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Advances in Ceramic Armor. A Collection of Papers Presented at the 29th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, January 23-28, 2005, Cocoa Beach, Florida, Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings. Volume 26, Number 7

  • ID: 2183658
  • Book
  • March 2006
  • Region: Global, United States
  • 300 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Contains over 30 papers on the development and incorporation of ceramic materials for armor applications. Topics include impact and penetration modeling, dynamic and static testing to predict performance, damage characterization, non–destructive evaluation and novel material concepts.
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Some Observations on the Strength of Failed Ceramic (G.R. Johnson, T.J. Holmquist).

Modeling Dynamically Impacted Ceramic Material Experiments (B. Leavy, B. Rickter, M.J. Normandia).

Modeling Spherical Indentation Experiments onto Silicon Carbide (T. Holmquist).

Analysis of Time–Resolved Penetration of Long Rods into Glass Targets (C.E. Anderson, Jr., I.S. Chocron, J.D. Walker).

A Constitutive Model for Damaged and Powder Silicon Carbide (S. Chocron, K.A. Dannemann, A.E. Nicholls, J.D. Walker, C.E. Anderson).

Designs and Simulations of Ballistic–Resistant Metal/Ceramic Sandwich Structures (Y. Liang, R.M. McMeeking, A.G. Evans).

Considerations on Incorporating XCT into Predictive Modeling of Impact Damage in Armor Ceramics (J.M. Wells).

Failure Wave Propagation in Brittle Substances (M.A. Grinfeld, S.E. Schoenfeld, T.W. Wright).

Fabrication and Simulation of Random and Periodic Macrostructures (R.McCuiston, E. Azriel, R. Sadangi, S. Danforth, R. Haber, D. Niesz, J. Molinari).


The Correlation of Microstructural and Mechanical Characteristics of Silicon Carbide with Ballistic Performance (I. Pickup).

High Strain Rate Compression Testing of Ceramics and Ceramic Composites (W.R. Blumenthal).

Recent Advancements in Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) Technique for Small Strain Measurements (B.A. Gama, S.L. Lopatnikov, J.W. Gillespie, Jr.).

Compression Testing and Response of SiC–N Ceramics: Intact, Damaged and Powder (K.A. Dannemann, A.E. Nicholls, S. Chocron, J.D. Walker, C.E. Anderson, Jr.).

Damage Effects on the Dynamic Response of Hot–Pressed SiC–N (H. Luo, W. Chen).

Effects of Porosity Distribution on the Dynamic Behavior of SiC (S.R. Martin, M. Zhou).

Effect of Room–Temperature Hardness and Toughness on the Ballistic Performance of SiC–Based Ceramics (D. Ray, R.M. Flinders, A. Anderson, R.A. Cutler, W. Rafaniello).

The Penetration of Armor Piercing Projectiles through Reaction Bonded Ceramics (P.J. Hazell, S.E. Donoghue, C.J. Roberson, P.L. Gotts).

The Effective Hardness of Hot Pressed Boron Carbide with Increasing Shock Stress (C.J. Roberson, P.J. Hazell, P.L. Gotts, I.M. Pickup, R. Morrell).

Hardness and Hardness Determination in Silicon Carbide Materials (A. Rendtel, B. Moessner, K.A. Schwetz).


Sphere Impact Induced Damage in Ceramics: I. Armor–Grade SiC and TiB2 (J.C. LaSalvia, M.J. Normandia, H.T. Miller, D.E. MacKenzie).

Sphere Impact Induced Damage in Ceramics: II. Armor–Grade B4C and WC (J.C. LaSalvia, M.J. Normandia, H.T. Miller, D.E. MacKenzie).

Sphere Impact Induced Damage in Ceramics: III Analysis (J.C. LaSalvia, M.J. Normandia, H.T. Miller, D.E. MacKenzie).

A Comparison of Ceramic Materials Dynamically Impacted by Tungsten Carbide Spheres (M. Normandia, D. MacKenzie, B. Rickter).


Ultrasonic Techniques for Evaluation of SiC Armor Tile (J.S. Steckenrider, W.A. Ellingson, J. Wheeler).

Non–Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of Ceramic Armor: Fundamentals (R. Brennan, R. Haber, D. Niesz, J. McCauley, M. Bhardwaj).

Non–Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of Ceramic Armor: Testing (R. Brennan. R. Haber, D. Niesz, J. McCauley).

On Non–Destructive Evaluation Techniques for Ballistic Impact Damage in Armor Ceramics (J.M. Wells).


Static and Dynamic Fracture Behavior of Layered Alumina Ceramics (Z. He, J. Ma, H. Wang, G.E.B. Tan, D. Shu, J. Zheng).

Processing and Ballistic Performance of A2O3/TiB2 Composites (G.A. Gilde, J.W. Adams).

Tactical Vehicle Armor Systems that Utilize Large, Complex–Shaped Reaction Bonded Ceramic Tiles (M.K. Aghajanian, B.E. Schultz, K. Kremer, T.R. Holmes, F.S. Lyons, J. Mears).

Means of Using Advance Processing to Eliminate Anomalous Defects on SiC Armor (C. Ziccardi, V. Demirbas, R. Haber, D. Niesz, J. McCauley).

Ballistic Properties of Pressureless Sintered SiC/TiB2 Composites (H. Chu, T.M. Lillo, B. Merkle, D.W. Bailey, M. Harrison).

Improved Ballistic Performance by Using a Polymer Matrix Composite Facing on Boron Carbide Armor Tiles (S.D. Nunn, J.G.R. Hansen, B.J. Frame, R.A. Lowden).

Analysis of Scattering Sites in Transparent Magnesium Aluminate Spinel (G. Villalobos, J.S. Sanghera, I.D. Aggarwal, R. Miklos).

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Jeffrey J. Swab
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown