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The AAI REPORT was developed to meet the Australian automotive industry's need for an in-depth resource that could be utilised in the formulating of strategy and in business planning. Over its 6 issues each year the REPORT includes economic and automotive industry forecasts, independent analysis of industry performance, a carefully chosen range of relevant and up to date statistics and automotive probe studies on industry issues.

The REPORT is a strategic tool for companies and organisations involved in the Australian automotive industry and makes available key inputs to business plans and budgets, independent analysis of trends in the Australian automotive market, research on strategic issues of direct relevance to the industry and a growing data & information base on the industry.

The AUSTRALIAN AUTOMOTIVE INTELLIGENCE REPORT is published six times a year and unless otherwise stated a subscription covers six regular issues and the YEARBOOK. Supplementary issues are published in exceptional circumstances, for instance if unforeseen circumstances arise that have a significant impact on the preceding forecasts.

The six issues of the AAI REPORT are published and sent to subscribers in February, April, June, August, October and December of each year and the YEARBOOK annually. If circumstances cause any issue to be significantly delayed, the author will advise. Should it not be possible to publish 6 issues plus the YEARBOOK in any 12 month period, then the period of subscription will be extended as appropriate, or scheduled work will be included in the remaining issues, or the subscription will be refunded on a pro rata basis, at the discretion of us.

As part of a subscription you will be provided with a copy of each AUSTRALIAN AUTOMOTIVE INTELLIGENCE YEARBOOK, monthly email updates of seasonally adjusted vehicle sales data and occasional other information. Reasonable assistance is available to subscribers from our resources, including electronic copies of published charts for use in reports and presentations.

The AUSTRALIAN AUTOMOTIVE INTELLIGENCE REPORT provides the Australian automotive industry with:

- independent and authoritative forecasts of the Australian vehicle market
- key economic forecasts for use in business plan and budget preparations
- research and analysis of key automotive policy and market issues
- up to date data and information.

The physical layout of the REPORT has been designed for easy reading by all - the senior executive, the professional specialist and the analyst, with:
- concise business English
- key point headlines and charts alongside corresponding text
- detailed sources and other issues in attachments.

The REPORT is intended as a resource for subscriber companies, providing high quality and professional inputs, and the basis for further analysis if needed. And with our aim of continuously improving our service to subscribers, each issue brings enhancements, new data and added information.

The standard Australian Automotive Intelligence REPORT subscription package:

- two copies of each of six issues a year
- attendance at forecasting seminars held in April and October
- one copy of the Australian Automotive Intelligence YEARBOOK
- additional copies of both the REPORT and YEARBOOK at low rates
- monthly seasonally adjusted vehicle sales data
- assistance in finding data and information from our resources
- express mail service to all subscribers


- Car manufacturers and importers
- Finance and fleet companies
- Government industry departments
- Key industry organisations
- Motoring organisations
- Component suppliers

* To Purchase an Annual subscription that includes 2 copies of each issue of the report so you can choose whether you want to receive 2 hard copies or 2 CD copies please Contact Us *
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Automotive Market Review

A full analysis of the performance of the Australian automotive market over the past year or half year, looking at:
- which segments are growing and why
- which models are succeeding and which failing
- the success of the many companies vying for sales
- the market performance of Australian made cars
- the key factors affecting the market

Economic Forecasts ... For the non economist

The data you need for your business plan and budget:
- a carefully targeted group of 8 types of indicator including GDP, CPI, earnings, interest rates and employment
- historical data and forecasts 5 years ahead
- fiscal and calendar year forecasts to suit your business plan; national and state economies
- brief, relevant text, plus graphs

Automotive Market and Parc Forecasts

Benchmark forecasts of the Australian automotive market:
- the key factors determining market growth or decline
- major segments - fiscal and calendar years for five years into the future
- Australian made model forecasts for five years ahead
- vehicle parc forecast five years ahead - national, state and fuel type
- comprehensive forecasts in April and October with brief updates in February and August; other updates when special circumstances arise

Automotive Probe Studies

In depth studies of strategic issues of importance to the Australian automotive industry. Past studies include:
- Dealer conglomerates - growth and profitability - now updated and extended each year in the June AAIR
- Automotive finance and leasing companies - also updated every June
- ANCAP vehicle safety ratings - June 2012
- Australia's future tax system and the automotive industry - June 2010
- Links between new and used car sales - June 2009

Automotive Diary and Data Review

The Data Review updates earlier studies and provides unique collections of published and unpublished data:
- extensive automotive price index data, including the AAIR indexes of car prices
- financial performance of all car manufacturers, vehicle importers, major component companies and automotive finance houses
- a wide collection of other carefully assembled data and information

The Automotive Diary keeps you informed about:
- the significant news stories on the Australian industry
- conference papers and speakers
- major reports of relevance to the industry
- new models, and specification and price changes
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