Metal-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions. 2nd, Completely Revised and Enlarged Edition

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In this second, completely revised and enlarged edition, Francois Diederich is joined by Armin de Meijere in bringing together in two comprehensive volumes everything of importance related to C–C and C–N cross–coupling reactions.

The range of applications covered extends from the synthesis of complex natural materials via supramolecular chemistry right up to materials science. Internationally renowned experts pass on to the reader the current level of knowledge, while critical analyses of the latest developments and applications allow users to quickly decide for themselves on which strategies are available for solving their synthesis problems. In particular the experimental guidelines for key reactions developed by the authors for the widest possible range of applications testify to the practical advantages this handbook offers every organic chemist.
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Mechanistic Aspects of Metal–Catalyzed C,C– and C,X–Bond Forming Reactions

Metal–Catalyzed Cross–Coupling Reactions of Organoboron Compounds

Organotin Reagents in Cross–Coupling

Organosilicon Compounds in Cross–Coupling Reactions

Cross–Coupling of Organyl Halides with Alkenes –

The Heck Reaction

Cross–Coupling Reactions to sp Carbon Atoms

Carbometallation Reactions

Palladium–Catalyzed 1,4–Additions to Conjugated Dienes

Cross–Coupling Reactions via pi–Allyl Intermediates

Palladium–Catalyzed Coupling Reactions of Propargylic Compounds

Carbon–Carbon Bond Forming Reactions Mediated by Organozinc Reagents

Palladium–Catalyzed Aromatic Carbon–Nitrogen Bond Formation

The Directed ortho–Metalation Cross–Coupling Nexus

Palladium– or Nickel–Catalyzed Cross–Couling with Organometals Containing Zinc, Aluminium, and Zirconium

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"... this book provides a very broad and interesting overview of what has been done in the particular field over the last years and every major advance is described and properly referenced. ... The chapters are all written by internationally recognized leaders in the field and are of uniformly high quality providing an excellent insight into the material." Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis

"... will be widely appreciated and should be the book to which researchers refer to expand their knowledge of metal–catalyzed cross–coupling chemistry and its usefulness." Journal of the American Chemical Society

"... covers the important developments in cross–coupling methodology ... highly recommended." CHOICE

"... thoroughly referenced, consistently well written, clear and free from errors ...This is an absolutely essential reference work and it is highly recommended for anyone engaged in the field of organic synthesis."

Applied Organometallic Chemistry

"... a valuable resource for scientists, instructors and graduate students in the areas of organometallic synthesis." E–STREAMS

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