Neighbourhood Renewal and Housing Markets. Community Engagement in the US and the UK. Real Estate Issues

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Development of cities, the renewal of residential and older industrial neighbourhoods, together with issues of race, polarisation and inequality has remained at the forefront of policy and academic enquiry across Europe and North America. This book offers a forum for informed debate on critical themes from the role of the state, to displacement of communities.

The processes of privatisation, deregulation and the changing structure of cities with the decline of manufacturing industry are moving the agenda on, revealing complex and deep–seated problems which need needing practical and radical solutions.

Neighbourhood Renewal & Housing Markets: community engagement in the US & UK provides an important new contribution to these debates and highlights specific issues and developments crucial to an understanding of residence, renewal and community empowerment in the UK and the US. The book presents original research material related to both countries, a discussion of the transferability of experience between these and a discussion of the issues emerging from the consideration of the two in parallel.

The book is grouped into four sections: Policy and Demographic Change; Changing Cities and Neighbourhoods; Institutions and Change Agents; and Conflict, Participation and Power.

With contributors from both sides of the Atlantic, the book reflects the interests both of the academic research community and policy communities. Robust and research based, the material also directly engages with issues around policy and delivery.

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1. Introduction.


2. A United Kingdom? Changing Spatial, Ethnic and Tenure Patterns in England.

3. More Pluribus, Less Unum? The Changing Geography of Race and Opportunity.


4. Reflecting on New York City s Housing Policy: 1987–2004.

5. Changing Housing Markets, Race and Community: Policy and Practice in Birmingham.

6. Race and Public Housing transformation in the United States.

7. Living Parallel Lives? Housing, Residential Segregation and Community Cohesion in England.


8. Resistance and Change: Political and Community Mobilisation in Harlem.

9. The Transformation of English Housing Associations: Responding to Change.

10. The Fall (and Rise) of Community Development Corporations and Black and Minority Ethnic Housing Associations.


11. Housing, Regeneration and Change in the UK: Estate Regeneration in Tower Hamlets, East London.

12. Erasing the Community in Order to Save it? Reconstruction Community and Property in Community Development.

13. Communities, Networks and Power: Is there a Localisation of Decision–Making.


14. Towards a New Policy Agenda

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"A thorough, practical and thoughtful overview of the complexities that characterise housing and residence patterns."Planning in London

"Drawing on a rich array of experiences and scholarship, the writers offer numerous useful insights into policy topics, trends and implications." Housing Studies

"The book is a useful document for academics and practitioners who are involved in urban regeneration, segretation, and community development." European Journal of Housing Policy

The conclusions are well written by the editor. They accurately describe and compare the value of the different contributions in the book. This edited volume contributes enormously to our understanding of the policy responses and the involvement of various parties in this process. For urban scholars and students the book provides a wealth of good empirical material to think about and discuss with each other. Hopefully the key issues for research that conclude the book will lead to more and much–needed research in this field. Journal of Housing and the Built Environment

′This is an exciting and important book. It contains a wealth of material on topics that include community renewal, ethnic relations, participation, conflict, and urban change. It successfully bridges the transatlantic divide, offering a wide array of valuable insights for researchers, policy–makers and students. The collection is particularly successful in combining broader conceptual and analytical work with detailed material on policy issues and experiences.′Malcolm Harrison, Professor of Housing and Social Policy, University of Leeds

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