Networks and Telecommunications. Design and Operation. 2nd Edition

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Telecommunications network design and operation is now widely regarded as an issue of business management as well as electrical engineering. In this updated edition, Martin Clark, a pioneer of this perspective, applies it to the increasingly complex and diverse realm of voice, data and multimedia networks. Written in an accessible style and clearly illustrated throughout, this is a basic, practical and intuitive insight into modern network engineering with sections including:

∗ Technical accounts of modern voice, data and multimedia networks

∗ Coverage of ATM, B–ISDN, SDH, mobile radio and satellite networks, Internet and TCP/IP

∗ Practical aspects of running and setting–up networks

∗ Running a business based on telecommunications

A text specifically for readers new to the whole subject of telecommunications, and professional telecommunications managers who need an introduction and reference work on all aspects of technology, operational techniques and regulation.
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Information and its Conveyance.

Introduction to Signal Transmission and the Basic Line Circuit.

Long–Haul Communication.

Data and the Binary Code System.

Digital Transmission and Pulse Code Modulation.

The Principles of Switching.

Setting up and Clearing Connections.

Transmission Systems.

Data Network Principles and Protocols.


Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN).

Intelligent Networks and Services.

Signalling System No.


Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) and Synchronous Optical Network (SONET).

Operator Assistance and Manual Services.

Mobile Telephone Networks.

Cordless Telephony and Radio in the Local Long (RILL).

Fibre in the Loop (FITL) and Other Access Networks.


Packet Switching.

Local Area Networks (LANs).

Frame Relay.

Campus and Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs).

Electronic Mail, Internet and Electronic Message Services.

The Message Handling System (MHS).

Mobile and Radio Data Networks.


Broadband, Multimedia Networks and the B–ISDN.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM).


Telecommunications Management Network (TMN).

Network Routing, Interconnection and Interworking.

Network Numbering and Addressing Plans.

Teletraffic Theory.

Traffic Monitoring and Forecasting.

Network Traffic Control.

Practical Network Transmission Planning.

Quality of Service (QOS) and Network Performance (NP).

Charging and Accounting for Network Use.

Maintaining the Network.

Containing Network Overload.

Network Economy Measures.

Network Security Measures.

Technical Standards for Networks.


Building, Extending and Replacing Networks.

Selecting and Procuring Equipment.


Meeting Business Needs and Creating Competitive Edge.

Network Regulation and Deregulation.

Corporate Networks.

Public Networks and Telecommunications Service Providers.


Glossary of Terms.

Glossary of Abbreviations.

ISO Two–Letter Country Code Abbreviations (ISO 3166).

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Martin P. Clark is a freelance consultant in telecommunications, IT, business management and strategy. A veteran of the public telecommunications services industry, Martin planned international telephone networks for British Telecom International in the early 1980s when it was still part of the UK Post Office. Having experienced the privatisation of British Telecom and market deregulation in the UK, Martin moved to Germany in the early 1990s, where he wrote the business plan and project managed the first fixed network competitor to Deutsche Telekom. The company became Vodafone Germany. Since the late 1990s, Martin has been involved in a number of successful technology start–ups, as well as a NASDAQ IPO, and amassed a huge breadth of technological experience, covering data networking, broadband, radio and mobile networks. Martin works as an independent consultant in telecommunications, IT and business strategy.

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