconducting Materials for Energy Conversion (K.P. Cooper, H.N. Jones III and C.S. Pande).

Fracture and Residual Stress in Piezoelectric Thin Films for MEMS (D.F. Bahr, M.S. Kennedy, M.C. Robinson, K.E. Shafer, C.D. Richards and R.F. Richards).

Thermal Energy Storage Investigations in Binary System ofNeopentylglycol and Tris(Hydroxymethyl)Aminomethane (W.–M. Chien, D. Chandra and J. Hansen).

An Overview of Piezoelectric Composites Design and Applications (M. Coleman and R.G. Bautista).


Methane Cracking Properties of Nitrided Zr–Mn–Fe–Al Getters (S.N. Paglieri, J.R. Wermer, H. Oona and J.D. Baker).

Zirconium Iron Disproportionation During Hydriding Reactions in NuclearGettering Operations (M. Coleman, D. Chandra, J. Wermer and T.J. Udovic).

Heat Capacities and Phase Equilibrium of Pentaglycerine andNeopentylglycol Binary System (W.–M. Chien, A. Price and D. Chandra).

Energy Benefits of Using Nickel Aluminide Intermetallic Alloy FurnaceRolls and New Damper Controls at ISG Burns Harbor Plate s AnnealingFurnace (abstract only) (P. Angelini, V. Sikka, M. Santella, A. Martocci, J. Mengel and L. Fabina).

Phase Equilibrium and Thermal Property Studies of Pentaerythritol and2–Amino–2–Methyl–1,3–Propanediol Binary System (W.–M. Chien, D. Chandra and R. Russell).


Processing of Templated Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Nanofiber Arraysfor Hydrogen Storage (J.C. LaCombe and G.P. Sklar).

The Hydriding Kinetics of Organic Hydrogen Getters (G.L. Powell).

Author Index.

Subject Index.

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Dhanesh Chandra
Renato G. Bautista
Louis Schlapbach
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