Credit Risk: Models and Management 2nd Edition

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Building upon the seminal work established in the first best selling edition, this fully revised multi-author reference collection brings you up-to date with a complete and cohesive examination on the latest techniques for credit risk assessment and management

- Contains practical and timely information on how to use the newest modelling and measurement tools for managing credit risk with specially commissioned chapters, evaluation and comment from leading practitioners and academics actively involved within the industry
- Utilises statistical evidence backed by astute commentary to provide a modern and relevant explanation on all the various elements of credit risk
- Subdivided into five main reference sections - each with introductions to illustrate their significance and explain the main points to be discussed -
Risky Bonds in the Portfolio and Market Context
Valuation of Risky Debt
Default Probabilities, Recoveries and Credit Ratings
Structured Credit Products
Practitioners' Tools to Managing Credit Risk

Indispensable to those who are involved or must deal with credit risk at any level

"A great resource for current credit risk practitioners seeking the latest thinking on credit risk models and management techniques. The clear, concise and easily understood explanations provided in the book of the relationships between different credit risk methodologies and perspectives are unique and timely."
Richard Apostolik, President, Global Association of Risk Professionals
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List of contributors

David Shimko

Section 1: Risky Bonds In The Portfolio and Market Context
David Shimko

1 Defaults and Returns in the High-Yield Bond Market: The Year 2003 in Review and Market Outlook
Edward I. Altman, Gonzalo Fanjul

2 Portfolio Credit Risk (I)
Thomas C. Wilson

3 Portfolio Credit Risk (II)
Thomas C. Wilson

Section 2: Valuation of Risky Debt
David Shimko

4 On the Pricing of Corporate Debt: The Risk Structure of Interest Rates
Robert C. Merton

5 A Simple Approach to Valuing Risky Fixed and Floating Rate Debt
Francis A. Longstaff, Eduardo S. Schwartz

6 Credit Risk Revisited
Michel Crouhy; Dan Galai; Robert M. Mark

7 Assessing the Probability of Bankruptcy
Stephen A. Hillegeist; Elizabeth K. Keating; Donald P. Cram; Kyle G. Lundstedt

Section 3: Default Probabilities, Recoveries and Credit Ratings
David Shimko

8 ZETA Analysis: A New Model to Identify Bankruptcy Risk of Corporations
Edward I. Altman; Robert G. Haldeman; P. Narayanan

9 What Do We Know About Loss Given Default?
Til Schuermann

10 Performance Evaluation for Credit Spread and Default Risk Models
Jorge R. Sobehart, Sean C. Keenan

11 Testing Rating Accuracy
Bernd Engelmann, Dirk Tasche

Section 4: Structured Credit Products
David Shimko

12 Pricing Derivatives on Financial Securities Subject to Credit Risk
Robert A. Jarrow; Stuart M. Turnbull

13 Credit Swap Valuation
Darrell Duffie

14 Comparing the Dependence Structure of Equity and Asset Returns
Roy Mashal, Marco Naldi, Assaf Zeevi

15 An Introduction to CDO Modelling and Applications
Christian Bluhm; Ludger Overbeck

Section 5: Practitioners Tools for Managing Credit Risk
David Shimko

16 Credit Risk Modelling and Valuation: An Introduction
Kay Giesecke

17 Contributions to Credit Risk
Alexandre Kurth; Dirk Tasche

18 Enhancing Credit Performance with Market-Implied Credit Measures and Default Swaps
Tim Backshall

19 Practical Usage of Credit Risk Models in Loan Portfolio and Counterparty Exposure Management: An Update
Robert A. Jarrow; Donald R. van Deventer

20 A Comparison of Stochastic Default Rate Models
Christopher C. Finger

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