Multielement Detection Systems for Spectrochemical Analysis. Chemical Analysis: A Series of Monographs on Analytical Chemistry and Its Applications

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Presents a unified treatment of multichannel detection systems in the uv/visible range of the spectrum as they relate to multielement spectrochemical analysis. Bridges the gap between the physics and engineering aspects of multichannel detection and analytical chemistry. First section deals with the foundation optical principles of modern experimental spectroscopy. Second section treats the basic operation of detectors for optical spectroscopy, and the third discusses topics related to combining detectors with optical spectrometers to produce detection systems for multielement analysis.
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Principles of Optics and Radiometry.

Principles of Diffraction.

Spectrographs and Spectrometers.

Dispersive Spectrometers That Use Masks.

Principles of Interference.

Introduction to Fourier Transform Spectroscopy.

Principles of Photographic Detection.

Introduction to Photoelectronic Detection.

Introduction to Image Detectors.

Solid–State Image Detectors.

Systems Approach to the Design of Instruments for Multielement Analysis.

Introduction to Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy.

Survey of Transform Spectrometric Systems.

Nontransform Detection Systems.


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About the authors Kenneth W. Busch, PhD, is Professor of Chemistry at Baylor University, Waco, Texas. Dr. Busch received his doctorate in analytical chemistry from Florida State University in 1971. He has been a visiting professor of chemistry at both Cornell University and with the California Institute of Technology, and a consultant with the Office of Energy–Related Inventions, the National Bureau of Standards. He and his group at Baylor are currently engaged in, among other things, the development of multielement detection systems for spectrochemical analysis, the application of infrared emission spectroscopy, and analytical problems of environmental concern. Marianna A. Busch, PhD, is Associate Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Baylor University, Waco, Texas. Dr. Busch received her doctorate in physical inorganic chemistry from Florida State University, where she specialized in infrared and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrochemical analysis. She has studied at Heidelberg University and as a Fulbright Scholar at Victoria University in New Zealand, and has been a visiting research scientist at E.I. du Pont de Nemours, Cornell University, and the California Institute of Technology. She is a consultant with the Office of Energy–Related Inventions of the National Bureau of Standards and is involved in the development of instrumentation for the detection and analysis of infrared emission from hot gaseous sources.
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